5 Best Bass Guitars for Metal Reviewed [2021 Updated]

There are so many bass guitar models available in the market but all of them can’t be used for playing metal. One needs to be very specific while choosing the best bass guitars for metal.

After tasting hundreds of bass models, I come up with this list of 5 bass guitars that provide you excellent playability and some serious value for your money.

So, What Are the Best Bass Guitars for Playing Metal?

Just checking the listing wouldn’t going to help you with your music. I recommend going through each bass and its features and make your decision wisely. Also, check out the little buying guide I provided in the last of this article.

Let see:

Top 5 Best Bass Guitars for Metal Reviews [Updated]

Here I want to start with the most awesome bass model:

1. Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass Guitar

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ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Bass Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Seymour Duncan split P Pickup
  • Fender’s  Hi-Mass Bridge Configuration
  • Modern ‘C’ Shape Neck Profile
  • Chrome Finished Quality Hardware
  • Versatile Control Circuit Setup
  • Rolled Fingerboard Edges

Why I Choose this Bass:

Who doesn’t know about Fender’s guitars? They are not popular only for their built quality but also for their exceptional performance and versatility. And point to note, this model is definitely not an exception to these things.

The moment you pick up this bass, you’ll notice its weight, cause this is a solid instrument that you can stick into for quite a long time without any worry. A two-piece hefty body of Maple is given here coated with a glossy white polyester finishing on it.

Electronics and Hardware:

Here Fender is giving you Steve Harris Seymour Duncan SPB-4 pickup which is known for its unique style and tone. and to control this precision split-coil pickup, you’re getting one master volume control knob and one master tone control knob.

In terms of hardware, here you have a fender hi-mass bridge configuration that will take care of the stability of the strings and vintage style open-gear tuning machines by fender to help you with keeping this bad boy in tune. The hardware of this model comes with a chrome finishing, looking amazing, and performs even better.

Ease in Playability:

Coming towards the neck area, this bass comes with a U-shaped Maple neck profile combined with a matching fingerboard also made of Maple. This profile feels awesome while playing due to its excellent glossy urethane finishing.

Although this model has a fully shaped neck, it doesn’t even lack a bit in terms of playability. The rolled fingerboard edges give you the next level of comfort whereas 19 mm string spacing allows you some room to dig in.

Check the Demo Sound:


  • Solid Durable Bass Guitar
  • Excellent String Stability with Hi-Mass Bridge
  • Comfortable C-shape Neck Profile
  • Fingerboard Rolled Edges Feels Great
  • Versatile & Excellent Sounding Tone
  • High-Quality Electronics


  • Price May feel Little Higher

Bottom Line:

If you like this highly valued amazing bass guitar model by Fender, you can check the latest selling price you’re getting on Amazon.

2. Yamaha TRBX204 GRM 4-String Bass Guitar

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ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Active Preamp
  • Light-Weight Basswood Body
  • Split Single Coil Pickup Configuration
  • Effective 4-control Circuit
  • Faster Maple Neck Profile
  • Vintage Style Bridge Setup
  • Diecast Tuning Machines

Why I Love this Bass:

One of the main reasons why I put this Yamaha TRBX204 model on the top of this list is, This bass creates tones way above its price range. With an Amazing build and quality control under Yamaha, this model is always ready to bang the stage.

I really love the way it holds the low-end spectrum of the tones. With an Active preamp system, an Amazing tonewood combination, stable tuning machines, and stylish-looking cutaway design, this bass is definitely hard to beat!

Along with its excellent electronics, it has a 4-control circuit, this bass is able to deliver you a wide range of sounds and allow you to create that fat juicy, and rough tone required for the metal genre.

Electronics and Hardware:

Talking about the Control panel, it has a 4-control circuit that has controlling knobs for master volume, balance, and a 2-band equalizer, that allows you to create that more aggressive tone everyone looking for in Metal.

This bass has a standard setup of P-bass dual active pickups: One single coil at the bridge and one split-coil at the neck position. The overall quality of the hardware is also great and do their job pretty well, especially its vintage-style bridge and tuning machines.

Ease in Playability:

Coming towards my favorite part of the review, It has a bolt-on neck profile made of Maple that is really very comfortable to hold. It continues with a rosewood fretboard having 24 frets, which feels okay while playing. Overall tonewood combination is great and definitely enhances the overall playability of this bass.

The bottom line, This is solid quality bass with an active preamp system, which delivers you an excellent sounding tone. Everything makes this the best bass guitar for playing metal.

Check the Demo Sound:


  • Amazing Quality Control by Yamaha
  • Stylish Deep Cutaway Design Body
  • Active Preamp System
  • Comfortable Maple Neck Profile
  • Dual P-Style Pickup Configuration
  • Vintage Style Bridge


  • The Output is not as Strong as Humbuckers

Bottom Line:

If you find this bass guitar model by Yamaha interesting, you should check this amazing deal you’re getting from this Amazon listing.

3. Squier by Fender Affinity Series Precision Electric Bass

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07B6PZG4L&Format= SL320 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=scoreguitar04 20&language=en US

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Smooth, Light-Weight Poplar Body
  • P/J Dual Pickup Configuration
  • Comfortable C-shaped Maple Neck
  • Fixed Bridge with Four Adjustable Saddles
  • Standard Control Circuit Setup
  • Die-Cast Tuning Machine

Why I Pick this Bass:

Here we come towards one of the very famous brands in the music industry, Feder. This Squier Affinity series bass could be one of your great investments if you’re looking for something that gives you a superb combination of excellent build quality along with amazing performance and that too in a reasonable price range.

This model comes with an Alder wood body in the standard classic shape of Fender. Build quality seems to be fine and intonation is great, right out of the box.

Electronics and Hardware:

Coming towards the hardware section, Here I find the average quality hardware. A fixed vintage-style fixed bridge with fully adjustable four saddles along with the standard die-cast tuning machines. But that doesn’t mean, this is a cheap quality bass. Components are good enough to serve you unless you push them outside of their comfort.

This model from the Affinity series comes with a combination of precision and jazz pickups, that gives delivers a good amount of output and a clear-sounding tone. For the control circuit, here you’re getting two separate volume control knobs for each pickup and one master tone controlling knob that affects both the pickups.

Ease in Playability:

The neck profile you’re getting here is also standard (which is obvious according to the affordable pricing they are offering!). Here you’re getting a C-shaped neck profile made from Maple wood continued with a rosewood fretboard having medium jumbo frets.

This bass gives you a wide range to work with and I would say a decent output one can expect from the budget-friendly bass guitar. By considering the number of great features they are offering at such a low price, this bass is surely going to comply with your expectations.

Check the Demo Sound:


  • Excellent Quality control by Fender
  • Stylish Looking Poplar Body
  • Versatile P/J Pickup Configuration
  • Adjustable Saddles for String Stability
  • Simple to use Control Circuit
  • C-shaped fast Maple Neck


  • Minor Issues with Hum & Noise

Bottom Line:

If you want to check more on customer reviews and to get the cheapest deal, head over to Amazon.

4. Schecter Hellraiser Extreme 4-String Bass Guitar

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00740AVDK&Format= SL280 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=scoreguitar04 20&language=en US

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Scale Length: 34 Inches
  • Light-Weight Basswood Body
  • Ebony Fretboard with 24 Frets
  • Versatile EMG 35TW Pickups
  • TonePros EMG active 18v B64 3-band EQ
  • 2 Master Volume Controls
  • Multi-ply Walnut & Maple Neck

Why I Like this Bass:

Another Excellent Bass by Schecter Hellraiser got the runner-up position on this list. This model absolutely kills everyone in terms of value and the different features it is providing.

With the lightweight basswood body, this bass feels so solid and gives an unbelievably low end for playing metal. And that makes this model perfect for playing with a pick to get fat and rough sound of the metal genre.

When you plug this bad boy into a solid Amp along with the descent effect pedals, you’ll notice the massive thump and very refined solid tone, best suited for heavier riffs or classic metal.

Electronics and Hardware:

This bass comes with an EMG 35TW pickup combination that gives amazing versatility and tonal properties. Coming towards the control circuit, A pretty standard control setup is available here that allows shaping the tone in a very interesting way.

It has two master volume controlling knobs, one for each pickup along with the TonePros EMG active 18v B64 3-band EQ, which increases the versatility of this bass even more.

This model featuring a custom string-thru-body design that provides you the next level of sustain. Also, Tuners are made by Grover are included here that keep this bass in tune.

Ease in Playability:

Along with all such superb features, It has a U-shaped slim neck profile made from one-piece Maple with glossy polyester finishing on it. This configuration not only gives you a light and comfortable neck but also enhances the playability and delivers an excellent solid tone.

Overall, If you’re looking for one great bass that comes with stylish looks, amazing build quality, and great performance, this could be one of the perfect choices for you.

Check the Demo Sound:


  • Versatile EMG Pickups
  • Slim, Comfortable, & Fast Neck Profile
  • Stable Intonation along the Bridge
  • Effective Control Circuit Setup
  • Overall Great Build Quality


  • Not Found!

Bottom Line:

If you like this great valued bass guitar, check out the latest selling price on Amazon.

5. Epiphone “Toby” 4 String Electric Bass Guitar

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B005HGPXIG&Format= SL280 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=scoreguitar04 20&language=en US

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Scale Length: 34 Inches
  • Unique Ergonomic Body Shape
  • Radiata Body with Maple Neck
  • Ultra Powerful Tobias SC Pickups
  • Great Tonexpressor Electronics System
  • Four-Control Knobs Switch Board

Why I Like this Bass:

Toby is mostly popular for its excellent quality of high-end bass guitars, but here they come up with the beginner-friendly guitar that gives you excellent performance without opening your pocket too much.

You can consider this as a Standard bass that comes with almost all the essential features that one needs to get started with a bass guitar. Coming towards the design, it has a very interesting, sleek body shape that makes it very comfortable to hold.

The Radiata wood is used by the manufacture here which is quite rare and gives a kind of unique enhancement in the tone. Also, a fully adjustable bridge system is provided here which gives you nice string stability as well as nice intonation and flexibility with sound.


Although this model doesn’t come with Active electronics, it has bass and treble controlling knobs that allow you to create those thick riffs required for metal. That means you can control your tone shaping almost like an active system without worrying about battery or anything.

Talking about Electronics, it has a set of TBT Dual Rail Humbucker pickups (Tobias SCR at the neck and Tobias SCT at neck position) that are able to deliver you a versatile and amazing sounding tone. Also, here you get four controlling knobs, master volume, treble cut, bass cut, and pickup switch that allow you to shape your tone however you want.

Ease in Playability:

Coming towards my favorite part, A Bolt-on neck profile made of Maple wood. Although it feels like little asymmetrical but feels so comfortable and faster while playing due to its thin neck design. This neck area is attached to a fretboard made of rosewood (without any fret markers).

If you’re looking for a bass guitar for the metal genre with somewhat low-budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality and performance side much, this is the best choice for you to go with.

Check the Demo Sound:


  • Comfortable Sleek Body Design
  • Light-Weight & Sleem body of Radiata
  • Affordable Price Range 🙂
  • Gives great String Stability!
  • Nice Intonation & Flexibility with Tone
  • Versatile Dual Humbuckers
  • Thin, Faster Maple Neck Profile


  • Not the best on this List!

Bottom Line:

If you find this bass guitar interesting, check out this great deal currently running on Amazon.

How you can choose the Best Bass Guitar for Metal?

You want to get a perfect bass for yourself to play metal music but don’t know where to start! This is the section where I will talk about different aspects that you need to consider before buying any bass guitar.

Let’s start:

Four Strings vs Five Strings:

Even if everything seems to be okay but one question came to every bass player, whether a four-string bass or a five-string should I get?

As you already know what kind of music do you want to get into, all confusion boils down to how low or how high you want your sound to be?

If you’re a beginner bass player or didn’t know much about bass things, I would strongly recommend you to stick with a 4-string bass guitar. If you want to have a normal range of things to do with your bass and don’t want to get into the complicated things yet, 4-string bass is always the best choice for you.

Of course with 4-string bass, you have lesser options to explore in terms of lower frequencies, but it really does make it easier to play as compared to the 5-string bass guitar. And if you really want to play those lower frequencies, you can tune your bass down to do so.

Basically, When it comes to the metal genre, your creativity and imagination matter most than the number of strings tied to your instrument.

Preamp for Metal:

When it comes down to the bass preamp, there are two options only: An active preamp or a passive preamp. If you don’t know what preamp is, It allows you to shape your tone on the bass itself using two or three-band EQ controllers.

Passive bass preamps are just awesome and they are always going to be my favorite but as we are talking about Metal music here, I recommend going with Active Preamp, as it gives you more flexibility to create the sound you want.

Are Jazz Basses good for Metal?

Although Jazz basses are developed for Jazz musicians, it’s just a type of guitar that distinguishes basses in terms of their shape and style. One can play metal or any other genre with the help of one good bass processor.

If you’re interested in the idea of Jazz basses and want to explore more about them, here’s one of my articles where I discuss the top 5 best Jazz bass models available in the market.


What is the Best Bass Guitar for Playing Metal in 2021?

As you might already guess:

The best bass to buy for playing the metal genre in 2021 is Fender Steve Harris P Bass. With its unique style versatile electronics, high-quality hardware, solid body construction, comfortable neck profile, it leaves all the competitors way behind in the game.

But wait, don’t you think that this might be my way of seeing towards metal music?

I want to know, which bass guitar model do you like the most from the above list? What are the different factors that are important to you while choosing the best bass guitar for yourself? This way not only your mind will get clear but it also helps other readers of this blog to make their decision even more clearly!

So, don’t forget to put down your valuable thoughts. Also, share this list of great bass guitars with your friends and families on your social handles.

Keep enjoying your Music!

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