Top 5 Best Looper Pedal for Bass Guitar [Updated]

The looper pedal is considered one of the crucial pedals in the effect pedal world. Not only in practice sessions but looper pedals are used in live performances all the time.

If you’re looking for a great, affordable looper pedal for yourself, I got you covered for you. But the important question is, Which one?

That’s why you’re here. Our team did a detailed analysis of all the pedals that are listed here. we go through many forum reviews and technical features to come up with this list of best looper pedal for bass guitar.

So, without any further ado, Let’s start rolling…

Top 5 Best Looper Pedals for Bass Guitars

I’m going to start this looper pedal shootout with everyone’s favorite pedal:

1. BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

When it comes to the best loop pedal for your bass, there is no doubt the Boss RC-3 loop station pedal wins the first position on everyone’s list. Boss company makes excellent looper pedals due to their past 17 years of experience and this pedal is definitely not an exception to this.

This pedal provides you 3 hours of continuous stereo recording time where you can experiment and create your loop however you want. And that’s not enough thus they allow you to save up to 99 loops. Isn’t that great!

One more interesting feature you’ll get to see in this pedal. This pedal can automatically start the recording as soon as it detects your instrument’s sound. That means you don’t need to worry about tapping on the pedal every time you start your music session.

They take this even further and provide you count-in mode with this pedal. As you can imagine from the name, this mode allows you to set a count before you start your recording. Along with that, Undo and redo of your recorded sound is also very simple.

You can operate this compact small-body pedal either with a 9V battery or an optional AV Adapter. also, you get to see one AUX port here which is very handy and allows you to backup your favorite loops.

Overall, Boss RC-3 is the best looper pedal for your bass that provides you with so many features and great value. also, you can get a 5-years warranty on this pedal. check its latest price on Amazon’s site.

  • Comes with so many Amazing FeaturesnLight-WeightnCompact Sizen3 Hours of Stereo Recording TimenSave up to 99 LoopsnVery Useful AUX Port
  • Need to Get Dedicated Power Adapter

2. Boss RC-1 Loop Station Bundle with Instrument Cable

Another great loop station pedal from Boss. I know that’s back-to-back two, but this pedal truly deserves this position. you can also consider this as a little brother of the above RC-3 Pedal.

Personally, I feel this Boss RC-1 pedal is so simple and very easy to use. As you can see in the above picture, they provide 24 segmented LED lights on the dashboard. It helps you to know which mode you’re currently on.

Talking about modes, this pedal comes with three different modes to play with namely record, overdub, and play. Also, this lightweight and compact pedal won’t be going to take much space in your pedalboard.

Although, here you’re getting only 12 min of stereo recording time whereas RC-3 provides you huge 3 hours of recording time.

Overall, this is a great loop pedal where you can create awesome-sounding loop tones, and of course, it’s not going to let you down. Check out what other people are saying about this pedal on Amazon.

  • More User-Friendly than RC-3n24 Segmented LED LightnThree Different Modes to UsenLight-Weight u0026 Compact Size
  • Fewer Features than RC-3 Pedal

3. TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

This is Another best cheap Looper pedal from TC Electronics for those bass players who are on a tight budget.

This is a very versatile looper pedal that has an incredibly simple and easy-to-use user interface just like the above two. If you see in the Image, this pedal comes with only one knob which allows you to control the volume of the looper effect you’re playing.

Here you’re getting 5 min of recording loop time along with an unlimited amount of overdubs. Also, you can undo or redo your recording loop at any time.

One more thing that I liked about this pedal is, It comes with an in-build true bypass system. That means this pedal won’t add anything to your pedal and it remains the same without any deviation.

Overall, this a nice, compact, simplistic looper pedal that provides you great value for your money. I strongly suggest you go with this pedal if you’re on a budget or new to a looper pedal.

  • Light-Weight u0026 Compact SizenVery Simple to Usen5 Min of Recording Time LoopnComes with True-Bypass SystemnGreat Value at Affordable Price 🙂
  • Durability Issues in the Long Run

4. Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

If you’re looking for the best looper pedal for live performance, Electro-Harmonix 720 Pedal is a great option for you.

This brand comes into the field of compact looper pedal through their 360 Pedal. But there are some limitations that make that pedal not suitable for live performance.

They improve all those sides and launch this amazing 720 Stereo Loop Pedal which is going to amaze with its lovely sound quality. Here they provide you two footswitch which comes so handy during live sessions.

This pedal provides you 12 min of recording time. You can play with 10 different loops at one time. Just like the above pedals, here also you’ll get unlimited undo and redo edit options. But along with that, they provide you reverse and half-speed function which is very nice.

As you can see in the picture, this pedal comes with two inputs and two outputs which allow you to connect extra instruments or play it out to a stereo rig. You can operate this pedal either on AC Adapter (Comes with Pedal) or 9V DC Battery according to your convenience.

Here you’re getting two separate controls that make this pedal very simple to use, which is the main aim during a live performance. They also add a fade-out feature where you can set the time from 1 sec to 60 sec.

Although I found one flaw with this pedal. when you adjust the volume high or low in the mix, it ignores it and plays it almost on the same volume.

Overall, this feature-rich looper pedal is so great and not going to let you down when you’re banging on the stage. Check Out the Latest Deal on Amazon.

  • Great for Live Performancen12 min of Recording Loop TimenAmazing Sound-QualitynVery Simple u0026 Easy to UsenAllow you to Connect Extra Instruments
  • Little Volume Issues with Level Function

5. Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 3 Modes

If you’re looking for a very lightweight, tiny, and compact looper pedal that won’t take much space on your pedal-board, this Guitar Effect Pedal from Donner is just a perfect option for you.

This pedal provides you 10 min of recording loop time along with an unlimited number of overdubs. Also, it allows you to undo or redo your loop whenever you want so that you can make an awesome sounding looping pattern.

This pedal comes with a USB port. That means you can upload the looping tracks from your computer to the pedal and also can take a backup of your loops. Isn’t that great?

One more thing is, you’re getting three different modes for looping, namely half-speed, normal-speed, and reverse. these modes enable you to experiment more and create more versatile effects.

Overall, this is a perfect pedal who are looking for a versatile, great, and compact pedal that provides many features at an affordable price. By the way, Did you check out the latest deal on Amazon?

  • Affordable Price :)nLight-Weight u0026 Compactn10 min of Recording LoopnHalf-Speed, Normal u0026 Reverse Loop Mode
  • _ _ _

Final Thoughts on Best Looper Pedal for your Bass Guitar in 2020

That is it from my side guys! I hope you like this looper pedal shootout and it helps you to pick the perfect pedal for bass guitar.

Personally, I love the BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal most due to its great features and amazing performance.

If you have any kind of query or any suggestions for us, feel free to put it down in the comment section. Also tell me, which pedal you’re going to buy and why do you like that pedal over others?

This helps other people to make their decision. I’m waiting for your response…

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