Top 9 Best Bass Amps 2021: Great Options for All Budgets

The Best Bass Amp is the perfect finishing touch to a modern music setup. If you’ve spent a decent amount of dollars on your bass guitar, it’s only fair to give your bass amplifier just as much attention.

I’ve tested tens of bass amps from the most well-known brands to find those top models that are suitable for different situations. Use this guide to find perfect amp for you.

Top 9 Best Bass Amplifiers to Buy in 2021

>> Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 Head – Best Overall
>> Genzler Magellan Bass Amp Head – Best for Gigging
>> Peavey MAX 100 Combo – Best Amp for Practice
>> Fender Rumble 200 Combo – Best Bass Combo
>> Hartke TX600 Amplifier – Best Bass Amp Head
>> VOX PB10 Bass Combo – Most Portable Amp
>> Orange Crush 25 Bass Combo – Best for Beginners
>> Fender Rumble 40 Combo – Best Value for Money
>> Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 – Best for Professionals

1. Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 Head – Best Overall

tone hammer 500

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Very Portable Amp Head that allows you to Dial-Up Clear Sounding Warmth Tones with Deep Low-End
  • Easy to Use Control Layout that Allows you to Play your Bass with its Full Potential
  • Powerful 3-Band Semi-Parametric EQ Controls with Volume, Gain Level, Drive Control that Provides you Considerable Soundin Versatility
  • Dead quiet DI with an Effects Loop and Two SpeakON Outs for a Combination of Vintage Warmth and Modern Clarity


  • Compact, Light-Weight, and Portable Bass Amp Head Housed in a Durable Aluminum Chassis
  • Great Headroom for High-Level Projection of Solid and Punchy Bass Tones
  • Functional Operate & Mute Button to Switch Bass Guitar Between Performances
  • Studio-Quality XLR direct Output Jack is Available to Connect with PA System
  • Send/Return Effect Loop with Two Neutrik Speakon Speaker Outputs


  • Missing AUX input and Headphone Out Jack
  • Drive Control Starts to Sound Little Creep when your Completely Turn the Knob

Why I Love this Bass Amp:

Aguilar is one of the most sought-after bass amplifier brands around the world and is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and high-end bass amplifiers loaded with amazing features. This is a Class D solid-state amplifier that provides you 500 watts of power.

This thing is really ‘dope on a rope’ due to its ability to get a little bit of subtle grit in the sound, even when you don’t realize it, making it really dynamic in terms of overall quality of sound.

As far as the EQ concerns, the Aguilar TH500 amp (Link to Amazon) provides you plenty of control options to shape your tone. Along with master volume control and gain level knob, you’ve got a 3-band semi-parametric EQ section (Bass, Mid, and Treble) with a really nice option to control mid-level for adding a little punch in your mid-mix during live performances.

Additionally, this amp head also has a nifty little feature of fully adjustable self-driven Drive control, which I think is really natural. but it starts to creep a little at the very end when you really crank the knob completely.

That brings me to the Tonal Flexibility of this model: Whether you need a very quiet gig with some umph or you want to hook another speaker cabinet on there, This amp does the job really well.

Thanks to a lot of headroom and enough power of the amp, the sound filled the room with warmth and a rich-sounding tone that is loud and present. One more thing that I notice is, this amp is not meant to be a pure and clean representation of your bass, because even if you set your EQ flat, this amp will color the sound.

Personally, I use the Aguilar SL112 cabinet with TH500, which may not be budget-friendly for you but it allows you to tap the full potential of the head to cut through a full band especially when you don’t have PA support.

the XLR Balanced-output comes right through the front with pre/post EQ and ground lift switch. 1/4 inch input jack with a pad switch (-10 dB) that can handle both passive as well as hot active bass guitars without any damage.

The overall craftsmanship of this model is really well. It has a lightweight and durable casing and comes with a very simple and straightforward control panel that enables your bass guitar to deliver its true sound with full potential. Still, I don’t recommend this amp to beginners, because It takes skills to squeeze the complete value from this bad boy.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a loud and adaptable bass amplifier that can work for different situations while keeping the flexibility and great sounding tone, this is one of the great investments you can make for yourself and your music career.

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2. Genzler Magellan Bass Amp Head – Best for Gigging

Genzlar Amp Head

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact, Durable, and Highly Portable Bass Amp Head Constructed with Genzler’s FET Preamp Circuitry
  • Easy to Use Control Panel Loaded with Plenty of Options to Dial Really Amazing Sounds
  • Powerful But Easy to Use 3-Band EQ Knobs with Contour and Drive Controls for Added Tonal Flexibility
  • Even with a High-Powered Exterior, It Performs Really Well at Both Practice Sessions as Well As Live Gigs


  • Housed in an Aluminium Chassis with an Extruded Front Panel making it Very Durable & Portable
  • Comes with Wide Tonal Range Controls that Allows you to Develop your own Feel for the Sound
  • Dual-Channel Design with Optional Footswitch to Change between Clean and Overdrive Channel
  • Handy Headphone Capability for Intense Practice with AUX Input for Stereo Line Level Devices


  • Slightly Larger in Size as Compared to the Other Lightweight Amp Heads
  • The sound gets a Little bit Distorted when you Fully Crank the Master Volume Knob

Why I Choose this Bass Amp for Gigging:

Jeff Gansler is one of the good guys in the bass industry and now he is coming up with some amazing stuff right out of the gate. Let see What this amplifier is offering and whether or not it is meeting your needs:

The first thing that you’ll notice is, This beast is loaded with lots of controls on the front panel. You might not use all of them but it does allow you to find some really nice combinations in there to developed your own feel of sound according to your personal taste.

Constructed with a dual-channel design, this Genzler Magellan 800 amplifier (Link to Amazon) is capable of providing you a transparent footprint of your bass guitar’s tone as well as some of the smoothest tube distortion.

A single push-button is there to switch between Clean and Overdrive Channel whereas you’re provided with Gain and Volume control knobs that allow you to get gritty and completely change the character of your bass.

In the contour section, you get an A/B switch button with a shape control knob. In A mode, It allows you to scoop out the mids whereas, in B mode, it bumps your low-mid frequencies making it more vintage. Personally, I love this feature because it enables you to follow interchangeable pre-shaped curves for your signals.

In addition to this, it comes with an Active 3-band EQ section (Bass, Mid, and Treble) with a semi-parametric mid-range frequency control knob that allows you to further shape your sound while making this amp even more versatile.

Even though this amp has a high-powered exterior, it performs surprisingly well in both full-size live performances and at-home practice sessions. The rear panel comprises so many extra features including Headphone-out, Send/Return Effects Loop, AUX-in, and Footswitch Jack that definitely enhances your overall playing experience.

Whether you want to play jazz, rock, fusion, or whatever else, you’re going to like this rig because this powerhouse opens up a wide range of tonal options for you and has something for everybody.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, I do think this is one of the Powerful and Versatile Bass Amplifier Head which is capable of giving you the superb-sounding personalized tone. While It has a High-Powered Exterior, this beast can provide you amazing playing experience during both practice time and live gigs.

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3. Peavey MAX 100 Combo – Best Amp for Practice

max 100 combo

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Nicely Crafted Angled Baffle Design that Ensures Maximum Portability and Better Projection of your Sound
  • Very Reliable & Durable Amp, thanks to their Exclusive Clip-Limiting DDT Speaker Protection Technology
  • Allows for Wide Range of Sonic Options with 3-Band EQ and Other Tone-Shaping Control Knobs
  • Dead Quite DI Output with Stereo AUX-In, Headphone Jack, and Effects Loop for Extra Flexibility


  • Sturdy Metal Construction with Impressive Weight to Power Ratio
  • Top-Mounted Onboard Control Panel for Easy Dialing of Tones
  • The kosmos-C Bass Enhancement for Better Harmonics & Tonal Impact
  • Integrated Bass-Specific Chromatic Tuner and Effects Loop for Easy Integration of Pedals
  • Quality Headphone Out, Stereo AUX input Along with Ultra Quite DI Output


  • Clarity of Start to Struggle If you Fully Crank the Volume Control Knob
  • Not Enough Power for Full-Size Gigs & Performances

Why I Like this Bass Amp for Practice:

Peavey Amplifiers are recommended by many bass players due to their ability to provide high-quality versatile sounding gears at a very reasonable cost. Let’s put this practice combo amp to test and check whether or not it provides you any value for your money:

This is a well-construction lightweight bass combo that comes with a stylish-looking gray finishing. With its Single 10-inch Speaker backed by 100 watts of power, this practice combo can easily deliver some serious bass punches with a high-level projection of sound.

If you ask me for one thing that I like about this Peavey MAX 100 (Link to Amazon) is a pretty straightforward and easy-to-operate top-mounted control panel that is loaded with plenty of control options that allows you to sculpt your sound with ease.

It comes with a master volume control, gain level, and 3-Band EQ knobs (Bass, Mid, and Treble) that provide you more than enough tonal-variation capabilities as compared to other practice bass combos.

In addition to this, you’ve got a series of mini-buttons that can help you further shape your tone by providing you control over the punch, mid-shift, and brightness of your sound. I love the inclusion of the Kosmos-C Bass Enhancement Switch here that enables this amp to deliver the maximum impact of your tone.

This is one of the very few budget-friendly bass combos I’ve seen that comes with a DI output. This is quite a nifty feature that allows you to connect this amp with a PA system or mixing console and increases the overall flexibility making it more suitable for beginners.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a good quality practice bass amplifier that provides you nice potential in terms of sonic flexibility but does not limit you to a rig that can’t compete with other instruments, I highly recommend you to look out for this combo amp.

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4. Fender Rumble 200 Combo – Best Bass Combo

rumble 200

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Single Fat-Sounding 15-Inch Eminence Speaker to Deliver Deep Punchy Bass Tones with Clarity
  • Quite Lightweight & Portable Bass Amp with Fender Style Silver Grille Cloth and Sturdy Metal Corners for Extended Lifespan
  • Versatile 4-Band EQ Section with Flexible Overdrive and Three Tone-Voicing Push Buttons
  • Rear-Panel is Loaded with Send/Return Effects Loop, Headphone Out, and XLR Line Output for Optimal Performance


  • Very Portable & Durable Bass Combo Backed with Fender’s Amazing Craftsmanship
  • Powerful 15-Inch Speaker with High-Frequency Compression Twitter for Sweet & Clear Sounding Tone
  • Easy to Use yet Versatile Control Panel Allows you to Personalize your Tone
  • High-Level Projection of Sound with Front Porting
  • Comes with Fender’s Warranty Card


  • It Required an External Cabinet to Reach Its Complete Potential
  • Very Less Likely to Provide you Any Practice Value

Why I Pick this Bass Combo:

I don’t think I need to introduce you to one of the most popular brands in the music world. Personally, I like Fender’s Combo Amps for their typical high-end, sharp, and defined sound quality with a powerful tone-shaping control panel.

Well, I think rumble 200 is a much better-gigging combo amplifier as compared to rumble 100. The single fat-sounding 15-inch speaker is going to give you a lot of power and 200-watts is more than enough to keep up with even the louder drummers while providing some serious low-end thump to your sound.

I like how they change up the way how EQ control works on this amp. So, Instead of having a single mid control knob, you have Low-Mids and High-Mids which provide you more granular control over your EQ settings without making it much complicated.

In Addition to 4-Band EQ Controls, Fender Rumble 200 Combo (Link to Amazon) also come with their newly developed overdrive circuit that can take your slap-worthy modern punchy bass tones to gritty growl classic sounding tones.

My experience with the Fender Overdrive is that it’s kind of fizzy sound. It’s good for some things but not great for everything. Here you’re also getting Drive & Level controls for the OD section which allows you to control the amount of aggression and boost in your tone.

Along with that, You’ve got a stack of three tone-voicing buttons. I personally find them very interesting because they can completely change the way your bass sounds in a really interesting way. Whether you want to add a kind of trebly bright sound to your tone or want to boost the bass and treble, these buttons got you covered.

This bass combo features an XLR Line out with a ground lift switch which is very critical to playing out in live performances. It enables you to expand the flexibility of this amp by running it through a PA system or mixing consoles.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: I’m pretty impressed with the flexibility control panel loaded with plenty of tone-shaping options that allows you to customize the typical Fender’s bass tones however you want. I definitely recommend this bass combo to the gigging bass players who aren’t afraid to stand out and showcase their talent.

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5. Hartke TX600 Amplifier – Best Bass Amp Head

tx600 amp

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Very Light-Weight and Highly Portable Amp comes with Rounded Edges Solid Metal Chassis
  • Features a 12AX7 Preamp Tube Circuitry that Delivers Warmth and Touch-Sensitive Tones
  • Versatile Control Panel Loaded with Single-Knob Compressor and Gain Control with Hartke’s Powerful Tone Stack
  • Nicely Placed Balanced XLR DI Output with Headphone Out, AUX-In, and Effects Loop


  • Superb Bass Tube Sound Enclosed in a Tiny Package
  • Pretty Straightforward Control Panel that Handovers a Solid Tone-Shaping Power
  • Clean Bass Amplifier Available with Loads of Headroom
  • OP-Amp-Driven balanced XLR DI output to Hook with the Mixer or PA System


  • Sound Become the kind of Boxy when you Start to Crank the Volume Knob
  • Cooling Fan Bother Me a Little!

Why I Love this Bass Amp Head:

Personally, whenever I check for any bass amp head, the two most significant factors I look for are great sounding tone and reliability of the amp. Portability ranks at the third position for me.

I always get impressed with the aesthetics, size, and weight-to-power ratio of Hartke’s Class D amplifiers. Particularly this amp model is housed in a solid metal chassis having rounded edges and one integrated side handle that makes things very easy for both durability and transportation.

Coming towards the front-loaded control panel, Instead of providing you simple Bass-Mid-Treble EQ Knobs, This amplifier comes with a tone-stack EQ section that features a Shape and Frequency controller along with Bass and Treble Knobs. It does actually gives you more scope with the overall versatility in your sound if you exactly know how to use it.

While researching for this Hartke TX600 Amp (Link to Amazon), I found some people complaining about the power of the head. This is because, usually with bass amplifiers, we use the gain knob to add a little dirt to the tone whereas turn the master volume for the loudness. But that’s not how this amp works.

This is a clean bass amp with a load of headroom that allows you to crank the gain control to achieve its full potential in terms of power.

I tested this amp with a variety of cabs and also with both of my passive and active bass guitars. Believe me, this is one of the top-notch sounding Class D Amp heads I’ve heard for this price range.

Not to mention, Some other features like OP-Amp-Driven balanced XLR DI output, a really simple but effective onboard compressor, and headphone out with AUX-in jack are there to inject extra excitement in your music.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, and powerful amp head that you want to use in large stadiums or in the practice room, I strongly recommend you this Amplifier for its wide tonal range and overall flexibility in the sound.

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6. VOX PB10 Bass Combo – Most Portable Amp

vox pb10

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight Bass Amplifier with Sturdy Construction that Keep Balance between Durability and Portability
  • Two 5″ Bulldog Speakers Backed with 10-watt Amplifier to Deliver Great Sounding Tone with Sufficient Clarity
  • Easy to Use Control Knob Layout that Injects Great Versatility in your Tone
  • Clean and Authentic-Sounding Headphone Out / Line Output Jack that Serves your Recording Purpose


  • Provide Warm-Sounding Tone with Some Serious Punch in it
  • Can Handle Both Bass and Electric Guitar very Nicely
  • Simple Straightforward for Instant Dialing to Amazing Tones
  • Clean Headphone Out for Intense Silent Practice
  • Amazing Practice Tool Available at Very Affordable Price 🙂


  • You get some Speaker Distortion when Fully Crank the Volume Knob
  • Open-Back Design Causes a Little Decrease in the Tone Details

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

I’m not going to lie: I’m completely fascinated with this bass combo. This is a very compact and lightweight bass amplifier that comprises 10-watts of power and delivers surprisingly very well sound quality through a pair of two 5-inch bulldog speakers.

Although these smaller speakers start to struggle with bass frequencies on higher volume, but to be honest, for the size of this bass amplifier, it somehow manages to deliver you sufficiently deep and rich-sounding tones.

Whether you’re a fan of super-clean sonic booms or modern-sounding overdrive, the simple yet versatile control panel of this VOX PB10 Amp (Link to Amazon) got you covered.

It features four control knobs, Drive, Bass, Treble, and Volume along with a bright switch that nicely gives a boost to the harmonics but is barely noticeable unless you’re playing with headphones with high volume and treble.

The Bright and Drive control knobs are also more of fun options to have but didn’t seem to be all that useful during a practice session. I usually keep the Drive off and volume control at a respectable level to get the most out of this mini bass amp in terms of loudness without compromising on the quality of sound.

One more thing that allows this combo to stand out is its open-back design. Although it causes a little lack of details in the low-end bass frequencies but can easily fill up the room with a more open soundstage and better dynamics.

Also, the headphone Jack is very clean and strong which is a kind of must-have feature on every decent practice amp. You can also use this jack as a Line out to connect with the mixing console or for your recording purposes, making it a perfect choice for any new bass player.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: The VOX PB10 is a high-portable bass combo that provides you powerful, deep, and kind of thumping tone. Whether you ask for a wide tonal range or solid craftsmanship, it comes with everything one can aspire in a portable and compact bass amplifier.

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7. Orange Crush 25W Bass Combo – Best for Beginners

orange crush 25

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Lightweight and Compact Combo that Comes with All-Analog, Solid-State Circuitry to Reproduce the Classic Warmth Tone
  • Single Custom 8″ Speaker with Reflex Port for some Serious Bass Punching with Improved Low-End Response
  • Active 3-Band EQ section, Parametric Mid Control Knob with Standard Volume Control for Amazing Sound Flexibility
  • Features a CabSim Headphone Output, AUX Input Jack, and Onboard Chromatic Tuner for Enhanced Playability


  • High-Quality Components with Orange’s Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Comes with a Pad Switch for Extra Tone Variations on Active Basses
  • Redesigned 8 Inches of Speaker with Reflex Port Delivers Ample Low-End
  • Available at Very Affordable Price, Great for Beginner Bassists


  • Doesn’t Come with an Instrument Cable
  • 8-inch Smaller Speaker has Its Own Limitations

Why It’s the Best Amp for Beginners:

The Crush series of bass combos from Orange is quite popular due to their simplicity and their ability to retain a warm and rounded tonal character in the sound. Let’s see whether or not if this amp provides you anything special:

This is a 25-watt amplifier that comes with Orange’s traditional eye-catchy leather design. It has a custom 8-inch speaker combined with a reflex ported cabinet to produce classic-sounding bass tones with an improved low-end response.

I really like how this combo is able to handle high-gain tones without much compromising on the low-end clarity, even at a significant volume level.

Coming towards the top-mounted control panel, Orange Crush 25 Combo (Link to Amazon) features a fairly standard control panel that handovers you a considerable amount of tone-shaping abilities. It comes with active 3-Band EQ knobs (Bass, Treble, and Frequency) along with a Master Volume Control and parametric mid controller that allows you to further shape your tone.

From a beginner’s perspective, this is a great control layout as it helps you to focus more on your instrument while delivering you sufficient versatility and sound-shaping power.

One practice combo amplifier can’t get completed without a headphone out and an AUX-In jack that allows you to hook your mobile and play along your favorite backing tracks during practice time. In addition to that, a LED lighted integrated chromatic tuner is included for a better playing experience.

Although I will be very happy if they also include one simple 10 feet instrument cable in the package, but you can easily buy it online for like $10.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: If you’re after a Practice bass combo amplifier that focuses on providing an awesome playing experience without sacrificing the quality of sound and overall tonal flexibility, the Orange Crush 25 amp could be the right option for your situation.

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8. Fender Rumble 40 Combo – Best Value for Money

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00HWINLAE&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=scoreguitar04 20&language=en US

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Highly Portable Amp with Fender’s Solid Craftsmanship
  • Single 10″ Speaker with 40-watt Power to Dial Amazing Sounding Deep Tones with Clarity
  • 4-Band EQ Knobs and Master Volume along with Overdrive Circuit and Three-Voicing Push-Buttons
  • Comes with XLR DI Out, Stereo AUX-In, Headphone Out, and Optional Footswitch for Additional Playability


  • Single 10-inch Fat-Sounding Speaker that Delivers Serious Bottom-End to your Tone
  • Very Nicely Maintained Weight-to-Power Ratio
  • Gives Vintage Sounding Vibes through Its Modern Features
  • Wide Tonal Range that Allows you to Develop your Own Feel for the Sound
  • Top-Notch Specs that Provides you Great Value for your Money


  • Under-Powered for Full-Size Gigs and Larger Performances
  • XLR DI Output is Little Affected by Master Volume Level
  • Clarity of Sound Start Degrading When you Start Driving the Amp Hard

Why I Like this Bass Amp:

Ever since 2003, bassists like you and me are blessed with the classic-sounding bass tones and amazing versatility of the solid-state rumble series. With this model, Fender is aiming at the affordable end of the market! Let’s check whether or not you’re getting any serious value for your money?

This is a Box-Size combo that comes with a Fender’s Specially Designed Single 10-inch speaker powered by 40-watts of power to deliver a nice full and rich-sounding tone with enough clarity and punch in your sound.

Although most of the time, phrases like “Specially Designed” are nothing but a marketing lingo that used to make things sound better than they are, But with the latest release of 3rd version of the Rumble series, I genuinely notice some great improvements in terms of build quality and overall sound quality.

Fender went with the top-mounted control panel for this Rumble 40 Amp (Link to Amazon), which is not only easy to access but also pretty straightforward and easy to use for any beginner player. Does that mean, You need to compromise the tonal versatility? Not at All!

This sexy-looking control panel is loaded with plenty of options that allow you to personalize your tone and shape it however you want. You’ve got a multi-channel setup with separate controls along with a 4-Band EQ (Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, and Treble) knobs for further flexibility.

It is fitted with an XLR DI Output that can pump your tone straight to the PA system. You also get Headphone Out and AUX-Input with an optional footswitch jack that allows you to switch between channels comfortably on the stage.

Although this amp might fall back in full-size live gigs, but still one of the popular choices as a superb sounding bass combo for studio practice, rehearsals, and small venues.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, If you’re in the early stage of your music career and looking for Portable Bass Combo that Delivers High-End, Sharp, and Defined Sound Clarity with a relatively wide range of Tonal Versatility, Without any doubt, this is the ideal pick for you that provides you great value for your money.

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9. Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 Amp Head – Best for Professionals


ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact, Portable, and Incredibly Lightweight Bass Amplifier Housed in Durable Aluminum Chassis Making it Easy to Gig with
  • Comes with Microtubes Preamps that Retain your Bass’s Natural Tone, while Still Allowing you to Dial in any Shade of Grit
  • Versatile 6-Band Graphic EQ Section Combined with Other Responsive Control Knobs Provides you Extream Tone-Shaping Power
  • Balanced XLR Output with Pre/Post Switch, Headphone out, AUX-In, Effects Loop, & Onboard Mute Fuction for En-riched Playability


  • All-Analog Preamp that Delivers Rich-Sounding Tone with Clarity
  • Sleek, Compact, and Premium Looking Body Design with Very Lightweight Profile
  • Feature-Rich Control Panel that Provides you Amazing Tone Shaping Power to Fine-Tune your Sound
  • Can Utilize Many of It’s Tonal Features through Included Pedalboard
  • Studio-Quality Balanced XLR Direct Output with Pre/Post Switch for Higher Flexibility


  • Its Hard for a beginner to Squeez the Complete Potential of the Amp

Why I Pick this Bass Amp for Pro Players:

The original microtube bass amplifier was wildly popular in the industry and was used as a dedicated studio amp by many pro bassists. With the release of the microtubes 900 v2, Darkglass have made some really great strides in improving an old favorite.

This is a 900 watt solid state amp head that features both b3k and vintage microtube circuits. You can switch back-n-forth between them using a toggle or a footswitch (Included in the Package 🙂 ). You’ve got four knobs, Blend, Level, Drive, and Tone to sculpt both clean and microtube engine channel.

This is very simple layout that packs a loads of versatility through its responsiveness. Its pretty amazing how tone knob controls the high harmonics content of the microtube engine via a variable low-pass filter.

A 6-Band graphic EQ section is given that allow you to shape your tone further up to 12 dB on each frequency. In addition to its previous version, this amplifier comes with a studio-quality compressor which is very dynamic and intuitively allows you to control the amount makeup gain you want in your tone.

One of the coolest addition to this amp is the inclusion of separate XLR pre and post direct outs. Pre is your completely unaffected bass signals bypassing all amp settings. Along with that, the real panel is loaded with a two speaker outputs, a standard send/return effects loop, AUX-Input, and headphone out jack.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, This is a highly versatile bass amplifier that packs a lot of low-end punch and delivers you a finished, polished bass tone right out of the box. I strongly recommend this amp to an expert bassist who’s looking for the top-notch flexibility in their sound.

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Which Bass Amp is Best-Suited for You?

There is no easy answer to this question since the “best” bass amplifier is exceptionally subjective – any musical gear that is perfect for one player may leave another player sore.

You should always start by determining your needs and your personal preferences based on your skill levels and music style. These details combined with your budget will help you to figure out which is the best bass amp for your situation.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, put down your thoughts on your current favorite bass amplifier and why do you like it:

Happy Music!

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