7 Trustworthy Places to Buy Guitar Online [2021 Updated]

You can get sweet deals on musical instruments online if you know where to look for them! Here I am listing my top 7 best places to buy guitar online based on my personal experience with them.

I ranked these stores based on their customer support, trustworthiness in the guitar space, and my overall online shopping experience on their site.

can you buy guitar online

Let’s directly start with out list:

Top 7 Best Online Guitar Stores Reviews [Updated]

Let’s start with the most popular music shop:

1. Guitar Center

Guitar Center is I feel one of the biggest online music stores chain with more than 269 physical store locations all over the united states along with a great online presence.

One of the major factors that force me to put this store on the top of this list is their online shopping experience and the overall customer service they offer after you purchase their product.

buy guitars online from guitar center

When it comes to the physical music retail store, Guitar Center is a go-to store for so many guitar players. But I find their online catalog even more impressive and handy. Their site is just amazing with nice navigation, a well-crafted sales page that comes with main features, and other related information about the guitar.

One more thing that makes this store stand out from others is the huge variety of options. Guitar Center has a very large inventory of products. So, whether you’re looking for high-end guitars from big brands like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, or budget guitar options from Epiphone, PRS, etc. they got you covered everything for you.

Along with that, they also give you an option to buy used guitars from both their physical stores or their website. One of the cool thing about this is, You can order any guitar online and ship it to your local Guitar Center store where you can tried it and decide whether you want to keep it or return right away!

Bottom Line:

At last, All I want to say is, With lots and lots of options, top-notch shopping experience, and their almost flawless customer support, Guitar Center is the best online music store to buy guitars from. Click on this Link and explore their latest deals available!

2. Amazon

No doubt, Amazon is the largest online retail store in the world where you can find almost all the products, including guitars!

We can’t just skip this marketplace just because it is not completely dedicated to the guitars. They have a wide range of instruments in their stock from top-notch high-end models to affordable guitars. You can get any guitar from Amazon and sometimes with the best price available in the market.

One of the huge advantages that separates Amazon from other music stores is, You get a faster and free shipping service. Guitars are large and heavy and thus their shipping can get really pricy sometimes.

But, If you join their Prime Membership program with a couple of dollars, you get access to their free and very faster home delivery service for all the guitars (and for other items too!).

However, as they are not a dedicated guitar retail store, you can’t expect much from their support about technical stuff about guitars. Their customer support isn’t well-educated about guitars and other gears and thus might not able to solve your very specific queries.

But, no one can beat Amazon at least on this planet in terms of their customer service. Their support is always working for you. If you’re dealing with any kind of issue, either they will solve it or just refund your money – without asking any questions.

Bottom Line:

Amazon is the best online retail shop and offers a great shopping experience every time. With their huge stock of instruments, you get an option to choose the perfect guitar as per your needs that fits within your budget limit.

I’m just saying, if you haven’t tried it before, Click on this link and give them one try to serve you their service.

3. Sweetwater

Sweetwater is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores and specially dedicated towards musical instruments, right after the guitar center.

buy guitar online from sweetwater

Although Sweetwater doesn’t have a physical music store like guitar center, it is truly an industry giant and trusted by the whole guitar community. They have a wide range of product categories from guitars, bass, drums, recording-related equipment, software, and other accessories.

Not to mention, here you get fast and free shipping on your complete shopping, no matter how small or large that item is! And unlike many retail, they don’t have any minimum purchase value, which means even if you buy a single set of strings, you qualify for free shipping.

One of the main benefits Sweetwater provides is their amazing customer support, it’s just amazing! Along with that, you get a free 2-year warranty on all their purchases and superb customer satisfaction with a guaranteed return policy.

Their customer care members are very knowledgeable in terms of technical specifications of the musical instruments. So, whether you ask your doubt about the difference between two guitars in particular specs, or you ask about any guitar gears, they are going to help you.

Bottom Line:

If you’re comfortable buying musical instruments online, there is no other guitar retail store that provides you such a great shopping experience, free warranty, and other robust benefits. Check out their deals page, and see enjoy their service!

4. Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend is one of the oldest music stores where you can buy guitars online. They are in the online business for about 25 years now and continue to serve their customers with the same ethics and loyalty.

According to their site, They have almost 1,700,000 items in their stock and are ready to ship anytime you want. Although personally I only ordered two-three times from their site but never had any kind of issues with their customer support or shipping service.

buy guitar online from musician friends

Just like other music retail giants, they offer a 2-years free warranty on every guitar you buy from their site. And their gears advisors are always there to guide you through your entire shopping experience and to make sure you’re getting great technical support.

Not to mention they have their standard ground free shipping service on most of their orders within the united states. And guess what, there is no minimum purchase amount required to claim their free shipping except for some overweight and used instruments.

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re an absolute beginner who wanted to get started in music or a seasoned pro player, musician’s friends have great options for you to choose from. And with their 45 days no-hassle return policy, you can’t go wrong with your choice! Check out their hot deals for today!

5. Zzounds

Zzounds is another amazing place where you can buy a guitar online with an excellent shopping experience and great support throughout your buying journey.

Zzounds is popular for offering the best price range as compared to most of the other online guitar stores. In the world of competition, almost every big online music store has to provide a free shipping service for its buyers.

buy guitar online from zzounds

But what’s make them stand out from others is, quickest one-day shipping in many areas of the united states, especially if you’re on the East coast. And they have a two-day shipping service for most of their products for free of cost throughout the entire continental United States.

They have a wide range of products in their inventory that are listed very nicely on their site. You get a very flawless experience throughout your purchasing journey.

On top of that, They have a superb customer support team available for you. Whether you’re facing any general problem or any technical issue related to any instrument, their support is knowledgeable enough to provide excellent service at your fingertips.

Along with all these things, If you aren’t happy with your purchase for whatever reason, you can always get your money back with their 45-day hassle-free return policy.

Bottom Line:

Zzounds is a great online music retail store that not only provides an amazing online buying experience but also with their free shipping service and knowledgeable customer support, it is definitely one of the best places to buy guitars online. Click this link to give a chance to their experience.

6. Sam Ash

Sam Ash is also one of the best online guitar stores that continue to build its reputation over the years and leading towards becoming one of the largest music retail chains.

From 1924 until now, They are growing rapidly and established more than 45 megastores across different states, and win many awards for their excellent customer service.

They have a wide range of instruments from drums, keyboards, guitars, to new music-related inventions, they got you covered in every place. Apart from their so many physical stores all around the united states, they have a very nicely designed website that gives you an amazing shopping experience.

Still, they doesn’t have as many guitar options in their stock as Guitar Center or Sweetwater.

But one thing that I feel different about this store is, In their local stores, Almost every guy is music-oriented and kind of obsessed with music in general. They are always willing to provide support to anyone who wanted to start their musical journey.

Coming towards their online shop, They have a very nice, pretty straightforward checkout system where you can even checkout as a guest without any signup process. Also, when it comes to the shipping, I won’t say they are the best in the market but definitely a reliable place.

Bottom Line:

Being one of the popular guitar retail stores both online and in-stores, Sam Ash delivers you excellent customer service and helps you in all way possible to find the best instrument as per your needs. If you haven’t check them before, you can check out their latest deals available for today!

7. Reverb

Last but not least, Reverb is not just an online guitar store but a kind of two-way marketplace that allows you to buy or sell your musical gears. Although it is relatively a new site, and greatly relying on its online user base, but still a very trustworthy place to buy guitars from.

buy guitar online from reverb

They offer just amazing customer support services, a very pleasing platform, and an overall great shopping experience on their site. On top of that, the one thing that makes this site great is, whether you want to buy guitar gears or want to sell them, you’re completely protected by their policies.

As this is a marketplace, there is no fixed price for any product. When you search for the gear, you get a list of many sellers with their offers. You can negotiate the price with them and grab the deal if you’re getting some value there.

Once the seller accepted your offer, you have 72 hours to pay for your purchase. But if you require more time, you can talk with the seller if he is okay with it or not! Along with this, we’re getting a Reverb’s Buyers protection here that ensures their customers (means you!) are safe from faulty and fake instruments.

With their amazing and instant support, you can contact them for any issue you had. All you need to do is, put some documentations and photos of the issue you’re facing and their team will take care of it.

Final Thoughts on Buy Guitar Online

If you finally considered buying your guitar online, I highly recommend you to go with either Amazon or Guitar Center. Both of these stores and into their business for a quite a long time now, and knows what is important to peoples!

If you ever tried to buy a guitar online, I am really happy to hear about your overall experience. What are the problems you faced in online shopping of musical gears, and how that store helps you?

Also, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family on your social handles so they can grab some amazing deals going on there.

Happy Music!

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