Average Bass Guitar Cost (With 13+ Price Examples)

If you’re looking in the market for a new bass guitar, whether it’s your first bass or you’re fifth, it’s always a good idea to check out what the average prices for bass guitars are currently.

So, How Much Does a Good Bass Guitar Cost? On average, bass guitars cost between $500 to $700. Prices vary depending on the brand name, quality of material used, and included accessories. Most entry-level bass models with descent construction will cost approximately $200 to $300.

Average Bass Guitar Cost Examples

So, here’s a list of some bass guitar models, along with the average prices, from the most popular bass guitar brands out there:

Bass Guitar ModelAverage Price
Yamaha BBP34 Bass Guitar$1500
Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4$1190
Fender Precision Bass Guitar$750
Fender Jazz Bass Guitar$750
Yamaha TRBX504 Electric Bass$500
Ibanez SR300E Bass Guitar$350
Yamaha TRBX304 Bass Guitar$340
Sterling by Music Man Ray4 Bass$300
Fender Squire Affinity Series Bass$230
Ibanez GSR200 Bass$200
Fender Squire Bronco Bass$200
Ibanez Talman TMB100 Bass$200
Glarry Electric Bass Guitar$103

Let’s get a little more in-depth about these bass guitars and what comes with the price you pay.

Fender Bass Guitars

On average, fender bass guitars cost around $400 to $500 new. It is one of the leading company in the guitar industry, provides bass models range from $200 to more than $1000.

Fender Squire Bronco Bass is a entry-level model priced at $200 whereas Fender Precision bass is availble at a great price of $750.

Ibanez Bass Guitars

Ibanez is also one of the top bass guitar company out there. Priced at about $350 new, the Ibanez SR300e is an awesome model with ton of value.

Yamaha Bass Guitars

Yamaha is a Japanese bass guitar company with an excellent reputation for designing fantastic basses with great performance. The Yamaha TRBX304, priced at about $350 new, is a brand new model that’s been updated form the bottom up.

How Much Should I Spend on My First Bass Guitar?

For a new bass guitar, you should spend at least $200 to $300, while for a used one, prepare to spend around $100. At this price, it’s easy to find one reliable entry-level bass guitar that has a decent body construction from popular brands like Fender and Ibanez.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, you may be a little hesitant to spend huge money on your first bass. This is totally fine and acceptable. You can literally spend a fortune on bass but you don’t have to.

To make this more clear, I did one poll with bass enthusiastic people about average beginner bass guitar prices. Here’re my finding:

how much should i spend on my first bass

Around 40.22 % peoples (Including Me) thinks that there is no need to spend more than $300 on a bass guitar when you’re just starting out.

Low-End Bass Guitars Under $100

Almost every famous brand low-budget bass series for entry-level players.

You need to understand that these are going to be a low-budget bass model and you would have to compromise a lot in terms of quality of material, pickups, and hardware. Their tone won’t be richer or polished and also they are not as durable as you think.

But, such models would be a great choice for you, if you’re a bass enthusiast looking for something to get started.

Extra Tip:

Personally, I suggest going with This Goplus bass model that provides you pretty nice value for your money. Or You might want to check out these Top 5 Best Cheaper Bass Guitars Under $100: That Don’t Suck!

Decent Beginner-friendly Basses Cost between $200 to $300

These guitars are way more enriched than entry-level models in terms of quality and playability and won’t cost too much high.

Usually, they are upgraded versions of their low-expensive models. These upgrades can become in the form of better hardware, electronics, or overall construction.

You Should Go with Beginner-Friendly Bass If:

  • You want an Absolute Great Value for your Money
  • Still Don’t Know the Level of Commitment you have for Bass
  • Its a Gift for your Kid to Explore the Music

Extra Tip:

The 4-string short-scale bass allows a beginner to experiment with the instrument and to develop their own unique style due to its ease in playability.
My Recommendation: Fender Affinity Series P Bass Guitar

Intermediate Bass Guitars Cost between $400 to $800

Bass guitars that fall into this price range are probably most widely used by musicians all over the world.

Usually, they come with excellent quality materials. that’s why if you’re expecting an amazing comfort and a better-sounding tone, you can buy an intermediate bass.

You Should Go with Intermediate Bass If:

  • You’re getting Serious About Playing Bass
  • You know your Style of Playing
  • Want to Explore More in terms of Tone and Playability
  • You’re looking for a Good Backup Bass Model

Extra Tip:

Unless you’re an absolute beginner bassist, the 5-string bass guitar would be a better choice in this price range. While keeping in mind, You have enough skillset to squeeze the complete value out of it!

>> Fender Player Precision Electric Bass Guitar (4-String Bass)
>> Yamaha TRBX605 5-String Bass Guitar

High-End Bass Guitars Cost Between $1000 to $2000

These basses, as expected, are not for beginners. They can go from $1000 to more than $2000 or even $3000. The Most expensive bass guitar ever made was priced at $250,000. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

You Should Go with Premium Bass If:

  • You’re a Professional Musician who constantly have Gigs
  • Looking for Top-notch Sounding Tone for Upcoming Records
  • You Have Money to Spend on the Signature Bass Guitar Models

What Makes the Prices of Bass Guitars so Different?

fortunately, playing an instrument like a bass guitar is quite affordable activity. whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro player, you can get a decent bass guitar without spending a fortune on it.

here are some of the crucial factors that have a huge impact on the overall cost of any bass model.

Brand Name

There are many popular brands in the market that come up with their own bass guitar series at different price ranges. Any popular brand certainly offers you assurance about the quality and craftsmanship, but it might not be the case always.

For example, Fender is a well-known name in the guitar industry. They showcase a variety of basses for both entry-level players to superstar models or musicians. whatever your needs or budget range, Fender got you covered.

On the contrary, Yamaha features a series of bass guitars but is yet to be recognized as a leading brand in terms of bass. Although they are made from good quality materials and reasonable priced, I personally find them underrated.

Other than Fender and Yamaha, there are so many brands that offer equally good quality basses. As a beginner, I always recommend you to stick with any popular brand, as it ensures quality, which is very important as a beginner bassist.

Number of Strings

the traditional bass guitar has 4 strings. however, in the last decade or so, it goes into innovation and we have 5-string, 6-string, up to 12-string models available.

Even though a higher number of strings allow you to play lower or higher pitched notes by adding extra range to the instrument, but it required modifications to the standard design.

From headstock to the saddle, everything needs to be adjustable to add those extra strings and thus results in the extra cost.

Quality of Material Used

Obvious, right? Higher the quality of the material, the more expensive that bass going to be.

Whether you talk about the tonewood, electronics, or hardware, everything changes when you compare an entry-level model with a high-end bass guitar.

For example, basses with Mahogany or Alder wood body are usually more expensive considering all other factors are similar. So, if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise with, let say the electronics, you can go with relatively cheaper poplar wood bass models.

How Much Does an Used Bass Guitar Cost?

For between $100 and $200 you can find a decent used bass guitar that should not require much fixing, and for $250 to $500 you could find really great used bass models that would cost you well upwards of $1,000 new. Depending on the brand name and quality, you can get a pretty solid deal with a proper negotiation.

There are many reasons to buy a used bass guitar instead of a new one.

Here’re some of the primary reasons:

  • You will often get a Quality Bass for a Pretty Lower Cost
  • You can find rare, unique, or discontinued models.
  • You have a very wide variety to choose from

Final Verdicts on Bass Guitar Costs

Buying a new bass model completely depends on your skill level, needs, and the quality of the guitar.

If you are a beginner, you can find good bass guitar models for around $200 to $300. If you choose wisely, you will be able to learn so much about music and guitars even if you start on these cheaper models.

If you already have some experience and want something more advance, you can expand your budget up to $500. The great thing about high-end models, they not only provide you extra value in terms of sound quality and durability but also smoothens your learning curve.

If you find this guide helpful, do let me know in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Happy Music!

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