Top 5 Best Chorus Pedals for Bass (2021 Reviews)

Are you looking for the best chorus pedal for your bass guitar? Do you also want to get a slightly thicker sound from the single signal of bass? Here I have a great deal for you.

Here I have come up with the updated list of the top 5 best chorus pedals that can improve the performance of your bass music.

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So, What are the Best Chorus Pedals for Bass to Buy in 2021?

  1. BOSS Bass Chorus Guitar Pedal
  2. MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe Pedal
  3. Ampeg Bass Liquifier Chorus Effect Pedal
  4. Electro-Harmonix Clone Bass Chorus Pedal
  5. JOYO JF-05 Classic Chorus Guitar Pedal

Along with the sound quality and solid construction of the chorus pedal, you also need to consider the overall playability and versatility while choosing the one for you. Let get into each of them:

Let’s start:

Top 5 Best Chorus Pedals for Bass Reviews [Updated]

I am starting this list with the most awesome chorus pedal:

1. BOSS Bass Chorus Guitar Pedal

best chorus pedal for bass

Main Features:

  • Weight: 499 gm
  • Split-Frequency Chorus Effect
  • Offer Warm & Rich Sound
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Gives Precise Tonal Shaping
  • Effect Level, Low Filter, Rate & Depth knobs
  • Quality Knobs for Smooth Operation

Why I Love this Pedal:

This is one of my go-to chorus pedals for my bass guitar. This CEB-3 pedal offers you a split-frequency chorus effect that is able to give you a warm and kind of rich-sounding tone.

This is a digital chorus pedal that is known for its transparent and smooth sound. I love how it chorusing to the higher frequencies of your sound without muddying up the lows.

Coming toward the easiness of this pedal, Personally, I find this chorus pedal very easy to dial, depend upon how much or how less effect you want.


Here you’re getting four control knobs on the top side which allow you to control the level, Low Filter, Rate, and Depth of your sound, so you can shape your music with more precision.

Also, they put a small LED light underneath each control knob which tells you how that knob is affecting your sound. This small feature comes in very handy, especially when you’re in the dark and on-stage.


Talking about performance, this BOSS pedal allows you to create chorus effects from a subtle shimmer to a heavily modulated sound. You can also run this pedal in a stereo mode where you can create synth sound and it opens up the range completely.

Overall, I think this is the best chorus pedal for every bassist looking for great value at an affordable price.

Check the Demo:

  • Excellent Build-Quality!
  • Thicken up your Bass!
  • Customizable Classic Chorus Effects
  • Amazing Clean Sounding Tone
  • Quality Stereo Output
  • True Bypass not Included!

If you’re willing to check more on other customer reviews and check the best deal, head over to Amazon.

2. MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe Pedal

best chorus pedal for bass

Main Features:

  • Weight: 450 gm
  • Analog bucket-brigade Technology
  • Separate Bass & Treble Control Knobs
  • Comes with Flanger and X-Over Mode
  • Buttons with LED Status Indicators
  • TRS Stereo Hardwire Bypass-Mode
  • Ease in Control Panel

Why I Choose this Pedal:

This is another great chorus pedal from high-end that offers great playability with serving up shimmering, liquid chorus, and swooshing metallic flanger effects.

It comes with a Pure analog Bucket-Brigade technology that offers you nice effects while keeping the punch and fundamental to the low end of your music.


Coming towards the Controlling Knobs, the first thing I want to mention is the BASS knob which allows you to alter the amount of low-end that is being amplified.

Whereas, for doing the same thing with high-end frequencies, you’re getting a treble knob. between these two controllers, they put Flanger and X-Over Mode buttons. These buttons allow you modulation in low frequencies for playing upper register chords, melodies.

Also, you get three knobs namely intensity, rate, and width, which control the amount of chorus, speed, and range of modulation sweeps respectively.


I highly recommend this chorus pedal to you (If performance matters the most other than anything else!). It comes with everything you need to create the most distinctive and expressive chorus effects.

From build quality to its ease of control panel, everything is amazing and This chorus pedal is definitely worth your at least one shot.

Check the Demo:

  • Very Expressive Chorus Effects
  • Provide Great Versatility
  • Easy to Use Control Knobs
  • Amazing Flanger and X-Over Mode
  • Gives Wide Stereo Sound
  • X-Over Mode May Feel too Intensive

If you like this MXR chorus pedal, check the latest selling price on Amazon.

3. Ampeg Bass Liquifier Chorus Effect Pedal

best chorus pedals for bass

Main Features:

  • Weight: 340 gm
  • Dual Chorus Circuit Design
  • Solid Build Construction
  • Amazing Rich Chorus Tones
  • Easy to Use Simple Interface
  • Offers Nice Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Why I Choose this Pedal:

The Ampeg Bass liquefier is another chorus pedal I like for my bass guitar. It comes with a dual chorus design and is thus able to deliver you very nice and incredible rich-sounding tones.

It has a Roadworthy all-metal chassis with a very solid build construction, on which you can rely for a pretty much longer time. I like its purple color analog design with excellent sound.


Coming towards the control panel of this pedal, It has a very simple user interface without any fluff having only three essential knobs on the top.

Here you’re getting a rate, depth, and effect level control knob that allow you to control the rate of modulation, depth in your music, and level of chorus effect (dry or wet) respectively.


Although, this chorus pedal is designed for a bass guitar but with its lush trim of low-end frequencies makes it suitable for your guitar too.

Overall, if you’re looking for an analog gigging chorus pedal at an affordable price that allows you to match anything from pop to grunge, this is the perfect option for you.

Check the Demo:

  • Excellent Build Construction
  • Zero Tone Cancellation
  • Offers Amazing Versatility
  • Light-Weight & Easy to Use
  • Balanced Signal to Noise Ratio
  • There’s no Stereo

If you want to check more on customer reviews, check out this amazing deal you’re getting on Amazon.

4. Electro-Harmonix Clone Bass Chorus Pedal

best chorus pedals for bass

Main Features:

  • Weight: 630 gm
  • Gives Accurately Articulated Bottom-End
  • 4 Control Knob with X-Over Mode
  • Nice Looking, Durable Metal Body
  • True-Bypass Switching for Maximum Signal
  • Work on Both Battery & Power Supply

Why I Choose this Pedal:

Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone is another great chorus pedal available in the market that allows you to sound superb without opening your pocket too much.

This chorus pedal comes with so many amazing features that set apart the other competitors within its price range.

It has an X-over mode included which allows you to ignore the low-frequencies and add chorus only to mid and high range frequencies. This is the most amazing way to cut through your mix with the lowest tones.


One of the main reasons I included this pedal on this list is, It’s a simple yet effective range of controls. On the front side, you get to see four control knobs with a single switch between them.

This chorus pedal allows you to play with the rate, depth, bass level, and treble of your music and the switch between them is for the X-over mode. This pedal provides you enough versatility by allowing you to mess with the intensity of the effect and its speed.


Coming towards the performance of this pedal, This pedal is able to bring diversity to the treble knob. This pedal allows you to experiment with different combinations to get the sound effect you’re looking for.

Along with that, It has a True-Bypass mode which allows you to pass the signal without adding any colors to the next pedal on your pedal-board.

Check the Demo:

  • Amazing Range of Chorus Tones
  • Available at Affordable Price 🙂
  • Allow Noise-less Operations
  • High-Quality Build Construction
  • Versatile yet Simple to Use
  • Treble has some Hiss at Max. Setting
  • Battery Changing

If you want to explore more about this chorus pedal, check out this great deal you’re getting on Amazon NOW!

5. JOYO JF-05 Classic Chorus Guitar Pedal

best chorus pedal for bass

Main Features:

  • Weight: 440 gm
  • Quality Aluminum Casing
  • Crisp & Transparent Chorus Effect
  • Simple Two Knob Interface
  • Minimum Toneloss with True-Bypass

Why I Choose this Pedal:

Joyo is one of the well-known brands in the industry when things came down to pedals. Joyo Pedals always manage to deliver amazing sound quality and this JF-05 is not an exception to this.

This chorus pedal comes with a standard package of features that gives you a dimensional tone that almost feels like your instrument has an extended range of strings.

This pedal also has a True-Bypass system that won’t suck the frequencies nor add any coloration to the signals, which is amazing at such a low price pedal.


Coming towards the control section, You’re only getting two control knobs here, Rate and Width. I know, you’ll be lack some controls here, But you need to understand the price range of this pedal.

And, If you look at the positive side of this, This arrangement makes this pedal very simple to use, you don’t have to make so much tweaking to adjust the tone, which makes this pedal ideal for beginners.


With its well-built circuit design, this pedal easily detects lower frequencies and adds a beautiful chorus effect to your sound that complements your words.

This pedal easily thickens and fatten your sound really nicely and creates an illusion just like your bass has an electric extension. Overall, this chorus pedal offers you great value in a very affordable price range.

Check the Demo:

  • Ideal for Beginner Players!
  • Offers Lovely Chorus Effect
  • Lowest Price on this List 🙂
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Gives Dimensional Tones
  • Made-in-China
  • Not that Versatile

You can grab this cheapest deal on Amazon to learn more about this beginner-friendly chorus pedal.

How to Choose the Best Bass Chorus Pedal for Yourself?

Even though chorus pedals are pretty simple to use and almost never get wrong with any pedal but still I am providing this small buying guide to help.

1. Build Quality:

Just like any other bass pedal, the build quality of the pedal is one of the crucial factors you need to consider while choosing the one for yourself.

A good bass chorus pedal should come with a sturdy and durable strong metal case body that will last for years to come. That’s why I always suggest sticking with the big brands that take care of this on their own.

2. True Bypass System

A true Bypass system is very much important when you start adding more and more pedals into your signal chain. True bypass allows the pedal to pass the signal as it is, without any coloration.

3. Versatility of Pedal

If you take look at a load of options available in the market, you get a different combination of controlling knobs on them. Some have more, some have fewer knobs depending on the brand and price range.

As a thumb rule, A good chorus pedal should have a rate, depth, and level knob which will give you the ability to experiment with your music and get the most out of your pedal.


What is the Best Chorus Pedal for Bass in 2021?

As I already Mentioned:

Chorus Bass Pedal by BOSS is my favorite chorus pedal to buy in 2021. With its easy to dial split frequency chorus effect, it provides a warm and rich-sounding tone.

But, maybe that’s what I like? I want to know which chorus pedal do you like the most from this list? What factor is more important for you while choosing the chorus pedal?

I want you to put all your thoughts down in the comment section, this way you also help other readers to make decisions more clearly. Also, don’t forget to share this list with your friends on your social handles, to help me!!! 🙂

Keep Playing!!!

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