Yamaha TRBX204 vs TRBX304: Which Bass is Better [2022]

In this post, I’m going to put two amazing bass models by Yamaha, TRBX204 vs TRBX304 to the test.

So if you’re looking for a DEEP comparison of these two popular bass guitars, you’ve come to the right place. Because here I’m going to compare them in terms of:

Let’s do this:

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Yamaha TRBX204
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Yamaha TRBX304

Here’s my Quick Comparison for Yamaha TRBX204 and TRBX304 Model:

Yamaha TRBX204VsYamaha TRBX304
Best for BeginnersBest Value for Money! (My Recommendation)
Under $300Price RangeUnder $350
Double Cutaway Basswood BodyBodyDouble Cutaway Solid Mahogany Body
Around 10 PoundsWeight8.6 Pounds
Two Split Single-Coil PJ PickupsPickupsCustom-Designed M3 Humbucking Pickups
Powerful 2-band Active Preamp SystemElectronics2-Band EQ with 5-Way Performance Switch
1 Master Volume, 1 Balance, 2-Band EQ KnobControl Layout1 Master Volume, 1 Balance, 2-Band EQ Knob
Vintage Fulcrum Bridge ConfigurationBridgeVintage Fulcrum Bridge Configuration
One Piece Maple Neck + Rosewood FretboardNeck Profile5-piece Maple Neck + 24 Frets Rosewood Fretboard
Excellent Active Electronics + Quality HardwareBest ForGreat Playing Comfort + Wide Range of Tonal Options
4.3/5ScoreGuitar Rating4.5/5
Buy TRBX204Best DealBuy TRBX304

Yamaha TRBX204 and TRBX304: Comparison Overview

Here I am aiming to be the tie-breaker that will determine which bass guitar deserves your investment.

Body Construction and Materials

All the bass models from the TRBX series got almost similar body shapes. i.e. Standard Yamaha design with a pretty deep cutaway under the neck joint.

Starting off with a TRBX204 model, it comes with a basswood body with a clean galaxy black finishing on it. Whereas TRBX304 bass features a solid contoured Mahogany Tonewood body in a similar double-cutaway shape and glossy finishing all over it.

Although both basses have a lot in common in terms of design but I think the TRBX304 model got a little extra edge here. I find its contours-shaped body really great for optimizing comfort and playability especially if you’re seeking long hours of play.

Flexibility in the Neck Profile

The neck profile is another factor that plays a very crucial role in the overall playability and flexibility of a bass guitar. With the TRBX204 model, we’re having a 1-piece Maple neck profile combined with 24 frets nicely finished rosewood fretboard.

As a matter of fact, the Neck is attached with a bolt-on neck joint and makes this bass pretty balanced and comfortable to play even for those who are just starting out.


TRBX304 features a 5-piece composite neck profile made from a combination of maple and mahogany, which is something you see a lot in a high-end bass guitar.

It’s a relatively narrow neck, which is great for playing chords and for playing some other quick stuff. but it’s not great for you if you’re looking more towards playing big fat dig in.

To be fair, both the models are head-to-head in terms of flexibility and overall usability of the neck area.

Electronics and Sound Quality

Coming forward into the electronics section, both bass guitars are ready with their amazing set of active pickups at your disposal.

TRBX204 model features a single-coil J-style pickup at the bridge position and a split p-style pickup at the center. This is a very standard and quite popular pickup pairing that suits many different playing styles.

A powerful 2-band Active Preamp System is introduced by Yamaha here that opens up a lot of tonal options for you to optimize the sound quality however you want. Other than EQ knobs, we’re having 1 master volume and one balance knob for blending.

On the other hand:

TRBX304 bass also has some really great stuff going on. this bad boy is loaded with a pair of custom-designed M3 humbucking pickups that adds depth and definition to the tone without hum.

We get an almost similar 2-band EQ here except for the 5-way performance switch to dial EQ setting instantly. Definitely, we’re getting some higher quality electronics here which you would hope for, for the little extra money you’re spending as compared to the trbx204 model.

Also, one more thing I find interesting here is, They introduce little thumb pockets on the pickups, which is I think a very cute idea.

Quality of Hardware

Hardware, Not the most important, but quite a necessary factor for a perfect bass guitar. Both the models have come with a Yamaha standard set of hardware.

Both basses feature a flush vintage-style bridge configuration with four fully adjustable saddles. Along with that, die-cast tuning machine heads are installed on both basses that take care of the tuning very well.

The overall quality of the hardware seems to be good to me and that’s why I think the TRBX204 model won at this point. because you get a more amount of value for less money spent.

Ease in Playability

As both models come with a similar deep double-cutaway body design, I was assuming, I’m going to get an almost similar vibe here. but interestingly, this is the factor where I find the major difference between these two bass guitars.

Whether we talk about the quality control over body designing or weight of the instrument, Comfort-wise, the TRBX304 model beats TRBX204 in almost every aspect.

The TRBX304 body has just the right weight, not too heavy, not too light (at least for me!). TRBX204 model is a little heavy due to the use of different tonewood.

Also, I really like how the contours-shaped body of TRBX304 is designed because it fitting my body really well, which is missing in TRBX204.

Best Suitable for


If you’re looking for a relatively future-proof active bass model that will serve you well for a long time, I’ll definitely recommend you to go with TRBX204 bass.


For high definition punchy tones with a lot of tonal versatility, the TRBX304 model definitely worth a little higher price.

If you’re looking for a relatively premium quality active bass model, TRBX304 is the Best choice for you.

Yamaha TRBX204 vs TRBX304: Pros and Cons

Here I’m putting the pros and cons side by side just to make your job even more easier:

Yamaha TRBX204 Model


  • Stylish Looking Double-Cutaway Basswood Body
  • Two Split Single-Coil PJ Pickups with Individual Controls.
  • Fully-Adjustable Bridge for Great Tuning Stability
  • Versatile 2-Band EQ knobs At Lower Price


  • Might Feel Relatively Little Heavy in Weight
  • Guitar Case is not Included!

Yamaha TRBX304 Model


  • A versatile & solid tone that works great for modern rock, metal to funk n jazz music.
  • Superb Overall Build Quality with Solid Mahogany
  • Fully-Adjustable Bridge for Great Tuning Stability
  • Amazing Playing Comfort and Ease in Playability


  • Price Seems to Little Higher for your First Bass
  • Knobs don’t Provide Much Control Over Mid-Range Frequencies

Check Demo Sound: TRBX204 vs TRBX304

Yamaha TRBX204 vs TRBX304: and the Winner Is

I can’t stress enough that the comparison I’ve written above is based on my personal experience with each bass model.

There’s no denying that the Yamaha TRBX304 bass is, truly, an all-rounder bass model at its price range. With its amazing build quality and top-notch versatility in the sound, there is nothing you need that TRBX304 can’t help you with.

But for the majority of budget-conscious bassists out there, I consider Yamaha TRBX204 to be the more ideal option to go with.

Not only does TRBX204 model cost less, but also very much beginner-friendly and a lot easier to learn on, if you’re just starting out.

Now it’s time to hear what you have to say.

When it comes to the Yamaha TRBX204 vs TRBX304 battle, which bass guitar do you prefer?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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