5 Best Left Handed Acoustic Guitars for Beginners in 2021

Hey, Are you facing difficulties in finding the best acoustic lefty guitars? Are you looking for the best left handed acoustic guitars for beginners then this is the place?

Here I not only give you the List of Top 5 Guitars but also provide you in-depth buying guide at the end which helps you to choose the perfect guitar for you.

Lets go right into it:

Should a left handed person learn guitar right handed?

If you’re still confuse in whether you should learn left-handed guitar or a right-handed guitar, I can say only one thing.

Choose Whatever!

If you don’t have any experience in playing guitar then go with left-handed guitar because that removes your confusion about right or left guitars.

Overall, if you’re a beginner in guitar club then pick the left-handed guitar.

But, if you’re familiar with right-handed guitar and if you play it for some days then don’t bother to go with it.

Listen, Music is an Art and you can learn it with either hand.

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Is it harder to learn a guitar left-handed?

I don’t say harder but It is surely little different to learn a guitar as a left-handed person.

You don’t find anything different in the learning process but you get difficulties in finding the right guitars, and also left-handed guitar guides.

Once you’re ready with your material, everything is same.

Now, I hope you made your mind to go with a left-handed guitar. Here are the Top 5 Best acoustic guitars for Left-Handed person.

Best Left Handed Acoustic Guitars for Beginners Reviewed!

Let’s start from the first one:

1. Yamaha FG820L Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

My First Sentence: the Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar for Beginner is Yamaha FG820L. because how you can get wrong with sturdy construction, nice material which provides lovely sound quality.

This acoustic guitar comes with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Rosewood material is used for fingerboard and bridge and the neck of the guitar is out of nato with gloss finish.

This bad-boy will give you a very strong and kind of warm tone which forces you to play this guitar again and again.

This guitar doesn’t contain a strap pin at the bottom of the neck since this guitar falls under a folk-type instrument. But some people have an issue with this.

Overall, this is a great lefty acoustic guitar that provides you great durability with amazing resonating sound quality.

  • The Best Choice for MoneynAmazing Sound QualitynGreat DurabilitynNice ConstructionnStrong u0026 Warm Tone
  • Strap Pin Absent at Neck Base

2. Jameson Guitars Full Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The best part of this guitar is that you can use left as well as the right hand for strumming according to your choice.

The fingerboard of the guitar is made up of rosewood and spruce is used for a neck. So basically this guitar comes with a high gloss finish.

The length of the guitar is around 41 inches, with 3-inch body thickness and its scale length is 25.5-inch. Anyone can use this guitar, an adult, a beginner, or even an experienced person.

It is a full-sized guitar having a Thinline body. And guys you are getting all this feature just at an affordable price with impressive quality.

Along with this, it has a tuning peg enclosed with die-cast tuning gears just like an expensive acoustic guitar.

However, the arms of the guitar seem to be designed for kids. Tuning is not so good but you can fix this problem by tightening the screws.

Yaa, I know it has some disadvantages but you have to deal with it. Because nothing in the world is so perfect.

Overall, this guitar has a nice sound quality and pitch. You are also getting accessories & gears at less price which is great for beginners.

  • Both left-handed and right-handed versionnIt is affordablenPerfect Gears for Beginners.nNice Sound Quality
  • Strings are not so Great

3. Kona K2LTSB Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought Guitar

If you want a guitar that creates an awesome quality sound and kind of low-profile electric tone then without thinking much go with this.

This Kona K2LTSB Left-Handed Guitar Provides you a balanced and perfect acoustic sound without any large body adjustment. And also small players are comfortable playing with this guitar.

The top of this guitar is made up of spruce while the mahogany is used for back and sides. Tobacco Sunburst is used for finishing and rosewood to make a fretboard and the bridge.

Neck and headstock of the guitar have a single-ply binding while the body has 4-ply binding. It is 41 inches long, 3 inches deep, and has a scale length of 25.75 inches.

However, some people facing issues with the action And sharp edges of fret, but personally I don’t feel that anything.

All I can say is that it has a thin body and dreadnought features. This guitar comes with good playability and is a perfect choice for a newbie.

  • Good playabilitynBalanced and perfect soundnComfortable for small playersnDecent Craftmanship
  • May Gives You Little Cheap Feel

4. Ibanez PF15 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is the perfect guitar for left-handed guitarists and most beginners prefer Ibanez PF15L acoustic guitar.

The best part is that it is affordable and still it is good in sound quality and construction. It comes with a natural high gloss finish.

The top of the guitar is made up of spruce while mahogany is used for back and sides. Along with this PF15L guitar uses chrome as its diecast tuners.

And the feature which impresses me a lot is that this guitar has advantage pins. These pins are good as compared to old fashioned and standard pins. Because advantage pins are easier to put in and take out.

But, no built-in pickup is only the issue related with this guitar. However, if you are a beginner guitarist who prefers to use the left hand then believe me this guitar is only for you.

It has a balanced tone and has an awesome sound and quality construction. So what are you waiting for, check the latest offers by clicking the button.

  • Good Sound with Quality ConstructionnBalanced TonenIt is affordablenBest for Beginners
  • No built-in pickup

5. Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is the last guitar on my list of top lefty guitars but believes me, it is not least. If you are finding the best guitar at a low price then Rogue Acoustic Guitar is only for you.

The top of this guitar is made up of spruce and fretboard with rosewood material. Also, it has a nato neck and body binding is inlaid.

And the feature that I like a lot and which is more important is, this guitar has a premium and quality sound. Construction of this guitar has a long-lasting life span.

And you don’t have to worry if your guitar is out of tune because you can diecast tuners. This guitar is light in weight so you can easily handle it comfortably.

Although, some people are complaining that sound is not so consistent. But if you ask me then I will definitely say that this guitar is a great choice for left-handed beginners.

And you will get value for your every penny, check the latest offer now!

  • Light in WeightnPremium SoundnLong-lasting Construction
  • Sound is not that Consistent

How to Choose the Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar for You? (Buying Guide)

If you don’t know which guitar to buy from the above list, then here are some basic things to consider before you pick the perfect guitar for yourself.

1. Wood Material

I think this is the first step that you need to keep in mind before you finalize your guitar. because different wooden materials or combinations of some of them produce different-different tones and sounds.

Also, it affects the physical apperance and overall weight of your guitar.

For Ex. Mahogany gives you a warm and balanced tone, which is a very common material used to construct acoustic guitars. Maple gives you a brighter tone, but its relatively heavier.

2. Budget

Generally, you can say higher-end acoustic guitars have high prices and provides you a better quality. but that’s not true in every case.

What I want to say: when we saw the word ‘cheaper guitars’ doesn’t means of cheaper quality. Price of a guitar effect by different factors.

Left-handed guitars are a little expensive than normal guitars and that’s why it is very difficult to find great left-handed guitar when you’re on a tight budget.

Thus look for all the factors and different things you will get while picking the guitar for yourself.

3. Size of the Guitar

As a beginner, the size of a guitar also plays a very important role while choosing one.

If you accidentally brought the wrong guitar, you will find a hard time while practicing at the beginning, which is a very crucial time in your musical journey.

Thus, you should choose the guitar size according to your hand-size. I think, as a beginner you should go with smaller to medium size guitar.

4. Strings

Many beginners are confused in whether they go for nylon strings or steel strings. This is totally depends on the genre you want to play in.

For Ex. If you love to listen or want to play lots of classical music then go with nylon strings guitar. On the other side, if you love pop, jazz, rock or country music then go for steel strings acoustic guitars.

If you don’t have any idea, go with steel strings and start exploring the world of music.

That is it from my side guys.

Final Thoughts on Best Guitar for Left-Handed Beginners

I hope this article helped you somewhat to choose the best left-handed acoustic guitar for you. If you’re still confused about your choice, then go through our buying guide once again and make your choice fix.

I personally recommend you to go with Yamaha FG820L guitar because of its all specs and value for money.

Hey, but don’t forget to tell me which guitar you like and why you’re going to buy it. Feel free to put down your thoughts in the comment sections.

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