Ibanez GSR200 vs TMB100: Which Bass is Best for You?

Choosing the right bass guitar as per your needs can be hard. No worries! Here I come with this awesome comparison between Ibanez GSR200 and Talman TMB100 model.

I will walk you through exact step-by-step guide to find out which bass guitar should you prefer and why it could be the perfect choice for you!

Let’s directly get into the matter:

Ibanez GSR200VsIbanez TMB100
Best for BeginnersBest Value for your Money!
Under $200PriceUnder $200
Double Cutaway Mahogany BodyBodyDouble Cutaway Poplar Body
9 PoundsWeight8.8 Pounds
Dynamic Passive PJ PickupsPickupsDynamic Passive PJ Pickups
Phat II EQ with Active Bass BoostElectronicsCustom 2-Band EQ
Great Playing Comfort & SpeedBest ForWide Tonal Range to Explore
Buy Now on AmazonBest DealBuy Now on Amazon
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Ibanez GSR200

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Talman TMB100

Ibanez GSR200 vs Talman TMB100: Comparison Overview

Even though both bass are from same brand and falls into the same price range but shows so many differences. Let’s take a closer look:

Body Construction

GSR200 being a full-size bass, comes with a nice Mahogany body topped with a Maple wood having a walnut urethane coating. On the other hand, TMB100 has a carved poplar light-weight body.

To me, the GSR200 body seems to be more stylish and premium-looking than the TMB100 model. Although TMB100 features a nice belly curve that does feel very comfortable but not as much as smooth edges on GSR200.

To be fair, both models won at this factor in terms of comfortable playing experience.

Neck Profile

Both bass models come with a Maple wood neck profile combined with a nice 22 frets Rosewood fretboard. But the difference comes at their construction type. GSR200 features a bolt-on neck whereas TMB100 has a wide and chunky set-neck profile.

Personally, I prefer a set-neck profile, as it offers a warmer and fuller sound than a bold-on one. But bolt-on neck comes with one great advantage, which is it’s easy to repair and replace. It provides easiness during setup and allows to deliver a twangy and snappy tone.

Also, GSR200 has a relatively thinner neck which comes very handy while fretting a note, especially if you’re still in your learning curve.


Ibanez TMB100 model comes with a solid combination of two pickups: dynamic P at neck and dynamic J pickup at the bridge end. Fairly simple to use control layout is given that has two knobs for Mastertone and master volume control.

But, GSR200 model provide you more control and flexibility here. It comes with a single-coil neck pickup, and split-coil bridge pickup with its individual tone and volume control knobs. Also, Phat II EQ knob is here that delivers active bass boost to instantly standout from the crowd.

Still, I’m little biased towards the TMB100 model here, thanks to its custom 2-Band EQ knob, that allow us to explore more tonal options, which is great in this price range.


Both of these bass guitars are loaded with a Ibanez standard chrome-plated hardware. Perticuleraly, I like the B10 bridge configuration given with the GSR model that provide a nice sustain to the strings. It is a fully-adjustable bridge that provide a nice control over the intonation.

TMB100 bass has a fixed chrome bridge configuration that too provide nice stability to the strings. Other than that, Both models has descent set of tuners in a 2+2 configuration.

As there is nothing much more to report here, I think, both basses are almost equally good in terms of hardware.

Ease in Playability

This is the place where I find the most major difference in these two bass guitars. From body construction to Electronics, GSR200 beats TMB100 model in terms of Ease in playability.

With its smooth-edged Mahogany body, it provides you an excellent playing experience and allows you to play with a speed consistently compared to the TMB100.

Also, the GSR model has a separate control knob for each pickup whereas TMB features a master tone and master control knobs. Definitely, master knobs make it easy for a beginner player to learn but hinder experiments’ options, one should perform during the learning phase.

Best Fit For

Ibanez GSR200 model is a fantastic bass guitar, specially designed for beginner bass players. If you’re looking for a bass for learning or to have one around your studio to practice and play with the sound, I think, GSR200 model is definitely a great choice for you.

On the flip side, you can go with the TMB model If you’re looking for a bass that provides you great value for your money. With its highly comfortable neck profile and custom-designed 2-band EQ knob, it opens up whole new doors of possibilities for you.

GSR200 and TMB100: Pros and Cons

Here I’m putting the pros and cons side by side just to make your job even more easier:

Ibanez GSR200 Model


  • Phat II EQ with Active Bass Boost
  • Dynamic PJ Pickups with Individual Control Knobs


  • Not as Powerful as High-End Basses
  • No So Much for a Professionals

Ibanez TMB100 Model


  • Custom 2-Band EQ for More Tonal Options
  • Dynamic Pickups with Master Control Knobs


  • Controls Felt a Little Slack
  • Manufactured in China

Check Demo Sound: Ibanez GSR200 vs TMB100

My Final Verdicts:

At last, I definitely recommend you to go with the Ibanez GSR200 bass model due to its easier playability, versatile electronics, smooth playing neck profile, and stylish-looking body.

But, If you want a bass that focused more on providing you great value and features for your money rather than being beginner-friendly, the Talman TMB100 model is the perfect option for you.


Which bass do you like the most? I want you to put down your thoughts about your favorite bass guitar and why do you like it so much? Also, If you have any doubts or any suggestions for this article, feel free to share with me!

And don’t forget to share this awesome comparison with your friend! Cheers 🙂

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