5 Best High-End Bass Guitars (Expensive Bass) in 2021

Do you like the Bass Guitars as much as I like? might be…

Welcome to our site guys, Here I am not only listed the random bass from Amazon but also going to provide you my view on them and why you should buy them and also why you shouldn’t.

top 5 best high-end bass guitars to buy in 2020

I know it becomes a little tricky to choose the perfect piece from the wide variety of choices available in the market.

But, don’t worry!

Here I come with the Top 5 Best Bass Guitars Under $2000 that you can buy in 2020.

So, What are we waiting for, Let’s go right into it:

Top 5 Best Expensive Bass Guitars Detailed Reviewed

Let’s start from the first one:

1. Kay Vintage Reissue K162VBK Pro Electronic Bass Guitar

This is the first guitar on my list which is surely going to impress you.

Let’s first talk about the specs of this guitar: Maple is used for top and sides while rosewood is used for the fretboard of the guitar. The scale of the fretboard is 31″ and the Radius is 21″.

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Guitar has a 1 Chrome single-coil blade pickup and it also includes a Wood Hard-shell Case. Controls of this bass guitar are also awesome.

You can cut high-frequency response with the help of 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 tandem capacitor switch. The price of this guitar includes packing, handling, Prep as well as insurance of guitar.

And that is the thing which I like the most. When the strings of this bass guitar plucked softly it sounds like an upright bass. The weight of the guitar is medium-light with a balanced right strap.

Tuning machines of this guitar are good and also it has an unlimited rythm effect. But the problem with this guitar is that there is a limited sampling of the string sound to work with.

But after analyzing lots of things, I concluded that buying this guitar is a very good deal. Overall this is a great guitar with an awesome body and neck.

If willing to learn more about customer reviews and to explore the latest price then head over to Amazon Now!

  • Medium light weightnPrice of guitar includes insurancenUnlimited rythm effectsnBody and neck are awesome
  • Limited sampling of string

2. Fender Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Electric Bass Guitar

This bass is beautiful and nice. It has a uniform ebony fretboard. This bass guitar model has invented lots of years ago but still in demand even in today’s time.

Fender is one of the best expensive electric bass guitars. You are getting a legendary tone from this guitar.

Because it has Tony Franklin Jazz Bass single-coil bridge pickup and American Precision Bass split single-coil middle pickup.

This guitar allows you to choose a pickup as it has a 3-way blade switch. You can choose Jazz bass pickup or both jazz and precision pickup and even you can choose ‘p’ bass pickup alone.

These pickups are going to compliment your music. As they are much more sensitive than the 80’s jazz bass. Also, cable, strap, and the black hardshell case is included in this guitar.

I personally like this guitar as it gives an awesome feeling. If feel matters to you most then this is the only bass that stands out in the crowd.

The only problem I feel with this bass is that a nut slot of A string buzzes a lot (At least for me!). But it’s not a big deal and you can fix it by little adjustments.

Overall this guitar bass sounds amazing and quality of tone is exceptionally better. I have seen lots of expert bassists using this instrument model.

Check out the latest deal and more reviews on Amazon.

  • Uniform Ebony FretboardnIt has a Legendary TonenAllow You to Choose Pickup
  • Nut slot of string ‘A’ buzzes

3. Yamaha BBP35 BB-Series 5-String Bass Guitar

This is a made-in-japan Bass Guitar. As if you are the bassist who wants the best bass and do not want to compromise anything then this Yamaha model is just for you.

It has been crafted very carefully in Yamaha headquarters by master artisans. It has an awesome Alder/Maple/Alder body construction while it has been finished with a Yamaha proprietary IRA technology.

It gives you an organic and rich tone and an amazing resonance. And the playability of the guitar is also best and incomparable. Guitar has a thick neck with well rounding fretting.

This guitar has a very clear tone as the pickups and circuits are very powerful. If you buy this guitar then you will also get a padded gig bag and tools with it. So you can set up how you like it.

But according to some reviews, the problem with this guitar is that it has a low-quality tuner. but you can anytime replace it with the one that likes.

But overall this guitar has a good quality fairly priced bass with a variety of tonal options. It could be one of your primary choices so better to check the latest price and other people’s reviews on Amazon.

  • Guitar has been Crafted CarefullynRich and Organic TonenPickups are Powerful
  • Comes with Low-Quality Tuner

4. ESP LTD B-1004SE Multi-Scale Electric Bass Guitar

If you want a special guitar that is different from other then go with ESP LTD electric bass guitar. As this guitar is not extraordinary but it has some features which make it unique.

This guitar consist of the multi-scale fret design which optimizes a string tension. Due to this, a low string of guitar has a longer scale as compared to higher strings.

The best thing about this guitar is that it has an excellent tone. This guitar has a swamp ash body while solid ziricote is used to make a top.

Along with this tonewood of guitar is environmentally friendly and still, it has an awesome look.

This guitar proves that not always bright colors are appealing. Controls of this guitar have individual EQs, master volume, and balance and also have a mid-frequency selection mini switches.

The only problem with this guitar is that not everyone is able to play a multi-scale guitar properly. And that is the only disadvantage in it.

Overall ESP LTD B-1004SE Multi-Scale Electric Bass Guitar is well built and has high-quality components. Also, it has a well-pronounced sound.

If you want a perfect bass related guitar then without thinking for a second go with this simple yet attractive guitar.

  • Multiscale guitarnExcellent tonenWell built guitarnHigh-Quality components
  • Multiscale guitar might be difficult to play for some players

5. Fender 195600733 American Deluxe Dimension Bass V – Rosewood

Last guitar on the list but believe me guys it is not the least.

This guitar has an original body style with all-new pickups. It represents a modern pinnacle of the pro-level bass guitar.

First-time fender series has introduced an awesome guitar with all such fine features which they never have before. This guitar is definitely going to personalize your tone.

This guitar comes with an ash body with a new dimension shape and also has a comfortable neck heel. I have suggested a violin burst finish but it is also available in elegant Natural, Black, and Cayenne burst.

Hardshell case and leather strap are also included in the guitar. Along with this, it has some premium features which are awesome.

Guitar has a master volume which offers you a remarkable versatility in tone. The quality of this fender guitar is good and the finishing of this guitar is brilliant.

I think this is the best guitar according to its price range. After analyzing lots of things I founded out only one disadvantage. That is this guitar is not comfortable for small hands.

A person with small hands might face difficulty while playing this guitar. So at last all I can say about this guitar is that playability, preamp/eq/tone, build quality and appearance is excellent.

You are definitely going to get more than your expectation as it is a great bass. If you want to explore more about this bass and best selling price check out from the Amazon.

  • Original Body StylenRemarkable Tonal VersatilitynBrilliant FinishingnComfortable to Play
  • Not Suited for Small Hands

FAQs on Buying Best High End Bass Guitars in 2020

Here’s are some frequently asked questions that I collect from different forums and blogs. If you have any doubt regarding bass guitars that I don’t cover below, feel free to post a comment down or shoot me an email.

What is the best brand of the bass guitar?

It depends. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for, but seriously it depends on the specs of the particular bass guitar.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThere are many popular brands like Fender, Yamaha, Gibson, Ernie Ball, Kay Vintage and many more. And you can choose any brand from these according to your budget range.

Which One? 4-Strings Bass Vs 5-Strings Bass

If you like to play heavier music which is popular nowadays, then you should go for a 5-strings bass guitar where you can easily reach those lower notes without getting into the issue of detuning your bass.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOn the other hand, If this is your first bass guitar, then you should buy simple 4-Strings bass guitar.

That is it from my side guys:

Final Thoughts on Best High-End Bass Guitars to Buy

I hope you like this article and it helped you to choose the perfect bass guitar for yourself.

Personally I owned First Bass i.e Kay Vintage Reissue K162VBK, I brought it around 7 months back and it sounds awesome.

The only thing I can say is, make your decision wisely and Enjoy every second of your musical journey!

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