5 Best Delay Pedal under $50 Reviews 2021 [Value for Money]

A thrifty shopper always knows that there’s a balance between cost and performance: The sweet spot in between is where you get the most value. Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise with everything. It is possible to get a great delay pedal at an affordable price.

After testing hundreds of pedals, Here I come up with my top 5 recommendations for the best delay pedal under $50 that provide you some serious value for your money.

best delay pedals under 50 dollars

So, What are the best delay pedals for under $50?

  1. Donner Pure Analog Delay Effect Mini Pedal [Top Choice]
  2. Rowin Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal [Best RunnerUp]
  3. AZOR Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal [Best Budget]
  4. Lotmusic Electric Guitar Effects Digital Delay Pedal
  5. Donner Multi Digital Delay Effect Pedal

These pedals give you serious value for your money and deliver a punch almost like a “full-grown” stompbox.

While choosing the best delay pedal, I consider their size, weight, price, and overall versatility, etc. I’ll briefly talk about these aspects in the review. Stay tune:

Top 5 Best Delay Pedal under $50 Reviews [2021]

I want to start with the most popular delay pedal in this price range:

1. Donner Pure Analog Delay Effect Mini Pedal

Best Delay Pedal under $50

Main Features:

  • Weight: 240 gm
  • Delay Time: 20 ms to 600 ms
  • Yellow Aluminium-alloy classic Case
  • Clear, Plump & Smooth Delay Effect
  • Stable True Bypass System
  • Simple & Efficient Controls

Why I love this Pedal:

Although this Donner Pure Analog falls into the budget-friendly category, but offers you the excellent performance.

The one thing that everyone likes about this pedal is its small size, yellow aluminum alloy case. But when you plug this pedal, you can’t rescue your attention from the power of this bad boy.

This mono pedal comes with a stable True Bypass system which lets your instrument’s signal pass without adding any unwanted colors to it. This pedal has one input and two outputs (for effected and dry signals).

Although, Manufactures made enough stress to ensure that you use only a 5.5 diameter power plug with this pedal, otherwise it may lead to a loud buzzing sound.


The controls you’re getting here are simple but gives you maximum efficiency and most of the players don’t require anything more in a delay pedal.

This pedal comes with three knobs, Echo, Feedback, and Time. The Echo button determines the level of a delay effect, the Feedback knob allows you to control the number of repetitions you’ll hear at any given tempo whereas the time knob controls the time difference between those repetitions (delay time).


I think this is a very clean pedal in terms of its performance. It gives you quite a versatile delay effect with capabilities of 20 to 600 ms of delay time.

This is a simple to use and very adaptable delay pedal. From the portability to sound quality, this pedal is not going to let down in any way!

Sound demo:

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Stable True Bypass System
  • Great Low Price Tag 🙂
  • Strong Durable Aluminum Case
  • Simple & Effective Controls
  • Require 5.5 Power Chord Only (Which is not Included!)

If you’re willing to learn more about customer reviews and to explore the best deal, head over to Amazon NOW!.

2. Rowin Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

Best Delay Pedal under $50

Main Features:

  • Weight: 220 gm
  • Delay Time: 20 ms to 620 ms
  • Warm, Clean, and Smooth Delay Effects
  • Durable & Sturdy Zink Alloy Body
  • True Bypass System
  • Versatility & Portability
  • 3 Functional Knobs

Why I Choose this Pedal:

Looking just like the above pedal, This one comes with a durable Zink Allow sturdy body casing. It is, even more, lighter than the above one, which makes it even more portable and easy for you.

This pedal comes with a True Bypass system, which gives you a clean and transparent tone. Also, they attached one small LED bulb on the body which shows you the working state of the pedal.


Just like this above pedal, this one also comes with three control knobs echo, feedback, and time knob, which do their jobs properly.

The Echo knob allows you to control the amount of time for which the delayed sound will ring out whereas the Feedback knobs control the intensity of that delayed sound. And of course, you can adjust the delay time from 20 to 620 ms using the time knob.


As this is a truly analog pedal, it is capable of producing a positive feedback loop, which is considered a great sound to play to end your musical performance.

Overall, this is a great, versatile delay pedal under your budget, very simple and effective to use, and definitely worth at least your one shot!

Sound demo

  • Deliver Amazing Sound Quality
  • Excellent Analog Delay Effects
  • Sturdy, Durable Construction
  • Affordable Price 🙂
  • True Bypass System Included
  • Light-Weight & Small Size
  • Not Found!

You can grab this cheapest deal you’re getting on Amazon to buy this Rowin Analog delay pedal.

3. AZOR Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

Best Delay Pedal under $50

Main Features:

  • Weight: 230 gm
  • Delay Time: 25 ms to 600 ms
  • Clear, Plump & Smooth Delay Effect
  • Bucket Brigade Delay Line
  • Light-Weight Aluminum alloy Case
  • True Bypass for Minimum Tone Loss

Why I Choose this Pedal:

This Analog delay pedal from Azor comes with a strong body made from Light-Weight Aluminum alloy, which is very durable as compare to other materials used in pedals.

Also, you get to see a True Bypass system here, which ensure either no loss or minimum loss of tone by passing the signals clearly with zero tone coloration.


Just like above delay pedals, this pedal comes with a three control knobs namely Mix, Repeat and Time settings.

As name suggesting, The mix knob adjust the level of mixing of delayed signal with the original signal of your instrument. The repeat knob controls the delay of the feedback whereas Time knob allow you to control the delay time in the range of 25 ms to 600 ms.


All in all, this delay pedal provides you clear, plump, and very smooth delay effects in a very affordable price range. with its durable body and bucket brigade delay line, this pedal truly deserves its spot on your pedalboard.

Sound demo:

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Efficient Controlling Knobs
  • No Coloration through True Bypass
  • Clear & Smooth Delay Effect
  • Great Value Very Low Price Range 🙂
  • Less Versatile as Compare to #1 Option

If you want to explore more about this delay pedal, check out the best selling price of it on Amazon.

4. Lotmusic Electric Effects Digital Mini Delay Pedal

Best Delay Pedal under $50

Main Features:

  • Weight: 145 gm
  • Delay Time: 20 ms to 600 ms
  • Integrated Noise Reduction
  • Strong Aluminum Alloy Classic Body
  • True Bypass System
  • Three Knob Structure
  • 1/4 Input and Output Jack

Why I Choose this Pedal:

Even though this is a very budget-friendly delay pedal, but manufacturers don’t compromise on the build quality of it. It has a strong aluminum alloy casing with a nice stoving varnish finishing on the body.

This model also has an in-built True Bypass system, which maintains the flow of pure signals when the Digital Delay pedal disengaged, and thus minimizes the tone loss.

It has one input and one output jack where you required 1/4 inches instrument cable. Although this cable is not included in the package, easily available on Amazon for a very cheap price.


This delay pedal has different knobs than the above listings but the basic job is almost similar. Here you’ll get time, level, and repeat knobs.

The Time knob allows you to control the delaying time (from 20 ms to 600 ms), which is very common in any delay pedal. The level knob you’re getting here controls the mixing ratio of the original signal and the decaying signal.

Whereas the Repeat Knob adjust the intensity (number of repetitions at given tempo) of the delay sound.


This is a very light-weight and small body delay pedal which enhances your overall experience especially for playing side gigs here and there. It takes very less space on your pedalboard but gives you excellent sound effects.

Overall, this mini digital delay pedal gives you serious value for your money, and with its integrated noise reduction this is one of the best delay pedal to try for under 50 dollars.

Sound demo:

  • Amazing Sound Effects
  • Small Body & Light-Weight Pedal
  • Aluminum Alloy Body with Nice Finishing
  • Simple Yet Effective & Smooth Controls
  • Integrated Noise Reduction for Better Performance
  • Basic Delay Pedal (May be not Enough for Pros)

This pedal could be your primary choice, so better to check the latest price and other people’s reviews on Amazon.

5. Donner Multi Digital Delay Effect Pedal

Best Delay Pedal under $50

Main Features:

  • Weight: 200 gm
  • Delay Time: 20 ms to 838 ms
  • Comes with 7-Mode Delay Effects
  • Whole Aluminum-alloy classic Body
  • Digital Circuit Design with True Bypass
  • 1/4 ” Mono Input & Output Jack

Why I Choose this Pedal:

Another great delay pedal from Donner Brand, they launch with the name of Echo Square. This is a digital circuit pedal that comes with a strong, stable Whole Metal aluminum alloy classic body look like a little stomp box.

This is a multi-effect pedal, comes with 7 different modes of delay effects namely, Digital, Analog, Tape, Mod, Sweep, Lofi, and Reverse. Isn’t that amazing?

You can utilize all these modes to fill musical colors in your sound and that makes this pedal even more versatile.


Just like any other normal delay pedal, you get three function knobs here, Mix, Feedback, and Time control.

Mix knob allow you to control the ratio of mixing of dry and delayed signals. Time control used to adjust the delay time (in the range of 20 ms to more than 800 ms) whereas Feedback knob controls the intensity (or feedback) of the delay effect.


Coming towards performance, as you might guess it already, with all such amazing features, this pedal always going to perform its job in an excellent way.

especially I love the smoothness and clean sounding delay effect in a digital mode. If you’re looking for low budget high-quality delay pedal, you should try this pedal, buddy!

Sound Demo:

  • 7 Different Modes of Delay Effect
  • Whole Metal Durable Aluminum Body
  • Great Versatility & Portability
  • True Bypass for No Tone Loss
  • Easy to Use Knobs Setup
  • Micro Plastic Knobs Wouldn’t Hold to Rough Use

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Budget Delay Pedal under 50 Dollars

Here’s one small buying guide to help you to choose the perfect delay pedal from the above options according to your needs and style.

Analog Delay vs Digital Delay

There is a ongoing debate going on online between Analog delay pedals vs digital pedal. There are so many great pedals from each side to choose from. I’m not going to say one is better than other, because this is more of a personal preference kind of thing.

If you ask me, I personally love Analog Delay Pedals more as compare to the digital ones. Because analog pedals focus more on producing the good quality tone and work on one delay type.

On the other hand, As technology is growing rapidly, Digital pedals are not hanging back. They also gives you nice flexibility and their main focus is on providing different delay effect modes, presets, some other features.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know which type of pedal you should choose, pick any one of the types, you’re not going to be disappointed.

Build Quality

When it comes to the effect pedals, one thing you should always have to look for is, the build quality, materials and overall construction of the pedal.

Talking about delay pedals, you can go with either an Aluminum alloy body or Zink alloy body for under 50 dollars. Both metals give you a strong and durable case that will last for a long time.

Control Knobs

This is also one of the crucial factors that affect the versatility, ease of playability, and simplicity of the delay pedal.

Although under 50 dollars you’re not going to get lots of features, but the pedal you pick must have at least basic knobs that allow you to control delay time, the intensity of delay effect level, and its feedback.


What is the Best Delay Pedal Under $50?

You Might Already guess it:

Donner Pure Analog is the best delay pedal to buy for under 50 dollars price range. With its light-weight aluminum alloy case and efficient controls, It gives a clean and smooth delay effect.


I want to know which delay pedal do you like the most? please share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, share what is that one thing do you like the most? this will help other peoples to make their decision more wisely.

Also, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family on your social handle. Keep Enjoying your Music!

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