5 Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars you need to know [2021]

Epiphone is one of the very popular brands in the music industry known for its top hardware and build-quality. If you’re looking for the Best Epiphone Acoustic guitars, I got something special for you.

My team goes through a number of reviews and many forums and shortlists these top 5 acoustic guitars based on their playability, Specifications, and sound quality.

best epiphone acoustic guitars

So, What is the Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar? Epiphone DR-500MCE is the best acoustic guitar model by Epiphone. Along with Top-notch Tonewood and Superb Build-Quality, this model delivers a nice well-balanced tone.

But, Epiphone didn’t is stop here. Check out its other acoustic guitar models and make your pick.

5 Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Reviews[Updated]

I want to start this list with their most amazing model:

1. Epiphone DR-500MCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Main Features:

  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Nice Mahogany Solid Body
  • Grover Sta-Tite nickel machine heads
  • Slim-Taper D profile Neck (Mahogany)
  • Ultra-Smooth Satin Finishing to Enhance Playability
  • Shadow NanoFlex Pickups
  • eSonic-2 Stereo Preamp

DR-500MCE model offers a vintage-style body fitted with some high-tech onboard electronics to offer an amazing sound quality.

Material and Build Quality:

This guitar comes with a nice dreadnought body with a great build quality. It has a Solid Sitka Spruce Top with high-gloss vintage finishing on it and Mahogany on the Back and Sides, which gives you a nice feeling while holding a guitar.

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Talking about hardware, Epiphone gives you Grover Sta-Tite nickel machine heads in the notch-shaped headstock and the bone nut (Instead of synthetic bone nut). This combination makes strings very stable and the guitar stays in tune.

Considering it’s high-quality tonewood, this guitar able to deliver nice bright, loud and lovely tone, in both plugged-in and unplugged conditions.

Ease of Playability:

This guitar has a one-piece mahogany neck attached using a compound dovetail joint, a technique generally used in high-end acoustic guitars. It is a Slim-Taper D profile Neck with an ultra-smooth satin finishing on it, which makes this guitar so easy to play.

Also, you’re getting a Rosewood fretboard here with a nice finishing on the back, which makes it easy for you to slide your fret-hand while playing.

Onboard Electronics:

Coming to the Electronics part, this guitar comes with two Shadow Pickups, slim-line magnetic NanoMag at the end of the neck, and piezo NanoFlex at the bridge under the saddle.

They included one slider on the control panel which allows you to play with these sound signals and blend them however you want. Also, It has some standard features like a feedback filter, master volume, and EQ knobs for each pickup and in-build tuner.

This model actually gives you the tone pretty close to the true acoustic, thanks to its very useful iconic-2 Stereo Preamp system and overall on-board electronics.

Sound Demo:

Overall, this Epiphone model gives lots of great features, offers serious value for your money, suitable for both beginners as well as professional players, and looks amazing without compromising on the playability.

What else are you looking for?

  • Epiphone’s Flawless Workmanship
  • Superb & Clear Sound Quality
  • Amazing Tonewood & Hardware
  • Serious Value for your Money
  • Top-notch Electronics
  • None

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2. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Main Features:

  • Solid Spruce Top with Mahogany Back
  • Epiphone’s X-bracing
  • Slim-Taper D-Profile Mahogany Neck
  • Fishman Sonitone Pickup System
  • Shadow ePerformer Preamp Configuration
  • High-Quality Control Knobs

This Hummingbird Pro model, popular as Country Rock classic comes with its distinctive square-shouldered shape to deliver amazing sound quality.

Material and Build Quality:

This light-weight guitar comes with a no cut-away Dreadnought shaped body with a Solid Spruce Top and Mahogany on the back and side. And due to such a great Tonewood combination, this model able to produce warm, rich, depth, and resonating sound.

If you know, guitars with Spruce Top tends to Sound better and better with age, As its attribute get improves over the time. (Which I am not going to explain here 🙂 )

Apart from the build quality, there is one more thing that impacts the sound: The Internal Bracing. This guitar has an Epiphone’s X-bracing which is known for its overall efficiency and to deliver a well-balanced tone.

Ease of Playability:

The neck is manufactured from 1-piece Mahogany wood and has a Slim-Taper D-profile shape. It is a very slim and fast neck that enhances your overall experience while playing.

The classic neck of this model comes with a Rosewood Fretboard with a clean finishing on it. This guitar has an excellent Ease in Playability, even for the players with smaller hands.

Onboard Electronics:

This Acoustic-Electric Guitar model comes with a Fishman Sonitone Pickup System. This made-in Germany pickup system is specially designed to produce amplified sound with a true Acoustic feel.

Preamp configuration of this model comes with its set of controls situated on the top-edge of the guitar. You’re getting master volume knob with a controller for treble and bass which allow you to play with the EQ of this bad boy.

This active preamp system required two 2032 batteries. Everything is great except there is a lack of in-build tuner here. I hope they have better reason for that, than sorry! we forget to add that! 🙂

Sound Demo:

Overall, This Epiphone’s light-weight guitar comes with top-notch Tonewood, Amazing sound quality, Electronics are also great and gives you a Classic, Easy playing feel.

  • Legendary Classical Looks & Playability
  • Top-Notch Tonewood and Quality Control
  • Excellent Electronics
  • Deliver Warm, Depth & Resonating Tone
  • Amazing Value in Affordable Price
  • No In-Build Tuner
  • Little Lack in Low-End

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3. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Main Features:

  • Laminated Spruce Top
  • Nice Mahogany Body
  • Classic Dreadnought Shape (non-cutaway)
  • SlimTaper Mahogany Neck Profile
  • Premium Quality Machine Heads
  • Rosewood Fretboard with Jumbo Frets

Epiphone DR-100 is one of the best acoustic guitars for a beginner player. It provides serious value at an affordable price and that’s the reason it is one of the most selling guitars online.

Material and Build Quality:

This light-weight guitar comes in a Dreadnought shape with a laminated spruce top, emits a loud and booming sound. Although this is an Entry-Level budget guitar, they manage to provide Mahogany body here.

And due to such a High-Quality Tonewood combination and Epiphone’s quality control, this guitar gives an amazing full-sounding, bass-heavy acoustic tone with excellent projection.

However, you’re getting a synthetic nut and saddle here, which is still okay for a beginner, but you can easily replace them to get the most out of your guitar.

Ease of Playability:

This guitar has a Mahogany neck with a truss-rod which provides great stability to the guitar and stays in tune much better. This is a Slim-Taper D-Profile neck, which is known for its sturdy construction and stability.

This model features a Slim rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets, which is very easy to play for a beginner guitar player, especially in the beginning days while doing finger exercises. Also, It has great intonation and a very nice action out of the box, again great bonus for a beginner player.

Sound Demo:

Overall, this amazing quality guitar which has a top-notch Wood material and hardware that deliver superb sound quality and comes with a affordability tag with it. Definitely worth your one shot!

  • Serious Value in Affordable Price 🙂
  • Adjustable Out-of-the-Box Action
  • Top-Quality Wood Combination
  • Slim and Easy Mahogany Neck
  • Premium Machine Heads
  • Synthetic Nut and Saddle

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4. Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Main Features:

  • Solid Spruce Top with Mahogany Body
  • Passive Piezo-Electric pickups
  • Easy to play Mahogany Neck
  • 10-Watt Solid-State Practice Amp
  • Lots of Necessary Accessories

Many times people tend to buy player packages just like this one, cause they are often at a discounted prices. Let see, does this package deal worth it for you or not?

Material and Build Quality:

Most Importantly, The guitar you’re getting here comes with a solid spruce top with a Mahogany body. This is great because this wood combination is popular for its rich and full sounding tone.

Along with that, you’re also getting a Vintage X-bracing in this beginner-friendly guitar which ensures a louder volume, higher stability, and more response towards the bass.

As this is a package deal, This starter-pack comes with some other accessories along with the guitar includes picks, strap, cable, tuner, gig bag, and one instructional DVD. Although this is a bundle deal, still the accessories you’re getting here are of pretty decent quality and more than enough for a beginner to take a kick-start in his/her journey.

Ease of Playability:

This guitar comes with a Mahogany neck profile which is going to give you more stability and a comfortable grip. It is a solid neck and does its job pretty nicely.

Also, you’re getting a classic rosewood fretboard that has a nice finishing on the back which allows your fret-hand to slide effortlessly while playing.


Epiphone included an eSonic 2 preamp with a piezo-electric pickup system here. Coming to the controls, you’re getting treble, middle, and bass control knobs here with one phase switch controller and EQ controller which allow you to play with your music.

Not to mention, This pack has one small 10-Watt Solid-State Practice Amp with features like Volume, gain, treble, mid, bass control, and a boost knob, which is awesome for such a compact and portable amplifier.

Sound Demo:

All I can say, Epiphone really did their job amazing, you’re getting nice build quality in a light-weight model that is easy to grip, sound awesome and comes with a affordable price tag on it.

  • Premium Quality Tonewood & Hardware
  • A Complete Started-Kit for a Beginner
  • Great Value for your money 🙂
  • Easy to Play & Portable
  • Awesome Sound Quality
  • May feel Fret-Buzz in Starting
  • Required a Bit Setup at the First Time

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5. Epiphone AJ-220SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Main Features:

  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Slim-Taper C-shaped Mahogany Neck
  • Shadow NanoFlex bridge pickup
  • Active Preamp System
  • On-board EQ n Tuner

AJ-220SCE is a great and well-rounded model from Epiphone which is best for both Beginner and Professional Players.

Material and Build Quality:

This model comes with a Solid Spruce Top with Mahogany on the Back and Sides. This is a great Tonewood Combination which is kind of standard in a Top-level guitar.

This guitar gives you rich harmonics, lots of tonal clarity with a great projection of sound. Whether you want to play strumming, fingerpicking, or Flatpicking, this model covers everything for you.

Along with this, One more thing that makes this guitar special is Epiphone’s incredible craftsmanship. Not only it makes it durable but also gives you a premium feel.

Ease of Playability:

This guitar has a nice slim-taper C-shaped Mahogany neck fixed to the body with a dovetail joint. This amazing neck profile gives the guitar extra stability and durability and also improves the tone.

Along with a Mahogany neck, They give a standard Rosewood fretboard which provides a warm tone to the guitar and also gives a nice smooth feeling to your fret-hand while playing.

On-Board Electronics:

Coming to the Electronics, they are giving you Shadow Nanoflex Bridge pickup and Fishman Sonicore Under-Saddle Pickup. Both are just amazing and deliver great amplified acoustic tone.

Also, You get a Master Volume and tone control knob with a pickup selector switch that allows you to experiment with your music. This is an Active Preamp system with an onboard EQ and tuner.

Sound Demo:

  • Top-Notch Tonewood
  • Well-Balanced Warm Sounding Tone
  • Amazing Electronics
  • Stable and Durable
  • Premium Smooth feeling
  • Required a Bit Setup in Begining

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Even very new guitar players are also heard of Epiphone, but does that mean They are Good for a beginner?

Let see:

Are Epiphone Guitars Good for Beginners?

Epiphone’s have a wide range of acoustic guitar from a entry-level guitars to high-end acoustic guitars.

If you read the above reviews, you’ll understand, they gives top-quality tonewood combination even in their budget guitars. Along with that, you get Epiphone’s excellent craftsmanship and amazing build-quality.

The only thing you need to do is, Pick the best acoustic guitar that provides you great value for money and resonates with your personality and your needs.


What is the Best Epiphone Acoustic Guitar?

As I already mentioned:

Epiphone DR-500MCE is the Best Acoustic Guitar to Buy in 2021. It has an Amazing Tonewood combination, provides superb sound quality with flawless craftsmanship.

But wait: That’s my choice!

I want to know, which Epiphone guitar do you like the most and why? Put your thoughts in the comment section, So it will also help other people to make their decision.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social handle, Thanks and have a nice day!

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