Top 5 Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedal [2020 Reviews]

A Vocal Harmonizer Pedal is one of those effect pedals that add more than just a bit of flavor to your tone, They have the power to change the perception and feel of your song completely.

There are lots and lots of options available out there in the market. We all know, not all pedals are great, even though the product description shows many great features.

best vocal harmonizer pedal review

So, What is the Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedal in 2020?

Lucky Man! In this article, not only I am going to tell you our top picks based on detailed research but also provides some insights, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

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    How to Choose the Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedal for You in 2020 (Buying Guide)

    Here I am going to discuss some factors which you should look for before you finalize the pedal for yourself.

    1. Key Tracking & Pitch Detection

    Currently, you’ll get many vocal harmonizer pedals that came with an automatic key tracking and pitch detection. That’s great! But, if they failed to do so! What I mean, many of them are not that much reliable.

    That is the reason I always like pedals that comes with an option to set the key or scale manually. because if your pedal’s key tracking and the pitch go wrong then it seems unprofessional and kind of dull too.

    2. Controls & User Interface

    One more thing that is very important is, How easy and convenient the pedal is? What I mean is, If you’re going to play any other instrument (like Guitar in this case!) then it is necessary that the pedal you’re using has a stompbox kind of design. So that you can control it with your feet while playing guitar.

    Also, a user interface plays an important role or you can get lost and frustrated pretty fast. The pedal you’re going to choose should have a nice and clean interface especially if you’re dealing with multiple effect pedals.

    3. Multiple Effects

    Harmonies are just one of the effects that you can add to your vocals. But now a days, many vocal harmonizers are comes with a multiple effects to enhance your overall sound.

    If you’re looking for a pedal for your live performance, then you can consider such multiple effect pedals. because, In the case of recording, you can easily add them while mixing using DAWs.

    4. Voices

    This is all up to you. Some of the best harmonizer pedals add one more extra ‘voice’ to your sound while some pedals add two. So all you need to decide is, How many effects you want and how thick the sound is?

    Some Harmonizers go beyond this and have some more “Masculine” and “Feminine” sound effect. If you have any kind preference here then you can choose accordingly.

    5. Looping

    Looping is a great technique that many solo-performers use. Looping is basically, you play one piece of sound in a loop in the background like a bass line. This create a great dynamic effect to your performance.

    I’m not saying looping is very essential but it is great to have it in your pedal!

    6. Price of the Pedal

    Price is also one of the factor you should look for. Generally, A Top End Vocal Harmonizer Pedal cost you around $300 to $500. But, if you’re just a beginner who just want something to get started, you can go with affordable pedals.

    7. Power

    Most of the modern harmonizers are powered with AC adapters but still, there are some pedals that operate on batteries. this is also one of the factors you need to consider.

    Personally, I think AC powered pedals are more reliable but if you perform gigs here and there where power isn’t available easily, you can of course go with the battery option.

    Okay, Enough… Let’s see some reviews:

    What is the Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals to Improve your Music – Detailed Reviews

    I’m going to start this list with my best choice:

    1. TC-Helicon EQ Effects Pedal (996000905)

    Tc-Helicon EQ Pedal is a Great effect Pedal you can buy in the current market. There is a reason why I love this pedal and Why I put this on top of my list.

    To be clear, I can’t just call it a Harmonizer pedal. Along with the Harmonizer Effect, you’re getting reverb, echo, and pitch correction in this pedal. And that’s not enough! It also allows you to A/B switching between different effects.

    This pedal comes with a built-in guitar tuner, which is really helpful during live performances, Also, you can use this harmonizer pedal without a guitar or any other instrument just by setting the proper keys.

    With a rough-n-tough body construction, a very easy-to-use interface, great controls, lot of range, I think this pedal is the best harmonizer. It provides you lots of opportunities to experiment with and to explore your voice even more.

    Although, just like other pedals this one also has some disadvantages. I found this pedal a little heavy as compared to the other options on this list, also, it is sensitive to external noise.

    Overall, this is a great effect pedal that providing so much value and is going to worth your every penny! Check out what other peoples are saying about this pedal on Amazon’s site.

    • Great Pitch Correction (Autotune)nComes with a Variety of EffectsnUp to Two Different HarmoniesnGreat for Live ShowsnBuilt-in Guitar Tuner
    • Sensitive to External NoicenSlightly Heavier than Other’s on this list

    2. Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal

    I’m sure many peoples known Boss’s Pedals for their high-quality and this pedal is also not going to let you down in any way!

    This 1.6 kg (which seems to be okay!) VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effect Pedal is not primarily a vocal harmonizer. Well, you can say, this is an All-in-one vocal stompbox kind of thing. you get the solution for Harmonies, Delay, Doubler, Creative Effects, Phantom Power in this single pedal.

    One more thing that I like about this pedal is, you can use a real-time pitch correction system here. This is very important when we want to make sure that the vocal harmonies are well-tuned with the lead vocal.

    Also, you’re getting 38 sec. of looped recording feature (mono) which is great for you to try your creativity. Although, this pedal failed to detect the change in musical keys automatically. Also, they are not providing a power adapter So, you need to purchase it separately.

    Overall, this is a great all-in-one multi-effect pedal that provides lot of value and worth your at least one shot! Check out the latest deal on Amazon!

    • Kind of All-in-One SolutionnGreat for Live PerformancesnBattery OperatednReal-Time Pitch CorrectionnLoop Recording (Mono)
    • Doesn’t come with Power AdapternUnable to Detect Changes in Musical Keys Automatically

    3. TC Electronics Singles VoiceTone C1 Vocal Effects Processor

    This is a great Entry-Level vocal harmonizer pedal from TC -Helicon. you can also consider this one as a little brother of our Top Picked Pedal.

    This pedal comes with a sturdy metal case with a nice build quality which makes it suitable for a beginner. this pedal is providing you manual or guitar-controlled key/scale selection. Also, you’re getting a wide range (mild to wild) of pitch correction effects.

    This pedal goes between your mic and your mixer. This pedal comes with a handy USB port which allows you to use it with other instruments. Although I must say, you can’t just rely on this completely as much as you can on TC-Helicon EQ Effects Pedal.

    Overall, this is a great harmonizer pedal providing so many features and yet available at such an affordable price! By the way, Did you check out the current Price on Amazon?

    • Very Affordable Price :)nNice Build QualitynCompact u0026 Light-WeightnEasy-to-Use Interfacen
    • Not that much Reliable

    4. BOSS Vocal Harmonist Effects Processor Stompbox Guitar Pedal

    This is another great effect pedal from the BOSS store for entry-level musicians that we put on our list.

    This pedal is providing you 24 various kinds of harmonies. Isn’t that great? It gives you a lot of space to experiment with your music and to create a perfect vocal environment for your specific song.

    I’m not saying sturdiest, but I can say, this pedal is light-weight and very convenient to carry around. Just like a Harmony singer, It listens and detects your chord progression automatically. Also, they provide you an option to set the keys manually, so get all the control and you can make sure that your pedal is following your guitar perfectly.

    Although, as compare to the other pedals from this list, I find the user interface is a little confusing in the beginning, it gets to sort out over time and you’ll get used to it. So, that’s not a major issue at all.

    Overall this is great harmonic pedal that gives support to your music even if you’re a experienced performer, this bad boy is not going to let you down!

    • Comes with 24 Different HarmoniesnLight-Weight u0026 ConvenientnNatural Sounding VoicesnCan be Used without Instrument
    • Not the most Robust (In Terms of Build Quality)

    5. TC Helicon Play Acoustic Vocal Effects Pedal

    This is a 5th Harmonic pedal from our list, which is very great and versatile in terms of sounding voices. This is the best solution for you if you’re looking for an effect pedal that you want to integrate with your acoustic guitar.

    You might already heard about TC Helicon for their quality products and this pedal is not an exception to this. This machine comes with input for both guitar and mic. Not only it will boost both your vocals but also boost your guitar’s sound.

    This model is very easy to use, provides you very natural harmonies. Along with this, it comes with other effects like Reverb, Delay, Harmony, Doubling, and Hardtune. This pedal allows you to create layers in your performance. with some software updates, you can get a 60 sec. looping. Although you need to download this update from TC Helicon. But the great news is, it’s free.

    Overall, A great pedal that comes with lot of features and seems to be great in terms of value for your money.

    • Provides Natural Sounding HarmoniesnVery Easy to Use InterfacenGreat for Acoustic Solo-PerformancesnGet 60 Sec Looping
    • Require Software Update for Some Great Effects

    >> FAQs on Vocal Harmonizer Pedals <<

    What is a Vocal Harmonizer Pedal?

    A Vocal Harmonizer Pedal is an effect pedal that records your voice (or Guitar Chords) and automatically adds harmonies to your sound at different pitches.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eDepending on the Model, these pedals can also add many other effects like reverb, echo, pitch correction, etc.

    How Does a Vocal Harmonizer Pedal Works?

    It works in two ways. It listens to your vocals and adds layers of harmonies to it. And the second way is, It detects the chord played on the instrument and creates the appropriate harmonies automatically.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSome of the Harmonizers also come with manual mode to make sure everything will keep in your control.

    Are All Vocal Harmonizer Pedals Same?

    Just like all other effect pedals have variations according to different models, a vocal harmonizer pedal is also not an exception to this.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis is not the case always, but generally, we can say, as the price of the pedal goes up, you get more and more features with it. But that doesn’t mean affordable pedals are worthless.

    What is the Best Place in the Signal Chain for my Harmonizer Pedal?

    There is one logical order for all the guitar pedals based on their nature. If you try to change this order, it may sound unnatural. Dynamics, Filters, u0026amp; Pitch Shifters Boost and Distortion, Modulation u003eu003e Timeu003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eAs, Harmony is a type of pitch-shifting thus placed in front of your signal chain.

    That is it from my Side Guys:

    Final Thought on the Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedal

    I hope you like this article, it helped you in one way or another to pick the best harmonizer pedal for yourself. Our team chooses these best Pedals on the basis of various technical factors and their performances.

    Personally, I like this TC-Helicon Harmonizer the most. It comes with a pitch correction ability which is great, it has so many different effects and this pedal is so handy during live shows.

    Let me, what are the factors that you consider before you buy any kind of effect pedal? by the way, which pedal did you like from out list and why? Don’t forget to put it down in the comments because it helps other peoples to make their decisions.

    Have a Great Day!

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