Top 5 Best Looper Pedals Under 100 [2021 Updated]

Are you looking for the best budget looper pedals that can enhance your music without hamming on your pocket? Along with the budget, there are so many factors one needs to consider including its playability, versatility, and ease in use.

Here I come with the Top 5 best looper pedals under 100 dollars available in the market with great value for your money. I discuss various features and compare them to help you to make your decision clearly.

best looper pedals under 100

So, What are the Best Looper Pedals under 100?

  • BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Pedal
  • TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Pedal
  • Nux Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Donner Triple Looper Guitar Effect Pedal
  • LEKATO Electric Guitar Looper Effect Pedal

Along with the overall price and easiness in the playing, these looper pedals also have some amazing features that make them ideal to buy for under your budget range.

Top 5 Best Looper Pedals for Under $100 Reviews [2021]

Here I am starting this list with my so loved looper pedal model:

1. BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Pedal

best looper pedal under 100

Main Features:

  • Weight: 435 gm
  • Loop Time: 12 Min of Recording
  • Comes with 3 Loop Modes
  • Stereo Input and Outputs
  • External Footswitch
  • Very Simple & Effective Controls

Why I love this Pedal:

BOSS’s pedals are known for their easy-to-use, simple, tried & tested single stompbox design and this model is definitely not an exception to this in any way.

This looper pedal gives you 12 minutes of stereo recording loop time with its ability to automatically remember the phrase you recorded before turning it off.

Coming towards its features, this bad boy comes with a stereo effects that allow you to synchronize your two different instruments and take their outputs on separate amps or mixer channels.

Control Panel:

On the top side, you’re getting a very simple-looking control panel where you get one level knob and a new loop circular indicator. This indicator blows different colors for different modes like recording, over-dubbing, and playback.

Here you’re getting a single tromp switch which I thought create some limitation at first but they manage to provide different commands including single press, double press and press-n-hold to access various features.

Playability & Ease of Use:

It comes with its standard format of a single 9-volt battery which gives you almost 5+ hours of life. With its almost tank-like construction and trouble-free services of BOSS, this pedal will serve you for years to come.

No matter whether you’re a beginner player or a seasoned pro musician, this RC-1 loop station pedal will be a great choice for you that provides you amazing playability along with its easiness.

Check Demo:

  • Very Simple to Use, Even for Beginners!
  • Serious Value for your money 🙂
  • 12 Min of Stereo Recording Time
  • Convenient, Light-Weight Model
  • Amazing Durability
  • No USB port
  • You can’t Store Multiple Loops

This model by BOSS pedals definitely worth your at least one shot, Check out this great deal you’re getting on Amazon.

2. TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Pedal

best looper pedal under 100

Main Features:

  • Weight: 75 gm
  • Loop Time: 5 min of loop time
  • True Bypass System
  • 24-bit Unprocessed Recording
  • Comes with Analog Dry-Through Sound
  • Simple yet Effective Controls

Why I like this Pedal:

Another great looper pedal from TC Electronics offers a great value under 100 dollars. It gives you 5 minutes of recording timing along with an unlimited number of overdubs. Also, you can undo and redo your changes to the recording loop whenever you want.

Along with this, it has a true-bypass system that passes your signals clearly without adding any unnecessary colors to them. also, the analog-dry-through feature is amazing that passes the dry signal as it is without converting it into digital.

One more thing is this pedal record your loops in 24-bit unprocessed audio which allows the pedal to provide you high-quality playback sound quality.

Control Panel:

Based on the plug-and-play concept, this small-size pedal comes with a loop-level control knob, one LED light, and one footswitch for simplicity. This LED shows you different colors based on the features you’re playing.

When you press the footswitch once, light turns into red and you can start recording your loop. When you press it again, recording stops and light goes back to green.

Playability & Ease of Use:

Coming towards the ease in playing, TC electronics manages to make this looper pedal very efficient by removing all the non-essential tech features and make this gear solely for guitarists like you and me.

Although you need to remember different patterns on footswitch to access various features but that is common in all small compact pedals.

Check Demo:

  • Very Light-Weight & Compact Pedal
  • In-Built True-Bypass System
  • High-Quality Sound Output
  • Strong & Durable Body Case
  • Loop Time is less as compared to Other

If you find this looper pedal model interesting, you should check out this cheapest deal you’re getting on Amazon.

3. Nux Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal

best looper pedals under 100

Main Features:

  • Weight: 245 gm
  • Loop Time: 6 Hours of Recording Time
  • Built-in Drum Patterns
  • Durable & long-lasting Metal Chassis
  • Both Mono & Stereo Recording
  • Allow Import & Backup Option

Why I like this Pedal:

This wonderful Nux Loop Core loop pedal comes with a very strong yellow color chassis that is going to last for a couple of years no matter how hard you use it.

This pedal comes with 6 hours of loop time for recording that you can store in 99 memory slots in both mono and stereo mode. I am saying, this more than enough pedal for you, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro guitar player.

In addition to this, it comes with in-built 40 drum patterns that help you with your rhythm and tempo. Also, they allow you to connect this pedal to your PC and import or export any phrase you want, increases its versatility even more.


At your first glance towards the control panel, this bad boy may feel like a digital pedal, but once you breakdown this controls, everything becomes easy.

On the top, you get Save/Delete that does their standard function of saving or deleting the current pattern. The stop modes knob allows you to choose between the normal, finish, or fade away mode.

Also, you’re getting a round rhythm loop knob under the square display which controls the level of rhythm. The footswitch given on the bottom only controls the starting and ending the loop recording.

Playability & Ease of Use:

Coming towards the playability of the pedal, I find this unit extremely versatile. Even when you put the effects in your mix, this pedal able to emit a more natural and organic sounding tone.

Although I didn’t find the audio quality of the tracks much impressive but by looking at all the other features and its under 100 price tag, I think we can ignore it.

Check Demo:

  • Strong, Durable Body Case
  • 6 Hours of Long Loop Time
  • Allow Both Mono & Stereo Recording
  • In-Built 40 Drumming Patterns
  • Backup & Import Option is Available!
  • Audio Quality is Not That Great for Live Performance

If you want to buy this great looper pedal model with so many amazing features, here is the one great deal I found on Amazon.

4. Donner Triple Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

best looper pedals under 100 dollars

Main Features:

  • Weight: 150 gm
  • Loop Time: 90 min of Recording
  • Convenient Compact Size
  • 3 Slots to Save your Loops
  • Comes with In-built True Bypass Mode
  • Has Unlimited Dub Tracks

Why I like this Pedal:

When it comes to the guitar pedals, there are only few popular names in the online market and Donner is one of them. They are known for their amazing quality control and functionality.

Even though this pedal comes with a very small and compact shape, you’re getting three memory slots to save your loops each having 30 minutes of recording time.

With simple to use interface and more natural sound, this looper pedal is hard to beat especially in terms of value for your money.


This unit comes with a very easy to understand user-interface with only essential controlling knobs. Here you’re getting one level knob to control the level of your loop and one three-way knob to switch between three memory slots.

On the mid side, you get to see one nice display that shows the time progress of your recorded loops and one single footswitch comes with multiple functionality like recording, overdubbing, playback, redo and clear tracks.

Playability & Ease of Use:

Personally, I find the sound quality of the generated loops very clean and neat. They successfully integrate so many amazing features within this pedal under the footswitch without making it complicated to use.

And more importantly, all these amazing features Donner providing you under the affordability tag. Although, you’re not getting a power adapter with this one, which you can easily buy from this amazon listing for a very low price.

Overall, If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality of your loops, then you should definitely add this pedal to your list.

Check Demo:

  • Affordable Price
  • 3 Slots Memory for Recording
  • Total 90 Minutes of Loop TIme
  • Light-Weight & Compact Size Pedal
  • In-Built True Bypass Mode
  • Power Adapter not Included!

If you find this looper pedal by Donner worth its value, here you can buy it for a very affordable price on Amazon.

5. LEKATO Electric Guitar Looper Effect Pedal

best looper pedals under $100

Main Features:

  • Weight: 310 gm
  • Loop Time: 5 Minutes of Clear Recording
  • Analog-Dry-Through Design
  • Strong Aluminum Alloy Case
  • Support USB connectivity
  • High-Quality Looping Sound

Why I like this Pedal:

One of the main reason behind Why I included this pedal on this list is, It’s solid construction and amazing sounding tone.

This affordable looper pedal by LEKATO comes with a durable and convenient aluminum alloy body which allows you to use this pedal even more freely.

Talking about simplicity, they manage to provide all the essential features without making it bulky. A single footswitch which also control the volume of playback.


Along with the one Level knob on the top, This looper pedal model provides you 5 minutes of clear looping with some other features like the unlimited number of overdubs, undo, redo, record, stop and erase.

Just like the many compact pedals, here you’re getting one simple footswitch that you can use to perform different commands to access the different features.

Playability & Ease of Use:

The loops you record on this pedal are generated in 24-bit uncompressed high-quality audio, which is very nice according to its price range.

One more thing that I find very great is, you can connect this pedal to your PC or any other external gear using the USB port. It allows you to import any looping tracks or export yours to your local machine.

Overall, this is also one of the absolute choices of looper pedals under $100 that not going to let you down no matter how you want to explore it.

Check Demo:

  • Affordable Option With Amazing Features
  • Durable Strong Body of Aluminum
  • Simple Yet Versatile Looper Pedal
  • High-Quality Organic Sound Quality
  • Support Upload or Download via USB
  • Relatively More Weight

If you’re willing to check more on the customer reviews and latest selling price, head over to amazon to get the cheapest deal.

How to Choose the Best Budget-Friendly Looper Pedal for you?

When it comes to the topics like music, you can’t just say: “Expensive means nice!”. Here are some of the points you can consider before you make your final decision.

Size & Weight

If you look at the above reviews, I put the size and weight of these pedals on the top of the main features and that’s because I know the importance of space on my pedalboard.

I always prefer small, light-weight and compact size pedals for myself. such pedals comes very handy if you travel here and there with all your accessories.

Loop Controls

While small compact size looper pedals are very convenient and easy to use but controlling them with their only single switch can be challenging.

There are many options available in the market that actually want you to dance on their pedal to use their various functions like recording, playback, undo & redo. You can control them by different gestures like double step, quick release, press and hold the step, some others.

Definitely, Multi-switch pedals offers you convenient and handsfree control of your pedal but that makes it more heavy and bulkier.


If you’re a beginner player and only want to use basic mono setup, then a compact looper pedal with one input and one output will be enough for you. But:

If you want to go into more complex things with your music, you need a pedal with stereo input-output ports. Along with that, AUX input and a headphone jack, which is a nice addition to have.

Some of the new models also comes with an USB port that add lot of functionality into the pedal.

Loop Storage / Memory Slots

There was a time when we’re getting 8 sec of loop time. But that’s not the case now-a-days. With growing technology, some of the pedals are able to give you hours of loops which can be even increase more by connecting USB and memory cards.

But, you need to understand, more doesn’t means better. You need to look at your needs and try to pick the loop pedal accordingly.


What is the Best Looper Pedal to Buy for under $100 in 2021?

As you might already guessed it,

BOSS RC-1 Loop Station Guitar Pedal is the Best Looper Pedal to Buy for Under $100. With its 3 different loop modes, 12 minutes of recording time, stereo input-outputs, and many features it is the best option available in the current market.

But wait:

That may just my taste in music. I want to know which looper pedal do you like the most from the above list. How you pick that one and which feature is most important to you when it comes with the affordable loop pedals.

You can put down your thoughts in the comments below. That way you can help other readers to make their decision even more clearly. Also, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family on your social handles 🙂

Keep Enjoying your Music!

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