Why Do Electric Guitars Have Horns? Are They Important?

Almost every beginner has this doubt, whether the horns on my electric guitar are only for looks, or do they serve any other purpose? In this article, I am going to answer almost every query about electric guitar horns. stay tuned:

So, Why Do Electric Guitars Have Horns? Horns on electric guitars provide comfortable playability to guitar players by giving easy access to the higher frets. It helps to attach a strap button and allow for easy carrying while providing a nice aesthetics to the guitar body

5 Benefits that Electric Guitar Horns Provide

These are some of the purposes that electric guitar horns serve us.

1. Provide Easier Access to Higher Frets

When electric guitars start becoming popular, they were mostly played like acoustic guitars. because in that era of music, most guitar players aren’t playing on the higher side of the fretboard.

But, things start to change when rock-n-roll came into play.

That’s the reason why guitar manufacturers introduced cutaways and horns on an electric guitar. along with the aesthetic looks, these horns make it very easy for you to play on the higher side of the fretboard, without putting much extra effort during your performance.

2. Allow you for Easy Carrying

Usually, we carry guitars (In the same room or nearby places) by holding them in the neck area. Although there is nothing wrong with this, but due to the shape of the guitar, it can slip out of your hands sometimes and might lead to a serious crack.

That’s where these guitar horns came into the picture:

There are so many electric guitar models that come with body shapes having two horns. The upper horn allows you to carry the guitar very easily from one place to another. You can simply lift your instrument and carry it without worrying.

3. Provide You Comfortable Playing

Another purpose that is served by the guitar horns is the comfort they provide to the guitarist while playing.

Although electric guitar bodies are relatively smaller in size as compared to acoustic and classical guitars, but they carry a significant amount of weight due to their complete solid body design.

Without a horn, it will be very uncomfortable to hold and play electric guitars in a sitting position. Basically, horns provide you a comfortable body shape and a nice balance to the instrument, so you don’t have to manage the strong pressure of the guitar weight on your lap.

4. For Strap Button

This is another reason why guitar manufacturers leverage an upper horn. It is not only very practical to put a strap button on the upper horn for brands but it also makes it very comfortable for you.

5. Devil-Looking Body Design

Some peoples also think that electric guitar horns are introduced to resemble the devil’s horns. Kidding aside, these horns definitely provide a killer looks to the guitar and make it more stylish looking as compared to the standard acoustic guitar models.

What Do You Call the Horns on an Electric Guitar?

Generally, horns on electric guitars are known by the name of horns themselves. Although cutaways are responsible for giving you reach up to higher frets, but horns do their job very well in terms of balancing the instrument.

How Many Horns Does a Double Cutaway Guitar Have?

Double-cutaway guitar models generally come with two horns. Any guitar can have one of two cutaways and thus one or two horns, depending on its body design.

Final Thoughts on Electric Guitar Horns

I hope now you get the idea why do electric guitars actually have horns in their design. If you have any doubt or have something to add to this article, feel free to contact me or put it down straight into the comment section.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your guitar buddies so they will get extra information about the instrument they are playing.

Keep playing and enjoying the music!

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