Ibanez AM53 Vs AS53: Which is Better & Why?

In this review, I’m going to put Ibanez AM53 and AS53 to the test.

So if you’re looking for a DEEP comparison of these two popular semi-hollow electric guitars, you’ve come to the right place.

Although they have a lot in common, but with slight differences, EM53 model finds its edge over AS53.

I compared Ibanez AS53 vs AS53 in terms of:

ibanez am53 vs as53
Ibanez AM53 Model
ibanez as53 vs am53
Ibanez AS53 Model

Here’s my Quick Comparison for Ibanez AM53 and AS53 Model:

Ibanez AM53VsIbanez AS53
Great Value for your Money! (My Recommendation)Superb Future-Proof Guitar
Under $300Price RangeUnder $350
Sapele Wood Semi-Hollow BodyBodySapele Wood Semi-Hollow Body
Around 11 PoundsWeight8.6 Pounds
Infinity R Dual Humbucker PickupsPickupsTwo Moderate Output “ACH” Humbucker Pickups
1 Master Volume, 1 Master Tone, 3-Way SwitchControl Layout1 Master Volume, 1 Master Tone, 3-Way Switch
Gibraltar Performer Bridge + Quik Change III TailpieceBridgeGibraltar Performer Bridge + Quik Change III Tailpiece
Artcore AM Mahogany Neck + Laurel FretboardNeck ProfileArtcore AS Mahogany Neck + Rosewood Fretboard
Great Playing Comfort + Quality HardwareBest ForVersatile Electronics + Balanced Tone
4.4/5ScoreGuitar Rating4.3/5
Check Best Selling PriceBest DealCheck Latest Selling Price
Ibanez AM53 vs As53

Ibanez AM53 and AS53: Comparison Overview

Not only the low price but it was the feel, vibe, and excellent playability of these two models that hooked me. Let’s find which one is best suits your needs:

Body Construction and Materials

Both of these guitars are from the Ibanez Artcore series and features a similar body material and design. Here instead of common tonewoods like Mahogany and Maple, Ibanez went for something simple and rusting.

We’re getting a nice slender style Sapele wood semi-hollow body in a smooth double-cutaway body design. Many solid-body players want the tone of a hollow body but shy away due to their sizes. But these two bad boys got you covered here too.

Both AM53 and AS53 models come with a compact and little smaller size body that is comfortable to play even for beginners and still holds true to delivers that iconic sound of semi-hollow bodies.

Coming towards the Sapele wood, not only does it lower down the cost, but also provides plenty of warm tone with its clear snappy attack. I definitely give 5 stars for the perfect culmination of tone and size here.

Flexibility in the Neck Profile

The neck of the guitar is another important factor that can make or break your whole playing experience unless you’re a pro guitar player.

The Am53 model comes with a slim Artcore AM style Mahogany neck profile with a Set-in neck joint. The only advantage of a Set-in neck profile over a bolt-on is, you get a lot more stability and it is proven to be reliable.

The neck profile is topped with a rich laurel fingerboard having simple white in-lays and satin finishing from the neck.

On the other hand:

the AS53 model features an almost similar Set-in Mahogany Neck profile in AS style combined with a nice Rosewood fingerboard. Although Set-Neck is not so beginner-friendly, in terms of setup and repairing, but it does offer a nice resonating and balanced tone to the instrument.

If I go into the nitty-gritty of these models and if this was my first or second guitar, I prefer to go with the Ibanez EM53 model. Personally, I find its neck profile much comfortable and flexible.

The whole shape and feel of the neck are just amazing, it is carved beautifully, being comfy and slightly chunky, it doesn’t limit your playing in any way.

Electronics and Sound Quality

Although with both models, we get the Infinity R dual humbucker pickups, but there is a slight difference in their construction.

To be clear: they seem to be a little ugly but in terms of sound quality, they do a decent job of delivering warmer and well-balanced tones. Personally, I love how they add depth and tonal complexity to the sound quality while suppressing noise and reducing the feedback.

Similar to pickups, Ibanez went for the same control knobs on both models with slight changes in their arrangement. I’m not saying they feel cheap, but they have such a smooth edge that is hard to grip and turn them with just one finger.

Although the specifications are similar, But personally I find the AS53 guitar’s tone more precise and versatile. Maybe it’s due to its slightly bigger body or anything, It keeps a very nice balance between the highs and lows than the AM53 guitar model.

Quality of Hardware

Electric guitars around the $300 price range need to be at least aim for adjustable bridge configuration, that’s exactly what Ibanez is offering with both of these guitars.

These AM53 and AS53 model comes with an Art-ST adjustable bridge system combined with a Quik Change III Tailpiece that provides you tuning stability while giving you the opportunity to have a customizable level of string action and intonation.

the bridge and tailpiece are excellent than anything I’ve seen on other hollow-body electric guitars in a similar price range.

I will say, hardware is slightly kind of a mixed bag here. because we’re getting a plastic nut here that causes a little bit of string noise. Even tuners seem to be basic but, to my surprise, they really hold the strings into their positions making your tuning job much easier.

With some slight differences, both guitars are completely nailing this factor, making my review, a DRAW again!

Ease in Playability

Unlike other factors, this is the place where I find the major difference between these two electric guitar models.

Although both guitars have an almost similar Ibanez style double-cutaway body that provides you access to all 24 frets, but the weight of the guitars and slight difference in the body size gives an edge to one guitar over another.

AM53 model has a little compact and smaller body but slightly weight as compared to the AS53 guitar. This weight-to-size combination fits so well in the AM53 model, it not only fits against my body very well but also delivers really pleasant and resonating unplugged sound.

In terms of quality control, whether I talk about the best-finished fret edges or the best off-the-shelf string action, I definitely give 5-stars to both guitars.

Keeping all this in mind, I think it’s totally fair to make the AM53 model as the winner of this comparison!

Best Suitable for


If you’re looking for an amazing electric guitar that is loaded with excellent features and offers great comfort and ease in playability, AM53 is the Best Choice for you.


If you’re looking for a relatively Future-Proof electric guitar that provides you amazing value in terms of electronics and sound quality, this is the better option for you.

Ibanez AM53 vs AS53: Pros and Cons

Here I’m putting the pros and cons side by side just to make your job even more easier:

Ibanez AM53 Model


  • Offers Smooth and Non-Sticky Finishing
  • Slender Style Sapele Body with Smooth Double-Cutway
  • Mahogany Neck with Laurel Fretboard for Nice Stability and Comfort
  • Amazing Electronics that Delivers Warmer and Balanced Tone
  • Just Perfect Weight-to-Size Combination


  • H Pickups Looks Little Ugly 🙂
  • Cheap Plastic Nut is Used

Ibanez AS53 Model


  • Offers Smooth and Non-Sticky Finishing
  • Slim Sapele Body in double-cutaway Design
  • Mahogany Neck with Quality Rosewood Fretboard for Great Sustain
  • Excellent Sound Quality with nice Depth & Tonal Complexity


  • Minor Issues with Tuning Stability
  • Cheap Plastic Nut is Used
  • H Pickups Looks Little Ugly

Check Demo Sound: AM53 vs AS53

AM53 Demo Sound
AS53 Demo Sound

Ibanez AM53 vs AS53: Which is Best?

In the end, I decided to leave you with these takeaways:

  • Both Guitars are Worth your Money: In terms of price-to-performance ratio, the AM53 model is Equal to the AS53. you won’t go wrong with Either.
  • Ibanez AS53 is Best for Beginners: Not only AS53 model is light in weight, but also very beginner-friendly. It has all the features every beginner will need to make a dent in your favorite music style.
  • Ibanez AM53 is Better Option for Intermediate Players: Ibanez AM53 is a fully decked-out guitar model that’s best used by an experienced guitar player. While possible, it will be hard for an absolute beginner to squeeze the full value out of it.

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