Top 5 Best Small Bass Amp in 2021 – Reviews

There are so many situations that demand a small bass amplifier – and thankfully, so many kinds of amps are available that suit those situations. Here you’re going to find the top-rated best small bass amp that serves all your needs without spending a fortune on it!

After looking at more than 17 amp models, I’ve come up with this list of Top 5 Small & Portable Bass Amps: Let’s dig into it:

5 Best Small Bass Amp for Practice [Updated]

1. VOX PB10 Mini Bass Combo Amplifier

vox pb10

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Main Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight Bass Combo with Open-Back Design to Fill-Up the Room with Better Dynamics
  • Two 5″ Bulldog Speakers Powered by 10-watt Amplifier to Deliver Elastic Sound Quality with Rich Tone
  • Treble, Bass, and Volume Control Knob Along with Drive Controller and Bright Switch for Extra Versatility in your Tone
  • 1/4″ Line-Out Headphone Jack which Also Satisfy your Recording Purposes


  • Very Compact, Durable, and Portable Bass Amp Combo
  • Provides Warm Sounding Tone with Enough Details & Punch in it
  • Headphone Output Jack is Available for Silent Practice
  • Stunning Body Design with Great Craftsmanship
  • Great Value for your Money!


  • Treble Doesn’t Sound Right with the Active Bass Guitar
  • These Smaller Speakers do Show some Distortion If you Crank the Volume Control

Why I Love this Bass Amp:

Vox Amplifiers are always praised for their classic sexy-looking design. Whether it is diamond grille cloth on the front or covering leather, I’m fascinated with this amp model.

This is a 10-watt amplifier with two 5-inch bulldogs speakers in it. By considering the size of these speakers and the price of this combo, I am so pleasantly surprised by how much air it is pushing.

Here you’ve got two channels that give you a range of tones from super-clean sonic booms to modern overdrive and all points in between. As far as a clean channel, this VOX PB10 Amp performs great for blues and rocky stuff. but on the overdrive channel when you crank the gain, it just gets quite saturated and enables you to rock some metal on it.

But bear in mind, this is just a practice amp with really small speakers. If you crank the volume knob too much, you’ll start to get some speaker distortion.

Coming towards the full-loaded control panel: It features Bass and Treble for tone crafting, a bright switch to boost the upper harmonics, and a drive control to smoothly add gain to your sound. Along with that, there is a volume control that modifies the output level of this amp.

The control layout seems to be fairly straightforward, easy to get used to for any beginner player, situated on the top side of the amp, giving you easy access to the soft-touch chicken-head knobs.

Also, this amp comes with an open-back design which is uncommon for me. Although it allows this combo to fill up the room with a more open soundstage and better dynamics. But, unfortunately, it causes a little lack of details in the low-end frequencies.

Overall, this is a great mini bass amplifier that provides you with quality tone and nice tonal flexibility at an affordable price point. With its deep and kind of thumping tone, it allows me to do whatever I want during my practice time.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the loudness of this mini bass amp and how it handled the high gain & clean tones. If you’re looking for a practice amp and prefer a high-quality tone over the power of the amp, you’re going to love this little beast.

2. Roland Micro Cube RX Battery-Powered Bass Amp

Roland RX amp

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Main Features:

  • Light-Weight Sturdy Constructed Body that Provides you Great Balance Between Durability & Portability
  • Battery-Powered Bass Combo (6 AA Batteries) that can Operate for More than 10+ Playing Hours
  • Loaded with 8 COSM Amps Models and 6 Digital Effects for Amazing Tonal Flexibility
  • 2 Aux Input (Mono + Stereo) along with Dual Purpose Recording Line Out / Headphone Output Jack


  • Onboard Nifty Chromatic Tuner
  • Can Run on Both AC Power and Batteries Depending on your Comfort
  • Has Practice-Friendly Profile and Straightforward Control Panel
  • Top-Notch Specs that Allows you to Develop a Feel of your Own Sound


  • Lack of Projection in the Sound due to Lower Power
  • Small Speakers has their Own Limitations

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

This bass amp is designed by maintaining a great balance between specs and portability. It has a lightweight and well-built indestructible box along with speakers that have a fairly sturdy look to them with a nice grill for the longest possible lifespan.

Instead of having 1 big woofer in the center, this bass combo comprises 4 newly-developed 4-inch speakers that nicely complement each other and allow you to emmit distinct voicing tones while retaining the expected low and mid-frequencies.

The configuration of these custom speakers and Roland’s proprietary FFP technology makes this Ronald micro cube amp very efficient in terms of versatility and tone-shaping power while providing you top-notch playability.

Speaking of Versatile Tone, here you get a total of 8 in-built amp models with 6 digital effects (Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Phaser, Flanger, and Tremolo). A standard 3-Band EQ section is provided that offers you control over the Bass, Mids, and Treble of your tone.

In Addition to that, you’ve got a rhythm section that goes on quite neatly with the bass. It contains 10 rhythm patterns with variation switch and volume knob. Separate Volume and Gain control knobs are provided with this amp that enables you to adjust the source input volume as well as volume output of this combo.

Even though this is a miniature amp, it comes with so many awesome features that make it very suitable for beginners to seasoned pro players.

Heading towards the Input/Output ports of this amp: Along with an input for your bass, it features a dual-purpose recording out jack that also allows you to hook your headphone for intense silent practice.

That means whether you looking for a direct connection with your mixing console for better signal transfer or want to practice at home, this bad boy got you covered.

Whether you’re learning bass for the first time or practicing it on your own, this is the perfect beast for you! I still consider this as a practice amp for skilled players, as it will be hard for a beginner player to squeeze the full value out of it.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for a practice amplifier or learning bass for the first time, this is the perfect feature-loaded beast for you! I still recommend this combo to skilled players only, as it will be hard for a beginner player to squeeze the full value out of it.

3. Peavey MAX 126 10-Watt Bass Amp Combo

peavey max 126

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Main Features:

  • Compact, Durable, and Highly Portable Bass Amp with Front Loaded Controls and Inputs
  • Pretty Straightforward Control Panel with Enough Tonal Flexibility for Sound Shaping
  • Selectable Vintage Gain Control Knobs along with Peavey’s Patented TransTube Circuitry
  • AUX / Line Out with Premium Headphone Jack that Makes your Silent Practice Sound Great


  • Nice Projection of Sound with Punchy Bass Tones
  • Compact & Lightweight Bass Combo with Impact Resistant Metal Corners
  • Simple to Use Control Panel for Easy Dialing of Tones
  • Peavey’s exclusive TransTube circuitry for Vintage Sound


  • Tone Clarity starts to Struggle If you Fully-Crank the Gain Knob

Why I Like this Bass Amp:

Peavey MAX is one of the well-known bass amp series and is popular for providing high-quality combos loaded with nice features for all budget range. let’s dig into this model and find whether or not it is worth your time?

This is a traditional-looking bass combo that features a 10-watt amplifier with a custom 6.5-inch speaker designed by Peavey itself, which I feel is a perfect configuration for an at-home practice amp.

It has a quite sturdy construction and feels very rugged in hands due to its durable casing. This little buddy weighs only around 12 pounds and delivers warmth sounding tone with a significant punch in it, as compared to the other combos in the same price range.

Coming towards the control panel, This Peavey Max 126 amp comes with a multi-band EQ section that provides you control over Treble and Bass Sound while allowing you to change your tone from modern to vintage with selectable vintage gain control knobs.

This combo features Peavey’s exclusive TransTube circuit technology that nicely simulates the operations and sound of tube amps. that’s where the vintage knob comes in very handy! It enables you to play with your tone by adding amazing distortion to it, almost like a real bass tube amplifier.

Not to mention, you’re also getting an AUX/Line input that allows you to connect this combo to your mobile and practice along with your favorite songs. a headphone output jack is also there for private sessions.

Overall, from the craftsmanship of this amp to the control layout, everything is crafted neatly so you get that little extra improvement in your overall playing experience.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: I highly recommend this combo for its compact and sturdily constructed body loaded with versatile controls to get killed boost in your Sound and certainly meet all your needs.

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4. JOYO 10-Watt Portable Bass Combo Amp

joyo bass amp

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Main Features:

  • Compact and Portable Bass Combo with Top-Mounted Control Panel for Easy Access During Playing
  • Single 5″ Custom Speaker Powered with 10-watt Amp for Great Sounding Bass Tone
  • Standard Volume, Tone, Gain Control Knobs along with Channel-Selector Button for Nice Tonal Flexibility
  • 1/8″ AUX input Jack and 1/8″ Stereo Headphone Output for Convenient Silent Practice Sessions


  • Very Compact and Highly Portable Bass Combo Amp with Solid Casing
  • 1 Noise Shielded Cable is Included with the Package
  • Headphone Capability for Silent Practice with AUX input for Connecting Media Devices
  • Amazing Practice Tool Available at Very Affordable Price 🙂


  • 5-inch Smaller Speaker do Have Its Own Limitations in terms of Sound Projection
  • Not Enough Power even for Small Gigs

Why I Pick this Bass Amp:

This little buddy provides you 10 watts of power and delivers decent sound quality through its 5-inch customized full-frequency speaker which is more than enough for at-home practice sessions.

This all configuration is housed in a solid plastic casing which nicely maintains the balance between durability and lower weight of this combo.

Although It would be great if they provide a handle on the top for easy transportation but instead they provide you 2 fully rotational shoulder strap buckles, which by the way, are not bad either!

As far as the control section, This Joyo Amp features only three control knobs (Volume, Tone, and Gain) along with a push-button to switch between clean and overdrive channels. Overdrive provides a kind of rock sound to the instrument and I feel this unit is doing that very well.

Additionally, It got a nice AUX-in jack where you can plug your mobile or iPod to play along backing songs you’re practicing and of course, it also has a stereo headphone jack that allows you for silent interference-free practice without disturbing others.

Along with the power adapter (Which is included in the package), this combo also works on 6 AA batteries for around 2 to 3 hours of continuous playing, which is quite suitable for beginner individual bass practicers.

Even though I was pleasantly surprised by my overall playing experience and the number of features it is offering, but to be honest, my expectations for this amp are not very high. I think this is one of the smallest and “grab and go” kinds of combo which is perfect if you’re looking for a highly portable and lightweight micro bass amp.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line, Without any doubt, this bass combo is more than just a solid performance gear. With its top-mounted straightforward control panel, compact & Durable Body casing, and superb-sounding tone, It can be an ideal pick for your at-home practice needs.

5. Blackstar FLY3BASS Bass Combo Amplifier

blackstar fly3

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Main Features:

  • Compact and Light-Weight Bass Combo with Speaker Output for Extension Cabinet
  • Easy to Access Simple Control Panel with Powerful Tone-Shaping Options
  • Onboard Compression along with Overdrive Channel to Add some Grind in low-end tones
  • 1/8″ Line In and Line Out Jacks for Recording Purposes and Overall Enhanced Playing Experience


  • Highly Portable & Micro Bass Amp for Practice and Rehearsals
  • Can run on Both Power Supply or 6 AA Batteries for Comfortable Sessions
  • Pretty Straightforward Control Knob Layout that Inject Great Versatility in your Tone
  • Suitable for Almost All kinds of Playing Styles and Music Genres


  • Tone becomes Flappy when you Turned the Volume All the Way Up

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

I love this era of amp designs so much. While the revolution in the lightweight models is a big deal, the Blackstar Fly Bass takes it to another level.

This little compact bass amplifier comes with a 3 inches single full-range speaker having only 3 watts of power output, which is surprisingly enough to deliver amazing sounding bass tones with huge low-end and articulate highs.

Coming towards the control section, This BlackStar Fly3Bass Amp features a very versatile Onboard EQ Controls that provide you wide range of tones everything from warm-n-round thump to a cutting tone. Along with the standard volume control, you can shape your tone through gain level, compression and 1 EQ knob.

A compression control knobs help you to even out your attacks whereas SUB button nicely piles on the warmth tone and provides you even more low-ends. One overdrive button is there that allows you to switch channel between clean and drive to make your sound like a raging tube bass stack.

In addition to that you’ve got a Line input that accept 1/8 inch jack from mobile or any MP3 player and allows you to practice along your favorite backing tracks. 1/8 inch Line output is also there that can be hook with a mixing console or your recording device to send great bass tones right to your track.

Don’t let this “only 3-watt power” phase make you fool. Although clarity and overall sound quality starts to fall off when to start to crank the volume knob, but this little beast provides frighteningly huge bass tones with a nice depth in them, considering it only has 3-inch speaker size.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a tiny bass combo amp to accompany your travels, Blackstar crafts a beautiful solution that allows you to practice at low volume without compromising tonal flexibility in any way!

How I Pick These 5 Compact Bass Amps?

Whether you’re an entry-level bass player looking for your first bass amp or you’re a seasoned pro bassist looking for a small practice amp, hopefully, this small buying guide put you on the right path:

Amp Head vs Combo

There’s no right or wrong, best or worst between a head amp and bass combo amplifier. As we’re talking about the small and compact bass amplifiers here, I suggest you to stick with combo amps. heads are great if you have a nice PA system in your band or a recording placement.

If you’re a beginner who is just starting out and want to buy a bass amp to practice your music, get a nice compact and durable bass amp combo and you’ll be good!

Power Output

How much wattage do you need? This is also one of the key factors you should consider before doing any purchase! For this, you need to decide whether you want a practice amp or a fully-featured amp for gigging?

For gigging bass amps, you should at least aim for 200 watts of power, but for at-home alone practice sessions, around 10 to 20 watts power amp will be more than enough.

Tone-Shaping Options

With the whole jamming thing, you start playing your bass with the stuff that you enjoy, you’re going to play along with your favorite bands and over time you’ll go into genres that you never thought you would. That’s why you need to look for the versatility of the bass amp.

Many bass amplifiers, even from the above list, do come with an overdrive channel and allow you to switch from a clean-sounding tone to a gritty tone with a single push-button! Also, there are a couple of other controls like compression, gain level, all the EQ knobs, etc.

I’m not saying you have to get these all features, but you should at least check for them to get an idea of how much tone-shaping power you’re actually going to get.

Final Thoughts on Best Small Bass Amp

At the Last, I would recommend you to go with VOX PB10 Mini Bass Amp for its Elastic Sound Quality with Rich Tone. It’s a Compact and Lightweight Bass Combo with Open-Back Design that provides you Better Dynamics and great versatility in your sound.

But: If you’re not quite there yet and want to keep things simple, Peavey MAX 126 Combo would be a great option to go with. It’s a very beginner-friendly amp that allows you to focus on your playing techniques while providing you enough tonal flexibility.

So, Which Bass Amp Do you like the most?

I want you to write down your opinion and thoughts about which amplifier you’re going to buy and why do you think it’s better suited for your needs? This way, you’re also helping other readers to make their buying decisions more clearly.

Don’t forget to share this list of small amps with your bassist friends so that can also get one great bass amp for their practice time!

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