Top 5 Best Bass Amp under 300 Dollars – Reviews 2021

With so many different models available online, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. After reading so many consumer reports and recommendations, I’ve come up with this list of the best bass amp under 300 based on their tonal versatility, build quality, and overall playing experience.

Let’s start digging into each one of these bad boys:

Top 5 Best Bass Amp under $300 [Updated]

1. Peavey MAX 100 Bass Amp Combo

peavey max100

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Solid Sounding Feature-Rich Bass Combo with Lightweight Construction that Ensures Maximum Portability
  • Pretty Straightforward yet Versatile Control Panel that Provides you Ample Flexibility for Sound Sculpting
  • The kosmos-C bass enhancement imparts Harmonics and Subharmonics to Deliver Maximum Impact of Tone
  • Authentic-Sounding Headphone Out, Stereo AUX input Along with Ultra Quite DI Output Jack


  • Compact & Portable Bass Amp with Sturdy Metal Construction that Ensures Durability
  • Offers Very Impressive Power-to-Weight Ratio
  • Powerful 3-Band EQ Section that Handovers Considerable Amount of Tonal Versatility
  • Instant Tuning with Integrated Bass-Specific Chromatic Tuner
  • Angled Baffle Design for Better Projection of your Sound


  • You Need to Use DI Output for any Full-Size Live Gig
  • The Low-End Clarity Falls Off a Little When you Turn the Full Volume Up

Why I Love this Bass Amp:

Peavey has climbed up the popularity ladder in the past few years and really stands out, especially in the world of the bass industry. They are known for providing quality and powerful gears at a very reasonable cost.

This little compact bass amplifier comprises 100 watts of power and delivers a high-level projection of solid and punchy bass tones through its single 10-inch speaker.

Personally, I think 100 watts bass combo is a good ballpark as it allows you to play at small gigs as well as at-home practice, but don’t limit you to a rig that can’t compete with other louder guitars and drums.

Coming towards the top-mounted control panel, this MAX100 amp has a volume control, gain knob, and easy to operate 3-Band EQ (Bass, Middle, and Treble) section. Three push buttons are given underneath the EQ knobs that further enhances the overall tone-shaping power by providing you control over the punch, mid-shift, and brightness of your sound.

I like they also provide a footswitch option to switch between clean channel to overdrive without taking your hand off from your bass, but the push-button is also doing its job very well. In addition to that, you’re getting a bass-specific chromatic tuner and effects loop for easy integration of your pedals and other external processors.

This amp comes with two separate input jacks for passive and active basses. this not only allows you for good gain staging but also prevents overloading of amp circuit by the high-bass output of an active electronics.

Along with that, you’re getting their Clip-Limiting DDT speaker protection technology that makes this unit very reliable and ideal for slapping and other loud playing scenarios.

Talking about loudness, this is one of the very few budget-friendly combos I’ve seen that comes with a DI output that allows you to connect this amp with a PA system or mixing console for recording purposes.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line, This amp enables you to do some serious amount of tonal flexibility and offers a great playing experience to achieve the self-satisfying rich-sounding bass tones and develop your own feelings for the sound.

2. Trace Elliot ELF Ultra Compact Bass Amplifier

trace elliot

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Main Features:

  • Very Compact & Portable Amp Head that allows you to Dial-Up Great Tones with Great Projection of Sound
  • Pretty Simple and Easy to Operate Streamline Control Panel with Rugged Metal Knobs
  • Master Volume Control, 3-Band EQ Knobs, and Input Gain Control for Amazing Tone-Shaping Power
  • XLR DI Line Out with Premium Headphone Jack that Makes your Silent Practice Sound Great


  • Compact, Light-Weight, & Highly Portable Bass Amp Head Housed in a Durable Metal Chassis
  • Wide-Range Gain Input with Signal Level Indicator
  • Offers High-Preamp Input Impedance for Maximum Sensitivity
  • Nice Headroom to Provide Very Clean & Articulate Tone


  • XLR Jack is little affected by Master Volume Control
  • AUX input Jack is not Available

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

It’s hard to think of a more compact bass amplifier than this newly revised Trace Elliot ELF head. Let’s put this micro amp to test and check whether or not it provides you any value for your money:

This little beast does indeed slips into the back pocket of your jeans (Yes, I tried it! 🙂 ) yet it is totally giggable amp head. It comes with the ELF’s streamlined control set and a clean signal path that doesn’t make any kind of compromise in terms of sound quality and allows you to achieve great bass tones with ease.

Coming towards the front-mounted control panel, this ELF amp head comes with 3-band EQ knobs (Bass, Mid, and Treble) along with a master volume control and input gain knob. Personally, I find this control layout pretty straightforward and easy to use while providing you enough tone-variation capabilities.

Overall, this EQ section provides you plenty of scope for tonal flexibility with a solid bass end. Although the treble response is a little bit lower and the midrange offered a kind of throaty bark, but this can be easily resolved by combining this head with a cab fitted with a tweeter.

On the back panel, a balanced XLR direct output is given that allows you to connect this head to the mixing console for recording or with the PA system. Along with that, you’ve got a nice headphone output jack that ensures the sound quality of your silent practice session.

The only downside I find about this head is the lack of input for AUX cable. Still, I feel this is a well-featured amp that provides you powerful sound quality and is not going to lag behind to inject some extra excitement in your music.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the powerful and defined sound quality of this miniature amp and how it handled the high gain & clean tones. If you craving a portable gigging amp with lush and distinctive tones, this will do the job really well!

3. Orange Crush 50W Bass Combo Amp

orange bass combo

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact, Light-Weight & Very Portable Bass Combo with All-Analog and Solid-State Circuitry
  • Single Custom 12″ Speaker with Reflex Port for some Serious Bass Punching with Improved Low-End Response
  • Active 3-band EQ, Parametric Mid Control with Gain & Blend Knobs for Amazing Sound Shaping Power
  • AUX Input, Headphone Out Jack, and Effect Loop with Onboard Chromatic Tuner for Enhanced Playing Experience


  • Delivers Excellent Sounding Tone with Bold & Punchy Lows
  • All-Analog Circuitary for More Organic & Authentic Sound Quality
  • Pad Switch for Extra Tonal Versatility on Active Bass Guitars
  • Comes with Effects Loop & Onboard Chromatic Tuner for Better Playability


  • Lack of XLR Direct Output Jack
  • Gives Minor Distortion in the Sound when you Fully Crank the Volume Knob
  • Not Enough Power for Full-Size Gigs

Why I Like this Bass Amp:

Orange Amps are preferred by the world’s some of the most iconic bass players due to their ability to retain warm and rounded tonal character in the sound. Let check if this bass crush combo has something special to offer:

This combo comes with their traditional eye-catchy orange leather design comprises a single 15-inch speaker packed with a reflex port cabinet. Although this is only a 50-watt amp but this configuration allows it to deliver classic-sounding bass tones with an improved low-end response in it.

One more impressive thing about this orange crush amp is its top-mounted control panel. It looks fairly straightforward but provides you plenty of control options to play with.

It starts with a master volume control, 3-Band Active EQ Knobs (Bass, Treble, and Frequency) along with a parametric mid control. The Treble control offers a nice cut or boost in your sound whereas the bass knob takes care of the low-end frequencies.

Additionally, you’ve got interactive gain and blend knobs that enable you to adjust the amount of gain in the higher frequencies while adding harmonics to your sound. I also like the inclusion of a pad switch that unlocks extra tone-shaping power on your active bass guitar.

All-Analog circuitry single path and buffered effects loop are added to this combo that not only delivers you fat and rounded sound but also ensures the maximum transparency for your pedals.

Coming towards the I/O ports, unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come with an XLR DI output jack that allows you to connect this combo with the PA or mixing console. But, You’ve got headphone output for your silent practice and AUX input to hook your mobile for playing your favorite backing tracks through it.

Check The Demo Sound:

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a lightweight and powerful amp head to give a killer boost in your volume and tone, I highly recommend you this amp for its compact size, high portability, and amazing tone-shaping power.

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4. Hartke HD75 Bass Combo Amplifier

hartke hd75

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Main Features:

  • Compact and very Durable Bass Combo with Top-Mounted Control Panel for Easy Dialing of Tones
  • Single 12″ Speaker with 1″ Tweeter to Deliver Rich Sounding Tone with Serious Punch
  • Highly Versatile 7-Band Graphic EQ Section Paired with Bass, Mid, and Treble Control Knobs for Ample Sound Flexibility
  • Quality-Sounding Headphone Output with AUX input (Stereo) to Practice with your Favorite Backing Tracks


  • Lots of Features are Available at an Affordable Price which is Great for Beginner Bass Players
  • Built-in Limiter is Included for Control Maximum Volume Level
  • Custom HyDrive-Design Speaker that delivers Traditional Round and Warm Sounding Tones
  • Provide you Amazing Tonal Flexibility with Enough Details & Punch


  • Relatively Heavy in Weight as Compared to Similar Bass Combos
  • XLR Direct Output Jack is not Available

Why I Pick this Bass Amp:

Hartke is one of the well-known names in the bass industry and is popular for top-notch quality gears in all budget-range. Let’s check whether or not if this bass combo brings something special to the table at this price range:

This black beast comes with a 12-Inch Custom HyDrive speaker designed by Hartke itself. Rather than going with the simple traditional way, they create a sheet by crafting half paper and half aluminum that provides warmth and roundness of the paper along with the punchy attack of the aluminum.

Coming towards the nicely placed top-mounted control panel which is packed with all the essential features you’re going to need to achieve a highly versatile tone. This HD75 Bass Amp comes with standard volume control along with 3-Band EQ knobs (Bass, Mid, and Treble) for easy and quick adjustments in your tone.

But: things start to get interesting when you take a look at their 7-band graphic EQ that allows you to get control over each and every frequency level and shape your tone however you want.

On the back panel, a Send/Return effect loop is given that enables you to integrate the effects pedals which allows for more signal routing flexibility. Along with that, you’ve got headphone output and AUX input to plug in your mobile for playing your favorite backing tracks through it.

The only downside I think of is, it doesn’t allow you to connect to an external speaker. Even though it has 75 watts of power and a hybrid speaker that delivers you a full, clean, warmth sounding tone with plenty of punch in it, but it not going to survive in front of drums and electric guitars.

However, If you’re thinking about at-home practice sessions, rehearsals, or looking for an amplifier for small gigs, it is one of the great choices that provides you plenty of options at a very fair price.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, If you’re a beginner and prefer the tone& the overall sound quality of the amp over its power this will be a great performance bass combo that offers you excellent tone-shaping power and can easily meet your all needs.

5. Ampeg BA-110V2 Bass Combo Amplifier

ampeg ba110

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact and Durable All-Steel Metal Chassis with Impact-Resistance Metal Corners
  • Player-Focus Designed Control Panel with 3-Band EQ, Master Volume, and AUX input Level Controller
  • 2 AUX input to Connect with MP3 player and Nice Headphone Out that Disable the Internal Speaker for Intense Private Practice
  • Added Scrambler Overdrive Circuit with Drive and Blend Knob to Produce Deep True Bass Sound


  • Durable & Portable Amp with Steel Chassis & Integrated Top-Handle
  • New Wedge-Cabinet Design to Use in Floor Monitor Position
  • Easy to Use Front Panel that Provides you Nice Tonal Flexibility
  • Pad Switch on the Input for Active or High-Output Sources
  • Amazing Value for your Money!


  • The Fan is a bit Noisy, which may Affect the Sound Clarity
  • Not Enough Power for Gigging
  • It starts to Buzz when you Fully Crank the Volume and Play Aggressively

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

The Ampeg BA110 amp comes with a couple of really unique features and is one of the top choices to produce a classic-sounding tone. So, Let’s get right down to its specs to test its unique aspects:

This is a 40-watt all-solid-state bass combo amplifier with a single 10-inch speaker housed in a modern cabinet design. But don’t let its smaller size fool you. This Ampeg BA110 combo is pretty loud when you want to be yet quiet enough to use for bedroom practice sessions.

It features a 60-degree monitor wedge that enables you to position the amp on-stage or in front of during practice, where it sits on the floor and fires directly up at you. This is not a kickback, it’s a true 60-degree position angle that actually makes it more stable and less inclined to fall over.

You can hook your MP3 player through 1/4″ or 1/8″ AUX input and monitor what you’re practicing as well as your bass signals through the 1/8″ phone out. These are great features especially when you’re practicing in your apartment and don’t want to disturb others.

Also, I like the front-facing control panel which makes it very easy to access and dial the tones while playing. You have got a 3-Band rotary EQ (Bass, Mid, and Treble) along with a master volume and AUX level control. This is a kind of standard EQ section that provides you decent versatility in your tone.

One more impressive thing about this amp is the scrambler circuit. Essentially, it is nothing but an overdrive circuit that allows you to dial in a sort of like an over-driven SVT sound or a more of a gritty sound without cranking the volume control or overdriving the amp circuit.

Along with a push-button to turn this circuit on/off, You get two control knobs here, drive control that dictates how much distortion you want whereas a blend knob that will blend your clean sound with the distorted tone.

Check The Demo Sound:

Overall, If you’re looking for a highly affordable but equally high-performance bass amp combo that provides you enough tone-shaping options, This BA110 model will be a great buddy for your bass guitar.

How I Choose These Top 5 Bass Amplifers Under $300?

Great bass amplifiers don’t have to cost a fortune. while pricier amps do generally sound and perform better, there are some brilliant bass amplifiers that can provide you excellent value.

Here’s how you can choose which amp is best suited for your needs under 300 dollars:

Power Rating of the Amp

Although it is very common to see power rating in wattage, but I don’t think it’s the best way to judge how loud that amplifier can be. But if you’re just starting out, it’s a great place to start.

If you’re looking for a practice bass amp, anything from 50W to 100W bass amp will be more than enough for you, in terms of loudness. whereas, if you want to perform full-time gigging, you need to consider at least 300 watts of power.

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Size of the Speakers

If you’re looking for a loud amplifier, Speaker size is a significant contributor the to overall loudness of the amp, since you can only push it so hard before it starts distorting.

But: If you prefer the tone and overall sound quality over loudness, I suggest you to stick with smaller speakers (8 to 10 inches) that provide you sharp and high-end tone with a nice definition to it.

Range of Input Ports

A headphone output jack comes very handy when you’re in a good mood and wanted to practice your music late-night but your roommates want to sleep. Being able to hook your phone with the amplifier and practice along with your favorite backing tracks is also nice.

Everything from an onboard tuner, or metronome, all these simple features really add up to enhance your overall playing experience. Thanks why always look for them before you choose any.

Final Thoughts on Best Bass Amp under 300 Dollars:

At Last: Personally, I recommend you to go with Peavey MAX 100 Bass Combo due to its rich-sounding tone and amazing weight-to-power ratio that makes your music session very enjoyable.

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