21+ Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Guitar in 2021

Are you confused about whether you should learn to play the guitar or not? Well, That’s a normal feeling almost every guitar player has before starting his/her music journey.

If you start learning guitar, it can add so much value to your life and that’s exactly what I am going to talk about in this article.

Why You Should learn to Play Guitar

I am going to give you plenty of amazing reasons why should you learn to play guitar in 2021 to make your day even more exciting.

Let’s Start get rolling with one quote!

Clark Vogeler of The Toadies Once Said: “If I’m having troubles, or something has stressed me out, playing music on a guitar resets me to zero, calms me down, and puts me in a place where I’m ready and able to deal with almost anything.”

Guitar or even any other musical instrument touches the life of an individual in an unique way. All the player got their own perspective through the process of learning guitar.


Broadly I can classify them into five main categories.

here I will put my perspective and try to explain each benefit a little bit. Some of them are very obvious but I’m sure some benefits are surprisingly amazing that will definitely convince you to start learning guitar tomorrow.

Let’s Start from the Social Benefits of Playing Guitar.

Social Benefits of Playing Guitar

1. It Automatically Raises the Mood of the Peoples in the Room

Some Instruments works perfectly when it comes to uniting peoples and guitar is one of them. the piano also offers a similar kind of friendly vibe but I think guitar is more spontaneous.

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There is no doubt on, If somebody brings a guitar to a party it becomes everyone’s center of attention. And you can do the same, can’t you?

2. Bring New Peoples in your Life/World

As I already told you, Peoples start noticing you due to you spontaneous playing. There might be some great peoples in the room can strike the conversation with you.

Also, It is great to attract your crush or other members of opposite gender. You know what I mean right!

Mental Health Benefits of Playing Guitar

3. It is a Form of Therapy

Music theory exists for a very long time and considers as a great clinical strategy to improve the overall life of a patient.

Listening and Playing Guitar can Calm you down and Helps you to Focus on your Goals.

4. It can Future-Proof Your Brain

I think this is one of the reasons why I started to play guitar in the first place. By learning to play guitar increases grey matter in the various parts of your brain.

Which helps to protect your brain from declined at a later age. I feel the guitar is a great anti-aging kind of tool. What do you think?

5. It Helps to Express your Feelings

There are some moments in our life where it becomes very hard for us to express our feelings and emotions. Playing the guitar at such a time can give a new direction, a new pathway to your feelings.

benefits of playing guitar

Hey, Not just me but lots of guitarists said even a little guitar session is an excellent way to express emotions.

Even Kirk Windstein of Crowbar once Said:

6. It Helps you to Feel Part of Something Bigger

Music doesn’t know about any barriers. Once you start playing your guitar, it doesn’t matter you’re playing alone at your home or with other musicians, you’re giving your contribution to the music industry.

You always carry the feeling of, you are not alone!

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7. Escape from Anxiety

When you start to practice your guitar lessons, you will understand that guitar needs your full concentration. You need to be aware of every movement your fingers are doing.

Basically, It provides you an escape for that 20-30 min. session from the rest of the world. And that’s this is great for people struggling with depression and anxiety.

8. It Gives Strength to your Support Network

If you’re learning your guitar with your friends, then you’re not just learning to play the guitar. When you’re spending time with like-minded peoples who also possess that similar kind of vibe for music, then this is definitely going to boost your mental health and wellness.

It gives strength to your support network whether you’re learning, discussing or playing music with other peoples.

9. It is a Great Stress Buster

If you’re wanted to learn the guitar as one hobby then there is good news for you!

why you should learn to play guitar

Many people want to relax after a hard day at work but at the same time, they want to do some productive. Playing guitar is the Answer, Brother!

Once you start getting some chords and start playing songs, you enjoy guitar sessions even more and going to give you more pleasure and relieve your stress and tension.

Physical Health Benefits of Learning Guitar

10. It’s Good for your Heart

The world starts to believe in and accepting Music theory nowadays. It is observed that a guitar player who is practice for around 100 min. per day seems more healthy and has a controlled heart rate.

That might seems to be crazy, but completely true!

11. Make your Hands and Wrist Little Stronger

Believe it or not, Every beginner think, How these peoples are doing all those crazy shapes (chords!) with their hands?

why you should learn to play guitar

Once you start doing it, your hands, your fingers are not going to be flexible. but over time it will and that definitely makes your wrist and arm a little stronger.

12. Lose Weight by Standing and Performing On-Stage

I know this might be not the case for you, if you’re just learning guitar songs by sitting on a couch.

But, guitar gig does helps to lose some pounds by performing on stage in hot and sweaty climate.

13. Relieve Pain by Song Writing and Guitar Solo

University of Utah’s Pain Research Center done one research concluded as, playing a musical instrument helps people to deal with the stress and pain.

why you should learn to play guitar

14. Lower your Blood Pressure

According to the one study done by Harvard on Effect of Music on Blood Pressure: Listening and Playing to relaxing music like love songs really does help.

Playing guitar during tension can help you out to leave the moment to better place in life.

Professional Benefits of Playing Guitar

15. Improves your Time Management Skills

I know you wanted to stick to the schedule and manage your time as efficiently as you can. But how many time you actually follow it along.

If you show some passion for learning guitar and play it even only 20 min. daily, It not only increases your guitar skills but also develops a discipline to do any work.

15. Helps to improve your Maths and English Skills

You might be thinking this is crazy! What is the similarity between Math-English and Guitar?

why you should learn to play guitar

But, did you know that music theory is based on math with the help of scales and chords? And about English, According to one study, children learning music theory at a young age show higher reading comprehension than other kids.

Unfortunately, Learning to play guitar can’t help you to increase your English vocabulary in adult life. 🙂

17. It Boost your Confidence

Believe it or not, Learning to play a guitar can enormously increase your confidence and definitely leave a positive impact on your self-esteem.

While learning, you messed up some things, countinuous to improve, and might end up perform your skill in front of friends, family or even huge audience.

The kind of courage these incidence going to give you is great and you will learn a lot from all these experience.

Personal Benefits of Playing Guitar

18. Improve your Concentration and Memory

According to one study at University of Zurich, parts of the brains which are responsible for memory and concentration, stimulated while playing a guitar.

I am not that much into biology, I can definitely tell you this by my personal experience.

And that is the reason why children with ADHD are advised to start playing Musical Instruments, to convey their energy into something creative and positive thing.

19. Enables Multi-Tasking like a Pro

transition from classical guitar to electric guitar

Once you start playing some songs:

  • You’re reading the guitar tabs and scores
  • Making those chord shapes
  • One hand is busy with the Strumming
  • Listening to the Sound
  • Keep all this in a Bit…

You’re doing so many things at one time without your knowing. because your brain automatically detects such multi-tasking patterns while practicing.

Isn’t that’s great?

20. Achieve a Sense of Fulfillment

Mastering Every Chords, Nailing any Guitar Solo Songs these are some of the common chalenges every guitar player face in the beginning.

Over time you become good at them with practice and that gives you a kind of great, deep satisfaction. And I think it is also very important along with the financial rewards in our adult life.

why you should learn to play guitar

21. It Increases your Creativity

Music is a great power that can positively effects you and take you life to the next level.

Now, everyone wants to be more and more creative for effective work-life-balance. This can be a great gig to pursue.

22. It Gives you a New Appreciation for Music

This happens to me even today!

Once you learn the basics of guitar and start to practice guitar continuously then you get a kind of new appreciation for all types of music and musicians you had to listen to.

This is a great feeling and I’m sure you want to feel it, don’t you?

Final Thoughts on Benefits of Learning to Play Guitar

I hope I was able to convey what I am trying to say. These are some important reasons that I think enough to convince someone to start playing guitar.

If you think I miss points, feel free to put it in the comments so I will get to know about it. Hey, where are you going! Come on I want to know whether you’re going to start your musical journey with a guitar or any other instrument?

Put down your thoughts in the comments now! If you have any doubt or any kind of suggestions for me, contact me here. I’ll get back to you soon!


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