Do Bass Players get Laid? Why girls Attracted to Bassists?

Hey bass players, Here I’ll tell you why and why not girls get attracted towards a bassists? what are those crucial factors that work subconsciously in a girl’s mind that make you cooler, attractive and ultimately help you to get laid with them!

Do Bass Players Get Laid? Even any decently attractive bass player can easily get laid as long as girls are looking for passion about music, confident body language, and gets attracted towards nice sexy looking instrument bassists have. Bass Players definitely have the advantage to stand out from the crowd by showcasing their talent on stage to attract more chicks.

5 Qualities of Bass Players that Chicks find Attractive

Of course, there are some qualities that you may already have or can work on, that make you instantly attractive and help you to get more laid and chicks as a bass player.

1. Bassists are Passionate About the Bigger Picture

Just because one is musically talented and got a stage to perform, there is no rule that they have to stand out in the crowd, swing their head crazily, and pretend to be exaggerated. That’s why bassists are there on the stage.

Bass platers deal with many stereotypes like “we can’t even listen to your bass” or “forgotten member of the band”. But rather than focusing on such things, bass players are there to support the base of the band.

They are passionate about the music, they are more attracted towards the bigger goal they have, as long as there is the mutual respect in the band members. Bassists are comfortable with what they have, and that’s what makes them more attractive for many girls.

2. Bass Players Love to be Connected

If you’re thinking bass is subtle, that means the bassist is performing his part correctly. Although without other instruments, the bass guitar may feel repetitive, and won’t sound that great, unlike guitar or piano that sound amazing even if played alone.

But that’s doesn’t mean the bass is not important. Bass players provide strong support to the entire band. And that’s why one bassist always knows the importance of stability and collaboration.

These delightful qualities definitely help them in their relationships. My friend shared a thought with me: She said, “Bassists always acknowledge the girl’s presence and believe in building a strong connection through mutual feedbacks”

3. Bass Players are Passively Creative

One should understand this: Being a member of the band, where bass is played on the lowest tone, bassists are required to stay awake all the time. They are deep dive into their creativity, just to perform their part at the appropriate timing.

Who doesn’t love to highlight your creative achievements, well most bassists don’t. They continue to support their band without leading it actively on the front of the stage.

I think this single quality can bring many surprises to the relationship. Many girls think bassists can touch their feelings in a very article manner, and that’s what makes them stand out from others.

4. Bassists know the Art of Adaptation

So many girls get attracted to the calm nature of the bass players. Bass players know how to excite the crowd, how to enjoy the enthusiasm, but if things start falling apart, they also know how to balance the things and maintain the gentleness.

On one side, there are guitarists and lead singer, who are just banging they head, jumping up and down crazily, whereas, on the other hand, bass player keep supporting the band confidently, maintain the tone and overall path of the band. For so many girls, this is also a very attractive gesture.

5. Bass Players are Multi-Instrumentalists

Bass guitar is just as difficult as any other musical instrument. when it comes to technicality, bass players are very talented. And that’s why many bassists master many instruments, due to their discipline and dedication towards music.

Which girl doesn’t like the partner, who isn’t afraid to explore in a relationship and look for more interesting ways to improve the mutual bond.

Are Bass Players Good in Bed?

These are some of the attributes that make bass players more romantic and good in bed:

1. They have great Hands for Pleasing

Have you ever experience the rush of sensation when touched by an amazing hands? As a bass player, you’re using your fingers as a part of your job and that’s why you know how to use them at their upmost potential. You can completely amaze your partner with what your hands can offer them.

2. Bass Players understand the Emotions

As a musician, no matter at what level you are, you’ll understand the emotions far better than most of the normal people. this quality comes automatically, once you start diving into the world of music.

That means you can easily understand your partner’s needs by tapping into their emotions and make them feel comfortable easily.

3. They are Insane Multi-Tasker

According to one study, musicians are better multitaskers and can switch effortlessly from one task to another. All it takes your creativity and imagination, how you’re going to use this ability? (If you know, what I mean..) 🙂

4. Bassists have a Very High Stamina

Average bass guitars weigh around 9 Pounds. A bass player is carrying such a heavy instrument all the time and performs with it. That’s the reason behind the high energy and stamina they carry with them.

Do Girls Prefer Guitarists, Singers, Bassists, or Drummers?

It may be a subconscious thing or maybe not, But the lead singer gets the majority of the girl’s attention. Maybe girls get attracted towards their good voice or maybe because they hold more (so-called…) status as being a frontman of the band.

But that’s definitely not the case always. I also witness some band performances where my female friends get attracted to the other band members than the lead singers.

I think, all it boils down to, How well you are showcasing your talent, how confident you are, and how nicely you perform on the stage! this brings natural confidence in your body language and that’s what girls get attracted to!

How you can Attract more Women as a Bass Player?

If you ask me one thing that makes the on-stage musicians more attractive for people is their confidence and swagger while performing. most of the time, an instrument you’re playing is just a mare prop, but the bass players definitely have an edge here.

If you’re a drummer, you sat behind an untidy array of big stuff and no one can properly see you. You can’t do much but playing your instrument. the same thing happens with the piano or keyboard players.


that’s definitely not the case with a bass player. As a bassist, you can stand on the front of the stage confidently to take a full view of your audience. (unless you want to hang out with your drummer friend backstage!)

This allows you to move relatively freely while holding a bass in your hands and command the attention of many chicks. You don’t need a solo to attract girls, just blend the so-called bad boy attitude in your personality, and enjoy the game.

Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind, don’t make stereotypes about any musical instrument. don’t consider anything like the piano is not as cool as a bass guitar!

Believe me, girls like bass players, not only because of the instrument they’re holding, but they get attracted towards you who’s doing things with a passion. You’re passion towards the music, that is what moves the peoples.

I hope you find this article helpful and interesting. If you have any doubt or want to express anything about this article, feel free to put it down in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this with your bass players.

Happy Music!

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