Is Bass Guitar Boring or Fun? Is It Worth your Time?

Wondering if you should learn to play the bass guitar or not? Is it really a boring instrument than a regular guitar? I want to put some really great insights here, from my own experience. Stay tuned:

So, Is Bass Guitar really a Boring Instrument?

The beauty of the bass guitar lies in the layers of rhythmic and harmonic foundation it creates on which everyone can stand upon. The way how bass interacts with the drum, piano, or guitar and the freedom with which it can go around both highs and lows, the bass is one of the coolest instruments to play.

With that said, Let’s get into why I think Bass guitar is much more fun and cooler:

5 Reasons why Bass Guitar is More Fun than you Think

I might be a little biased, but yes, the bass guitar is a great instrument. Here’s why:

1. Time Incharge

You as a bass player, along with a drummer, will be in charge of your whole band in terms of timekeeper. You’re basically a guide for your band, you have to lead the music while staying in sync with the drummer, to create a consistent rhythm pattern.

You might only be playing some simple bass lines repeatedly, but that creates a tempo that everyone needs to follow. When it comes to guiding the music, the low frequencies of your bass can overpower any other instrument. Isn’t that fun?

2. Number of Strings

If you’re an absolute beginner then definitely learning to play bass is much more easier for you as compared to the acoustic or electric guitar. With six strings, many beginners face a hard time catching things correctly. Whereas with 4-strings of bass, you become ready to bang almost any song with little practice.

On the flip side:

Just for sake, let’s assume you master the four strings bass completely and started feeling bored. You can move to the five strings bass that provide you more variations to play with. Six strings, seven strings, or even eight strings bass guitars are also available.

Although they have their own pros and cons, you get the idea. At one point in your music career, you might be playing both bass and guitar simultaneously. Do you still think, the bass isn’t fun! okay, read the next one:

3. That Extra Energy

As the time control of the band is in your hands, people moving and dancing to the music are actually following your lead. Also, scientifically, Low frequencies of the bass guitar need more sound pressure as compare to the mid-range and higher frequencies.

is bass boring

That is the reason why, you as a bass player, emit lots of energy in the form of sound waves. and you can feel this extra energy through physical bodies moving in front of you.

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4. The Freedom

One of the important things about being a bass player is, you automatically get musical freedom. Most of the non-bassists don’t even have the vaguest clue about what the bass guitar is actually for? This is the point that offers you the freedom to play whatever you want.

You can do all sorts of experiments with your musicality. Whether you want to play on note 1 or note 10? you can just run freely however you want! And in case, if things go wrong, you can blame the drummer! 🙂

5. Effect Pedals

Although bass itself is a very versatile instrument and can produce a variety of natural tones. But when you add the possibility of the effect pedals, the whole thing just flips completely.

There is a number of pedals out there that you can connect with your bass to makes things way more interesting than you imagine. From delay pedals to reverb, volume, distortion, octave, etc. everything is there to provide you a wide range of tonal options and make your music fun.

Why Bass is more Fun than Guitar?

Although there is a complete difference between the role of a bass and a guitar in any music, but there are some factors that make bass more cooler as compare to the guitars.

Bass guitars are much more easier and comfortable to learn than regular guitars for beginner players. A bass player creates a foundation of the music in terms of both rhythmic and harmonic for the rest of the band. And with the complementary musical freedom you get with bass makes it more fun playing than a guitar.

You might saw many bands without a drummer or a guitarist, but there are not many bands that got successful without a bass player.

Should I Learn to Play Bass or Guitar?

there is no black and white in this case. It’s all depends on what’s your taste in the music.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you like a music with bass turned up?
  • Do you find yourself shaking your head with the beats of the songs, or you like when guitar solo cuts in?
  • Do you want to get recognized for your work or just want to enjoy your art of creating something amazing?

Personally, I recommend you to try your hands on both instruments. start learning a bit, it doesn’t matter if you start with a cheap bass guitar. Just get one and see whether or not you’re personality resonates with it?

Why do Bassists Always Look Bored and Make Faces?

Bass players are doing so much more than they appear to be. As a bassist, you’re that essential glue that holds the entire band together. Unless the bass line is extremely simple, it is very challenging to talk and play at the same time.

is bass boring

Bassists have a responsibility to set the tonality and the whole chord structure and it can be changed completely by simply playing a different note. That’s why, bass players don’t want to risk moving around on the stage, tripping the chord, or messing their performance.

Basically, they completely dive into their music, enjoy it from their heart and ensure they are giving their best, without worrying about what their faces look like! 🙂

Final thoughts on Is Bass Guitar Boring:

Hell No! As a bass guitarist, you get lots of opportunities to explore the music world. Whether you’re an absolute beginner player or a seasoned pro player, Bass is not going to feel boring. You can explore more from this funny thread I came across.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts or want to add your verdicts in this post, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family on your social handles.

Happy Music!

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