Top 5 Best Treble Booster Pedal Reviewed [2021 Updated]

There are so many situations that demand a treble booster pedal – and thankfully – so many kinds of options are available to suit those situations. Doubling down on the research, I’ve gone out and found the absolute best treble booster pedals that help you with your music.

This guide will be going over personal reviews of the pedals, the pros/cons of each one, their specifications, and overall what each pedal will be good for. So, keep reading to find out which one is the best for you.

What are the Best Treble Booster Pedals to Buy?

Along with how much boost one pedal can give at the output, you also need to check various factors like their weight, versatility, user interface, etc. while choosing the perfect treble booster pedal.

Top 5 Best Treble Booster Pedals Reviews [2021]

I’m going to start this list off with a model from my favorite brand:

1. Catalinbread Naga Viper Modern Treble Booster Pedal

best treble booster pedal

Main Features:

  • Gives Continuous Control over EQ
  • Head Knob to Control Boost Gain
  • Comes with True Bypass System
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Three Controlling Knobs
  • Provide Dallas Range Master Sound
  • Amazing Sound Quality & Versatility

Why I love this Pedal:

Being distinctive and unique is one of the core features of the Catalinbread pedals, and this model is not an exception to that. This Naga viper treble booster pedal not only gets your job done but also inspires you to play more and more.

This is a hand-made pedal made from a high-quality material outside and wired beautifully on the inside. Also, this pedal comes with a true-bypass footswitch that pops when you press on it, which means it is not going to suck out your tone when you turn the unit off.

With all the countless options you’re getting here to play with, company still manages to keep the design simple and user-friendly.


Coming towards the control section of the pedal, there is hardly anything that you can’t achieve with the extensive set of controlling knobs they’re providing here.

This pedal comes with a three knobs. Although, treble booster pedal needs that much, but I think it is always nice to have some extra options that allow you to play with the music.

The first knob you see is Boost, which determines the output level and makes the whole boosting thing happen. It does add a little color to your tone, but by looking at its authenticity, I think it’s great! The second knob is Heat that control the amount of gain added to the signal.

The last encoder you’re getting here is Range which allows you to choose which frequencies you wanted to be boosted.


This is the part where things start to get even more exciting. As this is a treble booster, no matter how you set it, you’re going to hear an amazing high-end in your sound. This bad boy is as beautiful as a clean boost and once you paired the heat settings with an overdrive pedal, you’re going to draw into the gain and definition.

This pedal opens up a whole new tunnel where you can achieve wonderful high-ends and thick sounds. It won’t hurting to just check out the Price of this great pedal, right?

Check the Demo Sound:

  • Very Simple to Operate
  • High-Quality Controlling Knobs
  • Sturdy and Durable Design
  • Allow True Bypass System
  • The most Versatile Boost Pedal
  • Not that much Great with Heavy Distortive Tone

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2. TC Electronic Spark Booster Effects Pedal

best treble booster pedals

Main Feature:

  • Strong and Durable Body Case
  • 4 Controlling Knobs
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • True-Bypass for Tonal Integrity
  • Gives you Precise Tonal Shaping
  • Amazing Versatile Pedal
  • Serious Value for your Money

Why I pick this Pedal:

TC Electronics is a well-known brand in the guitar pedal industry. Their pedals are known for their amazing features, sturdy build quality, and affordable price range and this bad boy is not an exception to that.

Also, just like many other high-end boosters, it has a true-bypass mode that provides you excellent tonal integrity. I really find this pedal very flexible. you can add a great deal of heft to your sound or maybe sharpness to enhance your music as per your taste.

This treble booster pedal really balances out the tone very well and also allows for the tonal shaping without affecting your base tone. Isn’t that great?


There is no surprise that this pedal gives you a clean boost delivers great sound along with plenty of options to experiment with. They are providing you 4 knobs here. I must say, this pedal provides you a kind of stronger punch, (capable of around 26 dB) than any other booster pedal on this list.

Talking about knobs, here you’re getting 4 control knobs on the face, namely Gain, Treble, Level, and Bass. All these knobs perform their standard functions very well like any other booster pedal. Below that, you get to see one single footswitch that opens up the True-Bypass mode.


Coming towards my favorite section, This pedal is able to give you precise tonal shaping for an extended range of lows and high-ends. The three-way switch you’re getting here allows you to change between fat, mid-boost, and clean-sounding tone, which is I think very flawless.

Overall, This boost pedal giving you 26 dB of clean boost and also allowing you to control the character of the boost. With so many features, it openly gives you chance to experiment with your sound and all these things came into one package with an affordability tag on it. 🙂

Check the Demo Sound:

  • Affordable Price 🙂
  • So many options for Experiments
  • Sturdy & Durable Construction
  • Very Subtle & Clean Boost
  • Fat Mode is too Fatty with Humbuckers

If you find this treble booster pedal interesting, check out this cheapest deal you’re getting from the Amazon listing.

3. Xotic Effects RC Booster Pedal Version 2

best treble booster pedal

Main Features:

  • Weight: 0.6 Pounds
  • Xotic’s Infamous RC Booster
  • Input Impendence: 500k Ohm
  • Output Impendence: 10k Ohm
  • Provides you Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Adds HUGE Range of Harmonic Content
  • Excellent True-Bypass Mode

Why I like this Pedal:

Another superb treble booster pedal on this list from Xotic comes with so many exciting features. This light-weight pedal has more of a sleeker design and comes with a sturdy chrome case, which will prevent any accidental damage.

Sticking to the basic principles, ‘Don’t add colors, Add boost’, this pedal comes with an excellent True-Bypass mode. So, this bad boy is not going to create any kind of distorted sound by engaging with other pedals in the chain. Also, here you’re getting two footswitches that make this pedal even more versatile.


Coming towards the control panel of this pedal, It comes with four control knobs namely Treble, Bass, Volume, and Gain. Each knob does its standard function very well and makes this pedal very simple to use.

As I mentioned above here they are giving you two separate footswitches. The first one engages with the pedal whereas another switch engages with both gains, which allows you to add some more extra volume as per your needs.


One more thing that I like about this pedal is that, when you connect it with bass EQ control, this pedal is capable of adding a kind of fat, low-end boost into your sound. As EQ has the range of 15 dB here, that means you can adjust your tone with even more accuracy and play with it however you want.

With so many top-notch features, this treble booster pedal is not going to let you down in any way. If you’re someone like me who loves the simplicity and clean tone, I don’t think you need to think about this anymore 🙂

Check the Demo Sound:

  • Capable of Boosting your Signal Upto 20 dB
  • Incredible Gain Setting
  • Very Clean & Clear Boost in Sound
  • Can Adopt Different Music Styles
  • Comes with High Accuracy
  • True-Bypass Mode is there
  • Not the Best on this List!

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4. BBE Bohemian Treble Booster Pedal

best treble booster pedal

Main Features:

  • BBE’s Sonic Maximizer Processing
  • Strong & Durable Metal Case
  • 24 Ultra-High Headroom
  • Comes with Twin Servo Mic Preamps
  • BBE’s Proprietary FX Library
  • Very Simple yet Versatile
  • Basic Understandable Interface
  • Ease in Playability

Why I Like this Pedal:

This is also one of the great choices to make for the best treble booster pedal. It comes with a sturdy metal case, which makes it very durable. Also, the anti-slip base is attached to it, which means you can confidently lean on it while playing even in your live gig.

On the first look towards the pedal, you can see it’s a very simple-looking, easy-to-use booster pedal, But, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the versatility. It allows you to add depth to the thin tone and also you can achieve a more sustained tone with it.

One more thing that I love about this pedal is BBE’s Sonic Maximizer Processing that gives you the clean and clear sounding tone boost.


As you can see clearly in the above image, this pedal comes with two controlling knobs namely level and bias knob. The level knob allows you to control the output of the pedal whereas the bias knob almost works like an EQ where you can dial more or less treble.

Below those two knobs, you’re getting one footswitch to turn the pedal on and off, during your concerts.


Despite the simple looks and Ease in playability, this is a very versatile pedal and gives you many areas to experiment and play with your sound. Especially it works very well with the clean tones and overdrive tones.

This little puppy is built on the classic circuit of amplification devices, so if you’re someone who loves the vintage tone and your influence is groups of yesteryear, this is the perfect booster pedal for you.

Check the Demo Sound:

  • Dedicated Treble Booster Effect Pedal
  • Strong, Long-Lasting Metal Body
  • Provides Two AUX inputs to connect your Guitar
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer Technology for Clean & Crisp Sound
  • Access to Proprietary FX Library
  • Not as many Frequency Controls as Other Pedals

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5. ModTone Guitar Effects MT-SB Pedal Signal Booster

best treble booster pedal

Main Features:

  • Rugged & Durable Metal Case
  • New Style Control Knobs
  • Comes with True-Bypass Mode
  • Gives 25 dB of Clean Quit Boost
  • User-friendly & Simple Dashboard
  • Light-Weight Versatile Pedal

Why I like this Pedal:

The last but not least signal booster on this list is from ModTone guitar effects. It comes with surprisingly so many cool features as compared to the other booster pedals in the same price range.

It comes with a durable metal case that allows you to use this pedal even in a rough-n-tough manner. I consider this as a primary kind of pedal that comes with all the essential features that a beginner will require to shape their tones. They remove all the excess stuff and try to make it simpler and simpler.


The Control panel of this high-performing pedal has its own story. Here you get two dials (Aircraft style Control Knobs) each for Level and Tone.

The level knob allows you to determine the output volume of the pedal whereas the Tone knob allow you to use this pedal either as a Bass or Treble Booster. This bad boy also works fine with your acoustic or electric guitar, if you’re guitar doesn’t have an onboard tone and volume controller.


Coming towards the performance section, even though this is a low-priced pedal, but you’re going to notice anything in terms of its performance. Here you’re getting a True-Bypass system to ensure your sound signal stays clean, clean, and away from any kind of unwanted distortion.

Overall, this high-performing pedal is able to boost your sound up to 26 dB which is amazing. If you’re on a tight budget and want something that doesn’t suck, this is the ideal choice for you.

  • Very Durable Metal Body
  • True Bypass System
  • Simple & Beginner Friendly
  • Boost your Sound Upto 25 dB while keeping it Clean & Clear
  • Great Dials that Provides you Accurate Control
  • Affordable Price Range 🙂
  • Not as Heavy Sounding as Other Treble Pedals

If you find this signal booster pedal by ModTone interesting, you can check the cheapest deal you’re getting from the one listing on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Treble Pedal for Yourself (Buying Guide)

I know there are so many approaches out there to increase the volume of your sound in general, such as by using your amp or Overdrive pedal. But there is one issue that I found with these ways. They tends to downgrade the quality of your sound a little.

So, what’s the solution for this: Yeah I know, you know it: A Great Treble Booster Pedal. Here’re some things that you should always look for to get the perfect booster pedal for yourself.

First thing First, A good treble booster pedal should not create distortion in your sound. I know there is a thing called Saturation but some pedals just disturbed the sound uncontrollably.

Also, A good treble pedal booster should have a potentiometer that allows you to adjust the treble tones so that you get the desired sound you intended to reach. And of course, along with all these, you should look for the overall construction, build quality, and design of the pedal.

If you’re thinking this is too much for you: You can pick any of the above booster pedals and I guarantee you’ll not get wrong with any of them.

That is it from my side guys:

What is the Best Treble Booster Pedal of 2021?

At Last, I prefer to go with Naga Viper Treble Boost if you’re looking for versatility and want more control over your tone. However, if you’re on a budget and want to keep things simple, TC Electronics shark booster is also a great option to go with.

I want to know, which treble booster pedal do you like the most? What are factors do you think are the most important while picking any booster pedal?

Put down all your thoughts in the comment section so it can also help other readers to make their decision even more clear. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family on your social handles.

Enjoy your Music!

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