How to Hold an Acoustic Guitar Properly (Step-by-Step)

Hey guys, if you are dreaming to play a guitar in the future. Then firstly you have to know how to hold your guitar properly.

Most beginners do not give importance to this topic and make a very big mistake.

Before learning guitar we have to know about some basic techniques. And holding your guitar properly is one of them. And in this article that exactly what I am going to tell you about.

I explained to you step by step how to properly hold your acoustic guitar. Such as where to keep fingers, where to seat, how to sit, and many more.

If you feel comfortable with your pose to hold a guitar, then and then you would be able to play good music.

If you do not feel comfortable with guitar then you get stressed up and maybe it affects your passion to be a guitarist. But the happy news is there is nothing to worry about because this article is definitely going to help you.

So guys, Let get started:

How to Hold an Acoustic Guitar Properly (Step-by-Step)

In this section, I try to explain almost everything, from the right footstool to the posture of both hands on the guitar.

1. The Right Chair or Foot Stool

The first thing that matters a lot is your seat. Take a chair or stool according to your choice. But make sure you feel comfortable on your seat.

And the important thing is that your seat should not have any arms because you would not be able to hold the guitar properly due to these arms.

Your seat should not be too soft. Do not select too high or too short height seat. Your seat should be high enough on which you can sit comfortably and your feet touch to floor easily.

If still you are not able to find your perfect seat then I have another option for you. There is a guitar stool available at the market. You can buy it from any musical store.

Such stools have perfect height, without any arms, and are not too soft and slouchy. But it is expensive.

So if you want to buy a perfect stool then you can buy it easily from the shop but if there is any financial problem then you can make any simple chair your seat just consider the above things.

Otherwise, you can also play your guitar while standing, it is also a good solution if you are not getting a perfect seat.

2. How to Sit in your Chair

Ok, Let me guess maybe you are thinking. Is it really important to know, how to seat to sit on a chair?

Because even small kids know these things. But friends there is a lot of difference between sitting on a chair for rest and sitting on a chair for playing the guitar.

While sitting on stool your back should be straight. and if you are using a chair as your seat then do not let your back lean on chair’s back.

You have to sit on the front edge of your seat in a straight position. Maybe it is painful and hard for you in starting days. But you will definitely get friendly with this position in some days just like a workout.

Practice daily for at least 10 minutes to sit like this. And I am sure that this practice will definitely help you to be comfortable with this position. As we know that practice makes a man perfect.

But guys do not mistake by ignoring this thing because a correct position to sit on chair matters a lot for a guitarist.

3. Position of your Legs

So friends I have told you about how to select your perfect seat and how to sit on it. Now it’s time to know about the position of legs.

On which leg we would have to keep our guitar body. So basically this section is not about how to keep your leg, this section actually going to tell you about which is leg is perfect to keep guitar on it.

If you are right-handed then you will keep your guitar on the left leg and if you are left-handed then keep it on the right leg. So this is the basic thing to consider while holding a guitar.

But if you ask me which leg is perfect I will suggest you keep it on the left leg because it is more comfortable according to my study.

However, later on, after lots of practice, you can also move it on another leg which is so casual.

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4. Position of your Body

Whether you are playing the guitar on the left leg or on the right leg but make sure you have held the guitar tightly. There should not be much distance between your body and your guitar.

Your guitar should not be away from your body because it will make your work difficult and harder.

When the position of your body is not perfect with respect to guitar then you would not be able to keep your fingers on your guitar string properly and ultimately it affects your music.

And if you make this mistake it would also go to make your impression bad. So for perfect music and for the good impression you have to hold your guitar tight near your body.

5. Angle of Guitar with Ground

Do not hold your guitar parallel to the ground. What I want to say is hold the headstock of the guitar towards the roof and rest of the body towards the ground. So you get a slanting position.

To make this kind of angle you can use a footstool. With the use of such footstool, you can easily hold your guitar in such a position.

Holding a guitar like this not only helps you to play the guitar but also makes a good impression. And I must say the impression matters a lot.

6. Position of Hands

The position of hands also matters a lot when it comes to the comfort while playing the guitar.

position of hands while holding a guitar

Left-hand position:

As guitarist called this hand an fretting hand. So guys you have to keep the thumb of your left hand behind the neck of guitar placing it approx between first 2 fingers.

Only use the tip of the finger to press the string and keep it close to the fret as much as you can. But do not keep your fingers on the fret.

Cut your nails so it would not touch the fretboard of the guitar.

Right hand position:

Keep your right arm on the upper part of the guitar. So now you can easily move your right hand above the soundhole.

Relax your arm, hand, and wrist and play guitar. Make sure your right hand is comfortable and relax because it would help you to be play music properly.

What is the right posture to hold a guitar?

Some people like to play guitar by sitting while some prefer to play in a standing position.

If you don’t know which position is right for you, then you can refer to this article.

Standing or sitting

But, I think, rather than settling on one position, you should know about both. So, I include both positions here:

1. Posture while Sitting

  1. When you are in a seating position use a guitar strap because you can easily play guitar when your arms and hands are free and relax.
  2. Secondly, I will suggest you keep your guitar on the left leg because it is more comfortable.
  3. But if your left-handed or not feeling comfortable when you place the guitar on the left leg then go with the right leg because comfortability is always important than anything.
  4. Raise your leg on which you have kept the guitar. This will definitely help you to relax your foot.

So guys consider these things while playing the guitar in seating position may it helps you to play the guitar comfortably.

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2. Posture while Standing

So like a seating position there are some things to know while playing guitar in standing position.

  1. Make an inclined angle while holding a guitar. Headstock towards roof and body towards the ground. Make sure that angle you made is near 30 degrees.
  2. The guitar should be hanging high enough.
  3. Change the position of the guitar during the performance but only if you are able to do it.
  4. Because if it’s affecting your music quality when you vary your posture then it is not worth it.

Many rockstars and guitarists play music by sitting on knees moving around but there are also lots of musicians who play music by standing in one place.

So see your comfort level and ability and decide how to hold a guitar.

Things to Avoid while Holding an Acoustic Guitar

Do not keep your back lean on anything while playing the guitar keep it straight. Do not try to raise your shoulders too much keep your neck and shoulders relax.

Also do not give tension to your body parts because it will be painful in the future. Keep eating healthy food. Do not compromise your sleep for the practice of guitar.

Do not be unaware of your health. Stay healthy and keep practicing.

Final Words on the right way to hold your Acoustic Guitar:

At last, I only want to say that the perfect method to hold the guitar is the method in which you are comfortable.

So guys I have told you everything about how to hold guitar perfectly in detail. I hope you have liked this article and if you have any questions ask me in the comment box.

So while sitting and while holding the guitar make sure you are ok with it. So enjoy life by playing the guitar. Stay happy guys…

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