5 Best Bass Amps for Beginners: Its Professionals Choice

Hey guys, if you are looking for a new Bass Amp for your guitar then this article is your last stop.

After analyzing lots of reviews, finally I figure out the top 5 Best bass amps for beginners.

I know, for some of you this may be your first amp. And if you’re you are worried and sensible for your first bass amp, that’s totally normal. but trust me guys I am not going to disappoint you.

But still, before making any choice I will suggest you read reviews carefully because self-satisfaction is always important.

If you have the best amp bass then it will ultimately be going to improve your music and kind of inspire you to play more and more.

I also included a section of things to consider before am Amp in this article in last, make sure you read that to get perfect Amp for yourself.

So what are we waiting for, let’s go:

Top 5 Best beginner Bass Amps Reviews

Let’s start with my personal favorite:

1. Fender Rumble 100 V3 Bass Combo Amp

Special Features:

  • Lighter in weight but louder in sound than previous models.
  • It is a 100-watt bass combo amp
  • Housed in classic fender black and silver grill in front.
  • Has a great range of sound from smooth to extra gritty overdrives.
  • Output as well as input jack are at the back of the bass.
  • It is for effects, headphones, recording, and with a direct input XLR line out.
  • It has gain control for channel switching to go from bright, contour to vintage.
  • It has a 1×12” inch custom speaker.

I can say this confidently that fender rumble is one of best bass amp series. This is best selling series ever.

When they launched the newer V3 version it not only make bass player surprised but also exceeded everyone expectations.

Fender rumble is a successful and well known series due to some reasons such as it is not so expensive. Its price is affordable to almost each and everyone.

As being small in size it does not take too much space. Even if it is small still it is loud and this is the best thing about this bass amp.

Fender rumble 100 bass amp is 100 watt model. It has1×12” inch custom speaker. Just like an 40 watt version3, 100 watt version also has lot to offers to carving out the tones.

Most of beginners prefer this bass amplifier.

  • It is affordable to almost everyone( not so expensive)nSmall in size but loud in soundnIt comes with a Headphone Jack
  • It is not made for the Pro Players

2. Ampeg BA108V2 20-Watt 8″ Bass Combo Amplifier

Special Features:

  • You can clearly hear notes without increasing too much volume.
  • It is versatile bass to use it at home, for rehearsal, or even at the stage.
  • A huge amount of control while mixing the signals.
  • Controls are very Easy and Simple.

This series is well known for its identical price and its product range, which is just like Hartke’s HD line. Not only they have the great bass for a stage but also they have lots of best models for beginners and Ampeg BA-108 v2 is one of them.

Ampeg bass is best for practicing at home by using headphones or by low volume. Even you can also play it with the band and also plugin another cab if you needed.

Ampeg BA-108 v2 is an innovative tilt design it means that you can keep this bass on floor and still hear it while practicing.

So if you hate using headphones then this bass is for you. Control of this bass is very easy and simple with a 3-band EQ and a volume knob.

If you are worried about Can we play guitar on stage using this bass amp? Then here is the good news, yes it is possible.

Just plug your PA system into your XLR line out, use your combo as a stage monitor, and now you are ready to rock the stage.

There are 2 auxiliary inputs ( 1/4” and 1/8”) and also had a separate level control for such inputs.

It simply means that you have a great and huge control while mixing the signal from your bass and the signal from your other device. If you do not want to mix signal it is fine you just simply plug in and also play the guitar.

  • Can buy it at Identical Price.nGreat Bass Amp for Beginner.nIt has an Innovative Tilt DesignnGreat tilt back design
  • It Tend to Rattle Sometime.

3. Hartke HD 150 Bass Combo Amp

Special Features:

  • It is a 150-watt amplifier
  • If you want to mix the signals for live and studio setting there is an XLR direct input.
  • It has a hybrid paper aluminum speaker of 15″ inch.
  • Bass has built-in-limiter which makes sure that operation is at a safe level.
  • For a minute tone adjustment, it has seven-band graphic EQ.
  • Brilliant top mount panel controls.
  • The amplifier has a full effect loop.

Hey guys, if you are looking for a bedroom bass than without thinking too much, choose the bass from the Hartke series. You will get a pretty much good deal under 100$ in this series.

They are well known for there unique speakers. The best thing about this speakers is that they are made from 2 different materials.

This two materials are paper and aluminium. According to hartke they combined the warmth and roughness of paper with a punch and attack of aluminium.

Bass legend Victor Wooten used the bass from this series. If they are happy and satisfied with it then I am sure enough you are also going to love it.

It is pack with 150 watt power voice out on a 15” inch hybrid paper aluminum speaker. It has a brilliant top mount panel controls.

Along with this for a minute tone adjustment it has seven band graphic EQ. It has an amazingly clean and loving tone. So it does not matters which kind of music style you like to play.

There are no rules and complaints at all. You can play anything you want and at any volume. Along with all this there is also other features which definetly going to make you happy.

It’s amp have a full effect loop. There has output jack for headphone which help you for silent practice, stereo aux input is for playing with a tracks through Mp3 player.

  • Speakers are Unique and Awesome.nPerefect Amp for Bedroom Practice.nCan Play Any type of Music Style at Any VolumenGood Value at Affordable Price.nSide Carry Handles are Included
  • Doesn’t Do so Well on Lower Ranges

4. Gallien-Krueger MB110

Special feature:

  • It has a power of 100 watts
  • it has a contour button and 4-band EQ.
  • it has a 1×10″ inch speaker
  • It has a power switch and an attenuator pad, which always alerts you when it has dirty power.
  • To drive an MBP series it has a chain output.
  • It has top panel control with a closed cabinet.

May be you are not that much familier with this series. But if you ask me they are great.

Bass amp of this model are loud and clean looking. It has all that features which a bassist wants in his/her bass.

Most of bassist get influenced just because of its excellent features.

This bass Amp is launched after a long leap so we can say it is the most awaited bass amp of this brand.

It has a power of a 100 watt. Along with a 1×10″ inch speaker. This bass is best not only for practice but also for playing small gigs.

It has an beautiful and clean tone with a with a contour button and 4-band EQ. To drive a MBP series it has an chain output.

Best thing is that it has top panel control with a closed cabinet. It has a power switch and an attenuator pad which always alert you when it has a dirty power.

However there is limited and few option for beginner players. But it does not matter to much beacause it’s amazing and lovely tone.

  • Best for Practice and Playing Gigs.nLoud Sound with Clean LooknIt has a Amazing and Clean TonenIt is Perfect and Excellent for Newbies
  • Few options to play with

5. Blackstar Bass Combo Amplifier Fly 3 Bass (Black)

Special Feature:

  • It has a power of 3 watt with a three inch speaker.
  • Its Amplifier works on battery.
  • It is a mini bass amplifier.
  • Best for person who travels a lot.

It is a very small bass amp. Weight of this mini bass amplifier, not even 2 pounds.

It has a power of 3 watts with a three-inch speaker. Even if a bass amp is small in size still it sounds awesome.

Its amplifier works on battery. It gives the best value for money. Being small it doesn’t take too much space.

Trust me guys this is one of the most inexpensive bass amp and still I included in this list due to its perdormance.

If you’re looking for a cheaper bass Amp, I think you should take this without any doubt.

Along with it’s price, I prefer this bass amp because of its sounds double than its size.

It is easy to carry here and there so if you are a person who travels a lot then without thinking too much buy the Blackstar Fly 3 Bass.

You may buy a big bass amp in future but if you are a beginner then buying a fly bass is not a bad choice.

I have seen lots of guitarists who started with this bass as they are easy to carry and handle. If you don’t want to mess with big amps and just want to handle a guitar then I will definitely suggest you buy this bass amp.

  • Sounds Double than its Size.nIt is Available at Cheaper Price.nDoesn’t Take too Much Space.nEasy to Carry and Handle.nPerfect bass Amp while Travelling.
  • Not as Good as other Bigger Bass Amp

Things to Consider before Choose Best Bass Amp for you (Buying Guide)

As choosing a bass amp is somewhere a difficult task because they are lots of option in front of you.

Don’t worry too much, as I am going to tell you how to choose your bass amp. Only you have to consider some specific things before making any kind of choice.

Let’s start:

1. Your Budget:

Firstly keep in mind the price of your bass amp, And choose the best and perfect guitar according to your budget.

If you have a low budget then do not worry too much you can still find the best amp. But you have to do some research on it.

Wait Wait! guys if you have a high budget still there is a need for research. You have to do some comparisons before choosing the best amp for you. Because expensive is not always the best and cheap is not always the worst.

2. Tone of Amp:

You have to see how the amp sounds with an EQ flat. Is it good, or excellent? Then check the versatility of tones.

Is amp offers you a lot of tones? The main reason I am telling you to check this is that, if it is versatile in tones then you can play any different type of music style.

So in the future, if you want to do an experiment with your music then there is no need for any new bass amp.

Because I believe that, if you care about today then your day will be good and if you care for your future then your life becomes beautiful.

However, the last decision is up to you.

3. Volume of Amp:

Now the next step is: You have to check the loudness of amp.

If you want to do practice at home or want to perform on stage with a band then check is it possible if you take this bass amp.

And sometimes it happens that some bass looks best and awesome from outside but in reality, it sounds disappointing. So read the details of each bass amp neatly and analyze the pros and cons and then make a decision.

4. Features Available:

According to me, it is the most important thing. You have to read the features of each bass amp carefully.

How many EQ knob it has, is it direct or not. Does that amp have any cool or unique features? Is that feature is useful to you?

5. Construction of Amp:

Look at the weight of bass amp is it easy to carry. Do you have space to keep that bass?

Along with this Check the look of it, however, looks also matter. Do not take complex constructed bass amp choose simple but best, because less is always more.

And at last, make sure that you are satisfied with the bass amp.

Final Thought On Best Bass Amps for Beginners

So this is my article for today guys. I hope you like it and I wish I help you to choose your perfect amp bass.

Before choosing anything read its features neatly. Make sure that you are happy with your decision.

I have tried my best for finding this top 5 bass amp. Think twice before buying anything. Don’t forget to tell me your decision in the comments.

If you have any questions related to the info given by me then ask me. I am surely going to help you. Stay happy and feel music…

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