Why are Bass Strings so Expensive?

If you’re thinking why bass strings are so expensive? There are various aspects that impact on the overall price of the guitar accessories, especially bass strings. Let’s discuss in detail:

So, Why are bass strings so expensive?

Bass strings need more material for manufacturing as they are comparatively wider and thicker. Along with this more finishing and craftsmanship are also required and it greatly impacts its prices. Market demand for this string is also low so you will not get special offers and discounts on it.

Reasons of Bass Strings expensive than Guitar strings

1. Bass strings are wider and heavier in comparision

The scale length of the bass guitar is more than the regular guitar. Thus, the bass strings are longer and thicker than the regular guitar strings to maintain the tension. Consequently, more material is required for making these strings.

Also, it has a bigger core which required more wounding on it which is mainly of steel/nickel.

On the other hand, in the case of guitar strings, almost half of the string is unwound which makes the production cheap, quick & easy.

2. For Finised Bass Strings More Craftsmanship & Machining is Needed

The bass strings are thicker in comparison. As the thickness increases, more winding is needed. Thus the production of these strings may become more complicated. Accordingly, more machining and more manpower are required.

The plus point of bass strings is that they last longer than the guitar strings. To make them that tougher, strong metal ingredients (which are expensive) are used. If the cost of material will rises, the final cost of the product will definitely go up.

3. Supply and Demand factor

As we know that there are fewer bass players compared to guitar players. Additionally, the bass strings don’t wear out and break easily. Thus there is a very less quantity of bass strings that get sold. Consequently, the production cost per item is increased.

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Now in many stores, the number of guitar strings is much more than that of the bass strings. So, the shopkeeper may get a decent discount when they buy a huge amount of guitar strings. But this is not going to happen in the case of bass strings & hence they will not provide too much discount to their customers.

What are the Most Expensive Bass Strings?

More amount of material and time is required to make more items thus a pack that has six, seven, or eight strings will definitely cost you more. But if we take brand and design into consideration then it definitely beats the price of general or normal bass strings.

Given below are the most expensive bass strings:

  • Thomastik-Infeld JF364 Jazz Flat Electric Bass Long Scale
  • Pyramid Gold Flatwound Long Scale Bass Guitar Strings
  • Ernie Ball 2810 Flatwound 5-String Bass

What are Affordable Bass Strings?

Bass strings are mostly expensive but there are some which are available at a low price with good quality. I have personally used these budget-friendly strings and their performance surprises me.

1. Silvertone Bass Strings STR45EB :

The Silvertone Bass Strings STR45EB is comparatively affordable. It is durable with a corrosion-resistant coating. Gauges available are .105, .080, .065, .045. You will get light and bright sound at a budget-friendly price.

However, according to some people sound of this bass string is a little bit clang. But still, these strings are worthy according to their cost.

2. Fender 7250 Bass Strings 45-105

The best thing about Fender 7250 Bass Strings 45-105 string is that it is good for any type of music style whether it’s rock, funk, or any other. You will get 4 strings with ball ends.

This string combines the smooth feel of nickel and the higher dynamic sound of steel. So you will get bright high and thunderous low ends. Trust me they really work well at least my experience with these strings says that. However, the tone of this string is not as unique as other fender strings but all I can say is that you will get more than you pay.

Are Bulky Bass Strings Less Expensive?

If you buy bass strings in bulk then you can definitely save your money. While if you buy one item at a time it cost you more so I always prefer to buy strings in dozen, whether it’s branded or generic.

And let me add here one more point that my experience in this field had told me one thing for sure that unbranded items can also have good quality. There are lots of manufacturers who make unbranded string products that have the nearby same quality as branded ones.

Check this below video once to know more about string types and brands

How long do bass strings last?

Frequently asked questions

The bass strings last about 1 month to 6 years. But its lifetime may vary according to its material, its maintenance, and also how often you play. After a period of time, they start losing their brilliance, but if you don’t want the bright sound then strings can be used for a longer time until they break.

How do you know when you need new bass strings?

When the strings begin to lose intonation and start sounding muddy & dull, then it’s time to change your strings. They look funky as the rust and dark spots appear on the strings. Replacing your strings early may feel expensive, but using them for a long time can result in a negative impact.

How can I make my bass strings last longer?

1. Boil the strings
2. Prefer coated strings
3. Clean your hands before playing bass
4. keep your bass in its case
5. Wipe down the bass strings after use
6. Consider using string cleaner

How much does it cost to string a bass guitar?

The price of the bass string varies from $5-$30 approximately depending on its quality, quantity, and brand. But if you want professionals to help for string installment then you have to pay more. If you take their restringing service then your budget reaches up to 30$-50$.

Final Thoughts on Bass Strings

So, this is from my side guys. I try to cover all the reasons why are Bass Strings so Expensive and also the FAQ related to this topic. I hope that now you get a crystal clear idea about this.

If still, you have any queries or any kind of questions in your mind, feel free to share them with me in the comment section. I am always there for you. Please don’t forget to share this article with your bassist friends and family.

Have a nice day!

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