Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for FingerPicking {2020}

Hey Players. If you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar strings for fingerpicking, then this might be the last article you read.

No doubt, fingerpicking may be a challenge, requiring tons of attention and dexterity. twiddling with the proper set of strings might be the difference between sailing through a difficult piece and hitting a wall!

If you would like to play fingerpicking, you ought to get your hands on an honest set of strings for it!

best acoustic guitar strings for fingerpicking

Here I choose the Best Acoustic Strings according to my experience and by researching reviews on different forums.

Let’s see some strings for you to get start your journey!

How to Choose the Best Strings for Fingerpicking? (Buying Guide)

Buying new acoustic strings might be a dizzying task for some of you. because fingerpicking required a lot of attention when played, thus you should the best strings possible in order to relieve your fingers.

Here are the points that I look at whenever I buy new strings for myself. This is totally up to you whether you want to consider all of them or just a few. But, I recommend you to go through all and make your decision on that knowledge.

1. Gauge

gauge of the string is one of the factor that can directly impact your guitar tone.

According to my experience, You should go with Light (Thin) strings with a lower gauge. Some people also prefer medium gauge too, but don’t go for heavy especially for fingerpicking.

In fingerpicking, you’re going to play without pick, right? That’s why I am recommending light strings because such strings provide less tension and less resistance to your finger.

2. Material

There are mainly four acoustic string materials. namely Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Brass, and Silk & Steel. For fingerpicking, I would say this is totally a personal preference.

Every material offers different tones. like, brass strings are generally bright while silk & steel strings offers mellowest tone. Bronze provides medium tone, but are not long lasting thus Phosphor Bronze are quit popular, which provides similar tone and also last long.

Thus I will say. you choose which kind of tone you like and then pick the material accordingly.

3. Brand

There are handfull of brands which are making and enhancing their strings with time. If you like one of the brand then you can go for it, but if this is not the case for you then this point is not even matter.

I personally don’t love any brands, and choose the strings according to their specs not by their brands.

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Fingerpicking Reviews

Let’s start with the first:

1. Elixir Phosphor Bronze Strings w Nanoweb Coating

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Fingerstyle

Even though Elixir is a relatively new name in the strings market, but their acoustic strings are on many “best Guitar strings” lists (like this one!).

These strings will give you smooth, deep, rich, and beautiful tones and trebles. In addition to that, this Elixir Nanoweb has been coated, which may keep their tone for much longer than typical uncoated strings.

Elixir features a less popular comparable line and their tone is comparably warm and robust.

As you would possibly already know, for fingerpicking players, the tone may be a vital thing and therefore the coating of Nanoweb doesn’t compromise the tone. that’s why I’m recommending this one on the top spot of the list.

However, the Nanoweb coating is expensive, like double the worth of the many other acoustic strings. But if you’re one among those that don’t replace guitar string often, it’s a worthy investment.

I don’t know about others but this is my personal favorite choice for best acoustic strings for fingerpicking.

Thus, If you want the absolute best guitar strings, then this is the strings you should go for.

  • Smooth, Deep u0026 Beautiful TreblesnBalanced, Rich, Full-Bodied TonenUltra-NANOWEB CoatingnAffordable Price!!
  • Coating Goes a Bit-Ragging

2. D’Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Fingerstyle

D’Addario started making Phosphor Bronze strings from 1947. And Since then it becomes famous for warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone.

As a result, these strings give a bright sounding tone with excellent intonation and also last long. I personally used these strings and they are very nice on the fingers.

many peoples called this as a hottest guitar string set, which is known for its superb, long-lasting tone and cozy playability.

Although, some people don’t like the roughness and sliding sound of these strings. but again, it’s just a personal preference.

Overall, this is a great (but Runner-up) acoustic strings for fingerpicking that providing great value at a very affordable price.

  • Best Suited for BeginnersnWarmth and Long-lasting TonenGreate Sound Quality at Low Price
  • Little Brittle!

3. Ernie Ball Everlast Light Coated Acoustic Strings

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Fingerstyle

Ernie Ball is a favorite brand of many acoustic players. The guitar strings from Ernie Ball have top quality and good sound. Also, they provide a really good price.

Apart from that, Ernie Ball has constantly been innovating with new materials although they have already got one among the most important selections of gauges and materials on the market.

According to them, The Ernie Ball Everlast is another coated string with its coating is 1000 times thinner than the other coating. Thus, with the Everlast strings, you can experiment with different tunings.

These strings provide you super smooth and warm sounding even after being strung.

Also, the Ernie Ball Everlast features a more balanced tone across the entire spectrum of the string gauges. aside from the Everlast’s, Ernie Ball also has more traditional and economical options like the Earthwoods or the Tone Pack.

If you prefer warmer sound (like Martin) than Brighter (like Taylor), then I highly recommend these strings. Overall, this is a great acoustic string for your fingerpicking sessions that worth your money.

  • 1000 Times Thinner than OthersnSuper Smooth u0026 Warm SoundingnMore Balanced TonenVery Soft to your Fingers
  • Nothing to Say!

4. Martin Authentic Flexible Core Light Strings

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Fingerstyle

By keeping the mind, the increased craze of peoples for fingerpicking, Martin designed the FX series which is completely dedicated to a fingerpicking players.

The flexible core of these strings can increase flexibility which suggests you’ll play for extended before you get fatigued. It also helps improve sustain without sacrificing tone, which is I think more important than anything else.

Compared to Elixirs, the worth of the Martins is sort of a touch lower. Therefore, these guitar strings are worth considering.

However, these are not coated strings, thus not last as long as the above options. but still, they provide enough life. You can increase their life even more by cleaning your strings properly often.

At last, All I can say is, this is also a very good choice when it comes to the best acoustic strings for fingerstyle. Check out other people’s ratings and the latest deals on Amazon!

  • Provides Excellent Tuning StabilitynGreat Sound QualitynEase in PlayabilitynAffordable Price!
  • Little Less Life that Above Options

5. DR Strings Rare – Phosphor Bronze AcousticHex

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Fingerstyle

These strings are very different than all four strings in this list. If you’re used-to to use traditional acoustic guitar strings, then you might feel little loose goose to get handle on these particular strings.

DR site says that. they design these strings in order to please guitar players who loves fat, loud sound with deep tone. I personally, I think it lacked in all those three areas.

Then why I included these strings in my list?

This is because, (here I am talking about fingerpicking) they sound surprisingly very well when fingerpicked with light hand. And I love that smooth sound!

If you’re anybody like me, who loves to play smooth and light melodies with singing favorite songs, then this is one of the best options. These strings also become ideal, if you want to play lots of electric types leads on your acoustic guitar (even at bands!).

This is a 12 guage light acoustic strings that are suited for light fingerpicking and kind of add one additional layer of deep and at the same time sustain tone into your music.

These strings provide easy bending and very nice sliding. If you wanted to try something different these are the ideal strings for you.

  • A Warm, Bright u0026 Balanced TonenPerfect for Beginner!nA Fatter and Louder SoundnAffordable Price :)n
  • Not Great with Smaller Guitar SoundBoard!

That’s it from my side guys!

Final Words on Best Acoustic Strings for fingerpicking

I hope this article help you to choose the best acoustic guitar strings for fingerpicking. Read all the possible details before you make your final decision.

Personally, I like the first string i.e Elixir Phosphor Bronze Strings. It is so smooth and soft, thus best for fingerpicking. But if you’re on a budget then you can simply go with my all-time favorite D’Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Strings.

Let me know, which string you’re going to buy and why you think that is the best string for you. Have a good day, Enjoy yourself!

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