Top 5 Best Travel Electric Guitar [Updated 2021]

We review Best Travel Electric Guitar in this article. Music gives us inspiration, relaxation, and passion. Music plays a very important role when it comes to our mood.

If you’re a music lover just like me, then you can’t deny from the fantastic wonders of ‘Music’.

Best Travel Electric Guitar

But the problem arrives when you want to go out for an extended period of traveling, it’s very unlikely you will take a full-size electric guitar with all those accessories with you.

Normal guitars are not only heavy in weight but backpacking a full-sized guitar in your language is also a difficult job. if you’re traveling by an Aeroplan then you’ve got even extra problems to face.

That’s where the concept of travel guitars born. Travel guitars (especially Electric) are portable, lightweight, compact, and gives you the same experience (in terms of sound and playability) as by regular full-size guitars.

So, what are the best and affordable traveler electric guitars of 2020?

Lucky man! Here’s the list of hand-picked lightweight portable electric guitars.

These guitars are specifically designed for guitarists like you and me, who love to explore the new world while feeling the beautiful music tones.

What is a Travel Electric Guitar?

A travel electric guitar is an electric guitar that has been designed with easy transportation in mind, their design concepts are created to tackle the drawbacks traveling can have.

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Many guitarists sense like their guitar is an innate part of their persona or maybe an extension of themselves.

Now and again when we are on holiday, relaxation, or around new peoples we often want we had a guitar to play, but we can’t carry our normal full-size heavy guitar everywhere we go.

The locations we travel to and the manner in which we travel plays a huge element in how much your guitar will want to be capable of enduring.

So how do manufacturers cater to fight all the above? often their dimensions could be a good deal smaller to make them extra portable, so that you may not have as many frets as you get with normal guitars.

they’ll also source lighter tonewoods, to begin with. they no longer simplest reduce the frame sizes down however in some cases, the shapes of the solid bodies are changed entirely.

From time to time to a point in which they rarely resemble a guitar at all, squares, circles, and triangles have all been seen sporting a traditional guitar neck.

All inside the attempt to downsize the weight of the guitar and footprint as low as possible.

Best Travel Electric Guitar Detailed Review

Let’s start with my favorite:

1. Traveler Guitar Speedster Travel Electric Guitar

Weight: 4.7lbs
Full-scale length: 24.7 inches (628.6 mm)
Nut width: standard 1.75 inches (44.4 mm)
No. of frets: 22 medium with Pearloid dots

Traveler Guitar Speedster Travel Electric Guitar Review:

The first guitar on our list is the traveler guitar speedster, which is larger than plenty of the other guitars we’ve reviewed.

It is, however still light-weight and somewhat small. it weighs 4.7lbs. this guitar has a complete length of 28 inches (711 mm), it’s 7.5 inches (removable armrest) and is 2 inches thick at its widest point.

the guitar is made from American tough maple and is finished in sweet apple metal red. the neck is a through-frame design and finished within a similar sweet apple crimson color.

The fretboard is made up of black walnut and it has 22 frets (medium) with Pearloid dots on it.

This guitar uses it’s own In-body Tuning System which is positioned into the main body of the guitar. You get dual-rail humbuckers with this guitar which ensures that the speedster has plenty of output.

It can produce each smooth and clean sound via the channel, with heavy and darkish sound when performed with benefit.

One more good news is that the speedster has a tone as well as a control knob because mostly these two things are missing in a traveler guitar.

Whilst we apprehend their omission as a force to achieving minimal length and weight, on-board controls on an electric guitar, we feel, are critical.

The speedster has almost similar nicely finished freat end and fretboard like other guitars. But, speedster had a nice set-up action right out of the box, which makes it a very easy instrument to play.

something else I actually like about this guitar is the detachable armrest. this is a clean bolt-on and bolt-off design. no tools are needed to take it on or off, and you can remove it in seconds.

the arm-rest, together with the broader frame width of the guitar makes it more natural and easy to play.

although this isn’t the lightest electric travel guitar with the increase of its size and weight sufficiently provides to its level of functionality, and the playability to be profitable.

  • Detachable ArmrestnAvailable with Full-Scale LengthnSoft-Case is includednBuilt-in Tuning system
  • Little heavier than other traveler guitars

2. Traveler Ultra-Light Electric Guitar

Weight: Under 4lbs
Full-scale length: 24.7 inches (628.6 mm)
Nut width: standard 1.75 inches (44.4 mm)
No. of frets: 22 medium with Pearloid dots

Traveler Ultra-Light Electric Guitar Review:

the traveler guitar ultra-light, although it has a small compact body, nevertheless has a full 24.7 inches (628.6 mm) full-scale length.

The main body and the neck of the guitar are made from American hard maple with a natural finish. The fretboard is black walnut which contains 22 medium frets with easy Pearloid dot on it.

This is a headless guitar that has its own traveler in-frame tuning system. Also, you get standard tuners positioned within the body of the guitar.

That is a light-weight and small compact guitar. it weighs 3lbs 2ozs and has a total length of 28 inches with 5.25 inches of body width and thickness under 2 inches.

This guitar one of the smallest full-scale travel guitars in the market. with its case, it measures 30” x 6.5” x 3″ only and weighs under 4lbs. this makes it an absolute best option to transport.

The agency claims it to be 28% shorter and 68% lighter than a ‘regular’ electric guitar. you get lots of output with the ultra-light guitar, courtesy of the dual-rail humbuckers.

The guitar’s neck, frets, and freat end are all clean, and the action is low instantly out of the box. thus it is good for playability.

The metallic surface is a little slippery and keeps sliding around while you’re playing. the use of different fabric materials could easily sort this out.

However, standing up and playing would remove all of those issues.

  • Very Light-Weight GuitarnCompact SizenGet Full-Scale LenghnSoft Case included
  • On-board tone or Volume control is absentnLittle slippery Surface

3. Shredneck Electric Travel Guitar – STVD-CS (Cherry Sunburst)

Weight: Under 5.5 lbs
Full-scale length: 33 inches (838 mm)
Nut width: 1.75 Inches
No. of frets: 22 with Pearloid dots

Shredneck Electric Travel Guitar – STVD-CS Review:

the Shredneck travel guitar is a Les Paul styled compact guitar with ¾ full-scale length. this is a small guitar measuring 9.5 inches throughout and only 33 inches in length.

The main body of the guitar is made from nato with a flamed maple top. Along with that, you get a lovely high gloss cherry burst finish. the neck is likewise maple with 22 frets, rosewood crown fretboard, and easy Pearloid dots on it.

It has a conventional headstock with chrome-plated tuners. Here, you get a three-way toggle along with the master volume and tone control. this toggle is placed between the tone and volume control, which is actually the wrong place.

Also, you get a pair of high output humbuckers with this travel guitar.
And the good news is, all these features you get in 5,5 Ibs.

One thing that I like most about this guitar is, you can easily get low action and can easily play passages of tune.

The lower string tension makes fretting and bending simpler. peoples with smaller fingers or children may additionally mainly enjoy the ¾ sized fretboard.

Conversely, people with truly extensive palms might find things a bit cramped and, thus, find somewhat difficult to play.

Even though the fast scale length takes a few getting used to; conversely, the quite regular-sized body makes it feel normal to play. it’s not usually the case with travel guitars, but it’s a function we get this guitar that I admire without any doubt.

The 2 humbuckers produce some gritty, heavy sounds when the gain is cranked. luckily, it plays nicely through smooth channels too.

What’s greater, the onboard tone control and ability to switch between pickups supply so many options to shape your sound. Also, you get a decent gig bag with this guitar.

  • Convinient to playnGood for small handsnLes Paul Body Shape
  • Low Quality Gig Bag

4. Anygig AGE Electric Travel Guitar

Weight: Under 3.1 lbs
Full-scale length: 25.51 inches (648 mm)
Nut width: standard 1.65 inches (42 mm)
No. of frets: 24 frets

Anygig AGE Electric Travel Guitar Review:

that is one in all Anygig models we’re having a point at, the Anygig AGE model is a pretty awesome travel guitar to take on.

This guitar is remarkably compact and light in weight when it comes to the main body of the guitar and another time has no headstock.

The strings are rather tuned via tune-o-Matic style hardware in 3 dedicated units of two tuners placed around the top, aspect, and bottom of the minute maple frame.

The neck is u-fashioned and also maple, it helps a rosewood fingerboard with a 400 mm radius and a nut width of 42 mm.

The most important feature of this guitar is full 24 frets but are around 75% to 80% lighter than a full-size normal electric guitar which is pretty dazzling.

They arrive in a full variety of brilliant bright color shades. Also, you get in-house personal branded Glow Humbucker pickup from Anygig which helps to thicken the sound of the guitar very efficiently.

The manufacturers have forgone any onboard pre-amp equalization or benefit controls to preserve minimum size weight and fabrication prices. instead, it features a rectangular lens paul-style output connection with the guitar.

According to me, this is the best travel electric guitar on this list.

  • Affordable PricenVery compact u0026 light bodynTune-o-matic style systemnIn-house Humbucking Pickups included
  • take little to get used to

5. Stewart Electric Travel Guitar

Weight: 6.8lbs
Full-scale length: 25.5 inches (648 mm.)
Nut width: 1.65 inches (42 mm.)
No. of frets: 22 medium with Pearloid dots

Stewart Electric Travel Guitar review:

Stewart electric travel guitar is an excellent guitar. Actually it’s a full-sized electric guitar, with 25.51 inches. (648 mm) of full-scale length.

The fretboard is constituted of amaranth with simple Pearloid dots on it. Just like the previous guitar, you get 22 medium frets here. the neck has a 14” radius and is crafted from maple. the nut width is 1.653 inches. (42 mm.)

Here you get a conventional sunburst finish with an Alder body. Along with that, you get volume and tone controls, five-way toggle switch, three Alnico single-coil pickups, and also slotted hardtail.

However, absolutely the best and most important feature of this guitar is the easily collapsible neck.

Due to this feature, this travel guitar comes with full-size and scale length. thus it gives you the exact same feeling while playing as normal non-travel guitar.

The sound is apparent, exact, and bright. this is precise and exact as you can expect from Alnico’s three low output pick-ups.

The primary feature of the Stewart electric powered guitar is its patented clip-joint removable neck. that is honestly really quick and easy to assemble or collapse, without even loosening strings.

And one more good feature is after re-assemble, this guitar stayed in tune (Typically).

Also, you get one High-quality travel case with guitar, and most importantly you can bring this guitar on an airline.

  • Easy PlayabilitynIncluded High-Quality CasenCan carry on planenFull-size electric guitar
  • Little Expensive for beginners

Before you go and buy a guitar for yourself, first go through this buying guide which helps you to choose the perfect guitar for you.

Simple Guide to Choose the Best Travel Electric guitar for yourself

In this Section, basically I am going to tell you the main things you need to keep in mind while you’re making a decision and choosing your guitar.

Let’s Start with the First thing:

1. Weight and Length of Guitar

As you all know, the whole concept of a travel guitar is created for portability and convenience of traveling with instruments.

Thus while choosing a perfect traveling guitar, you should think about the weight and also the length of the guitar.

Most of the guitars that I listed in this article, are allowed in planes in most airlines or you can simply carry them in hands.

If you move from one place to another often, then you should pick a more compact and lightweight guitar.

but if you’re going to stay in a hotel room and not moving a lot, then you can skip this option.

2. Is there any Built-in Electronics

It is very nice if you can connect your guitar to a portable amp but I think travel guitar should have its own amplifier.

Or maybe a Build-in headphone amp so that you can play your guitar in quit if you want.

But again, this is totally depend on you and your preference.

3. What is Your Playing Style

Since traveler guitars are smaller in size as compare to normal guitars, thus they might be somewhat uncomfortable, if you want to play by sitting down and without a guitar strap.

If you normally play guitar in standing position then you will not probably feel anything different. but if you mainly play guitar by placing on your lap then you might need some time to get comfortable with these guitars.

Some of travel guitar brands also provide some extenstion that helps you in this matter. So, you should think about this before you choose your guitar.

4. Portability of the guitar (Which is more Important!)

Some more factors you should take a look at scale length and nut width. scale length means the length by which strings are attached from nut to the bridge whereas nut width means the width of the neck at the nut.

these two factors play a big role when it comes to the playability of the guitar. Most peoples recommend you to get a travel guitar with the same neck specs as your normal one.

but on the other side, travel guitar with shorters scale length is easier to play.

So, this is totally up to you, whether you want to prefer similar playability or something that makes you more comfortable while traveling.

5. Aesthetics

Most peoples don’t even consider this but, according to me this is one of the major factor. you should choose the guitar that feel appealing to your eyes.

Such guitars inspire you and keep engage you to play more and more. And that’s the main objective to carry your guitar even while traveling, right?

Thus the guitar mention below is fancy and is well-polished with nice finishing.

Now, as you saw the list of guitars and also now you know how to choose the perfect for you, I suggest you, go and take a look at the list of guitars again and choose the one that you like for yourself.

One more frequently asked question I want to include here:

Can I take an Electric Travel Guitar on a Plane?

Unfortunately, I can not give a fixed yes or no answer to this question. As you can fly with a guitar or not, this totally depends on the airline services and also the rules by the country you are flying from and to.

Every airline has different rules and regulations in such cases, thus you need to check out on your own by visiting their website or simply calling their customer support.

There are some airlines which allow you to carry your guitar as a hand luggage. but again there is also some limitation of size and weight of the guitar.

As long as the their luggage restriction rules doesn’t say “No Instument Allowed” you’re ready to go.

So that is it from my side, It’s your call now!

Which is the Best Travel Electric Guitar for You?

when your shopping for a traveling guitar, portability is important and you need to think about it first.

Unless you are a traveling musician needing to tow a guitar approximately to carry out with, then you should not really need to think about the sound as plenty as you do about dimensions and durability of the guitar.

Travel guitars are at the end of the day built for weekend retreats, backpacking around Europe, for road trips, open campfires, and kicking back.

the marketplace is changing and manufacturers continuously adapting new trends, updating and improving to the point where we’re seeing some phenomenally progressive and no longer to mention thrilling guitar designs.

If you wanted to buy a travel guitar that you think you don’t wanna change for a long period of time the idea you should find the smallest, lightest and most portable guitar.

And in such conditions I definitely gonna suggest you go for either Traveler Ultra-Light Electric Guitar or Shredneck Electric Travel Guitar.

Recall your needs cautiously, maintain our buyer’s guide recommendation in thoughts, re-examine contemporary critiques and you should find choosing a model a doddle.

Let me know which guitar you’re probably going to buy and why in the comment section right down this post.

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