5 Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock [2021 Reviews]

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro player, if you had play electric guitar, you probably understand the importance of good strings in the guitar.

Rock Music is known for its Rhythm and not for its melody. We loved those heavy beats and everyone starts jumping when beats start playing. If you want to bang your electric guitar and looking for best strings for playing rock, this is the place for you.

Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock

So, What are The Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock?

  1. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Strings
  2. D’Addario EXL115 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings
  3. Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Electric Guitar Strings
  4. D’Addario NYXL1046-3P Electric Guitar Strings
  5. GHS Guitar Boomers Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings

Along with an affordable price, there are some major elements you need to consider about electric strings for rock before you pick one. Those elements included string gauge, material, and overall experience while playing.

I’ll talk about these aspects while reviewing these strings and also attach one small buying guide at the end of this post, which helps you to choose the best electric guitar strings for rock.

Without any ado, let’s go right into the matter:

Top 5 Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock Reviews [Updated]

I want to start this list with one of the most popular set of strings:

1. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Strings

best electric guitar strings for rock

Main Features:

  • Strings Gauge: | 10 | 13 | 17 | 26 |36 | 46 |
  • Nickel-Plated on Steel Wire
  • Optimum Performance, Long Life
  • Well-Balanced Tone
  • Lock-Twists to Eliminate the Slippery Factor
  • Made in the USA means Quality

Why I Love these Strings:

Being one of the most popular brands in the industry, Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings are the best electric strings for playing rock music.

These strings come with a high-carbon steel core with nickel-plated steel wrapped around it. Such a unique combination of materials by Ernie Ball is one of the important reasons behind the excellent performance and long lifespan of these strings.

With a nice build quality, these strings able to give you most classic well-balanced tone with elite consistency and overall nice playing experience.

Along with this, they introduce a Lock-Twist feature in these strings while not only secure the strings around its ball but also take care of the slippery factor and ultimately decreases the probability of breakage.

Maybe that’s the reason why some legends like Slash, Jimmy Page, Metallica, Eric Clapton, and many more around the world love these strings. If you’re willing to learn more about customer reviews and to explore the best deal, head over to Amazon NOW!.

  • Well-Balanced, Quality Tone
  • Long Life-Span
  • New Lock-Twist Feature
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Favored by Many Musicians around the World
  • Overall Perfect for Rock Genre!
  • Minor Issues with Longevity
  • Rough on Fingertips

2. D’Addario EXL115 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

best electric guitar strings for rock

Main Features:

  • Strings Gauge: | 11 | 14 | 18 | 28 |38 | 49 |
  • Wound with Nickel-Plated Strings
  • Long-Lasting Bright Tone
  • Corrosion Resistance Packaging
  • Consistent & Durable Strings
  • Reduced Premature Fret-Wear
  • Sealed Inside & Outside for Freshness

Why I Choose these Strings:

These D’Addario EXL115 strings are used to be my go-to set of strings whenever I go outside for a gig. These strings provide you some serious value in a very affordable price range.

Just like the above set, these strings also comes with a Nickel-Plated steel wounded around the hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. That is the reason why these strings ensure the long-lasting life-span, crystal-clear bright sounding tone with amazing intonation.

Due to the D’Addario’s quality control and their round wound technique, these strings are very comfortable to play for most of the guitar players and gives you stellar magnetic output with reduced premature fret wear.

This is one of their best selling sets of strings due to its balanced, high-quality sound and ability to deliver amazing performance consistently. This could be your primary choice, and definitely worth at least your one shot.

If you like this set of strings and want to know more about customer reviews, check out its latest price on Amazon.

  • Stellar Magnetic Output
  • Consistent & Long-Lasting Sound
  • Provide Great Versatility
  • Affordable Price 🙂
  • Nice Bright & Balanced Tone
  • Appear Tarnished at some Spots

3. Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Electric Guitar Strings

best electric guitar strings for rock

Main Features:

  • Strings Gauge: | 10 | 13 | 17 | 26 |36 | 46 |
  • Extended Dynamic Range
  • Incredible Harmonic Response
  • Increased Low-End & Crisp, Clear Highs
  • Low Tention Design for Easy Bending
  • Awesome Clarity in Sound

Why I Choose these Strings:

This is the only set of cobalt strings that I have seen sound superb even in the rock music. Ernie Ball blended Cobalt with a Iron for the coil-wrapping of these strings.

Due to such construction, these amazing sound strings not only have the awesome clarity of cobalt metal, but also have some thicker mids and lows due to Iron. Also, this increases the overall magnetism of these Slinky’s, and become more responsive towards your pickups.

With that said, due to nice build quality, these strings provide you extended dynamic range with great mid-range focus and a high amount of sustain.

With all these excellent features, this is definitely a great electric guitar string for rock. If you like these greatly valued strings, you should check out the amazing deal you’re getting on Amazon.

  • Amazing Output & Clarity
  • High Amount of Sustain
  • Long-Lasting Bright Sounding Tone
  • Nice Responsive towards Natural Harmonics
  • Easy for Bending due to Low Tention
  • Doesn’t Perform Well in Dropped Tuning

4. D’Addario NYXL1046-3P Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings

best electric guitar strings for rock

Main Features:

  • Strings Gauge: | 10 | 13 | 17 | 26 |36 | 46 |
  • High Tuning Stability
  • Gives an Ideal Electric Tone
  • Nickel-Plated on Steel Wire
  • Enhanced Mid-Range Response
  • Corrosion Resistance Packaging
  • Made in the USA strings

Why I Choose these Strings:

NYXL1046-3P is another set of strings from D’Addario that deserve a place on this list of best strings for rock, due to its construction, playability, and overall feel.

These nickel plated electric guitar strings comes with a mixture of high-carbon steel core and plain steel wire that gives you different level of freedom and confidence which is very important while playing rock music.

Also, with their advanced winding technology, these break-resistant strings able to give you a nice mid-range frequency response for more presence and crunch.

Due to the quality construction of these strings, D’Addario not only make these strings more durable but also improved the tuning stability as compare to the other nickel-plated strings available.

These strings easily get settle on your guitar, very easy to tune and stay in tune for quite a long session. If you want to explore more on these strings, check the best selling price of it on Amazon.

  • Nice Well-Balanced Sound
  • Stay in Tune Better
  • Long-Lasting & Consistent Tone
  • Excellent Mid-Range Frequency Response
  • Ease in Playability
  • None

5. GHS Guitar Boomers Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings

best electric guitar strings for rock

Main Features:

  • Strings Gauge: | 10 | 13 | 17 | 26 |36 | 46 |
  • Round-Wound Nickel-Plated Steel Wire
  • Nitrogen Air-tight Fresh Packaging
  • Excellent Quality Control
  • Amazing Balanced Bright Tone
  • Consistent Sound Quality
  • Allow Powerful Attacks

Why I Choose these Strings:

This is the last set of strings on my list that I suggest for rock genre. With its consistent sound quality, you’ll definitely like these strings.

These strings come with a nickel-plated steel wire tightly wound on a round core steel wire. Such a combination of materials and excellent build quality provides the strings with its bright sounding, long-lasting tone.

Being very affordable price, I suggest you to buy two-three spare sets just in case of emergency. These strings features a new Nitro-Pack singles (Each single string is sealed in a nitrogen environment), which guarantees factory freshness and increases the overall life-span.

Overall, these strings are very nice to play and allow you nice powerful attacks while playing, which is a kind of base for rock, Isn’t it? If you’re willing to check more on customer reviews, check the cheapest deal available on Amazon.

  • Very Affordable Price 🙂
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Amazing Well-Balanced Bright Sounding Tone
  • Excellent Build Quality & Construction
  • Consistent, Lasting Tone
  • Not that Easy to Catch Harmonics

How to Choose the Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock? (Buying Guide)

Strings perform an important role while playing any kind of genre. If you want to pick the perfect set of strings for yourself, these are some of the aspects that will help you.

1. Material of the Strings

I know this is obvious, Material of the strings highly impact on the sound quality and overall tone of your music.

When it comes to the electric guitar strings, some materials like nickel-plated strings, pure nickel or stainless steel are pretty common.

As we are talking about rock genre, you should go with Nickel-Plated strings. But that doesn’t just rule out other all strings. #3 string set I listed above is made from cobalt.

Nickel-Plating on Steel strings usually gives you kind of a nice mix of warm and bright sounding tone with high output, which is great for playing rock music.

2. Thickness of Strings (Gauge)

Gauge is also one of the factor that not only impact on the tone but also decide the overall playability.

Personally, for playing rock music, I go with light to medium gauge strings (usually with 10 or 11 gauge strings). This thickness gives you required stability and that punch necessary in the rock genre.

Of course you can experiment a bit at the point and try out some different gauge of strings. If you like more deeper and aggressive sound, you can try strings with little higher gauge.

3. Brand of Strings

If you read my any of previous guides, I always suggest you to don’t pick the strings on the basis of brand name.

If you like any particular brand, and already satisfy with it, then you can go and buy their strings. But if you don’t have any such preference, you can ignore this factor and give yourself some space to experiment with different brands.

4. Coated Strings vs Non-coated Strings

As I mention about brand name, this factor also doesn’t have much impact on the tone. You can consider this as a personal preference.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know what to do, All I can say is, try both types of strings and notice which strings gives you more nicer tone and feeling.


What is the Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock in 2021?

I think you guess it already:

Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Strings are the best electric guitar strings to buy for playing rock in 2021. With its robust build quality, it gives a well-balanced sound with optimum performance.

But, May be that’s just my taste of rock music. Which set do you like the most? I want you to put down your thoughts in the comments, so others can take help to make their decision even more clearly.

Also, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family on your social handles. Have a nice Day!

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