About Me

Hello Guitar Lovers, My name is Vishal Dorge and I am from India. I am the Founder of ScoreGuitar and dreamed to make this site the ultimate information hub in the guitar space.

vishal dorge founder scoreguitar

I am playing guitar Since 2016 when I was in 10th grade. Back then, My father kind of force me to learn one musical instrument, I choose the guitar and it completely changed my life forever.

Although I never took any special professional training for guitar, things start to get align over time. When I was in high school I learn from my music teacher and I joined the Music Club when I came into the college.

So, I thought, probably there should be many peoples who are learning guitar on their own or faces issues here and there while they are going forward in their musical journeys. That’s where the idea of starting this site came into my mind.

I saw many peoples putting their queries online in the forums and different blog comments. that’s when I decide, I am going to conclude all the knowledge and experience I have and best resources online available in one single place.

Who Am I?

As I told you, My name Vishal Dorge and I am a student of computer science engineering at RIT, Islampur. I am more of a technical person, mostly into coding and stuff but music really balances me out.

I live in a small city called Pune with my family. I am kind of starting my Entrepreneurship journey through this blog. In my spare time Either I spend time with my two little cats or just binge-watch the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes over and over again 🙂

What is My Aim with ScoreGuitar?

I started this site to help the people just like you and me who wanted to learn about the music and instruments.

I wanted to create the hub of information where one can get all the information about acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, and all related gears.

I am going to try to answer your even very basic queries about instruments, music, and stuff. I will also include buying guides so I can help you can choose the best products from the market available under your budget along with detailed reviews and comparisons of guitar models.

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Cheers, Vishal!