5 Best Bass Amp Under 100 Dollars [2022 Reviews]

While trying to find the best bass amp under 100, there are few components to be considered since the music industry has grown up a lot in the past few years. After looking at 32 different amps, here are the best of the best you should check out in 2022.

This guide will be going over personal reviews of the amps, specifications, pros/cons of each one, and overall what each model will be good for.

Top 5 Best Bass Amp Under 100 Dollars Reviews

After testing out with almost 14 bass amplifiers, here’re my best recommendations:

1. Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

image of fender rumble 25 bass amp

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Single 8″ Custom Speaker with Fender Special Design that Provides some Serious Bass Punching
  • Basement-Friendly Compact, Light-weight, and Portable 25-Watt Amplifier
  • Standard Volume Control, 3-Band EQ Knobs along with a Mid-scoop push-button contour switch
  • Switchable Overdrive Circuit is Available for Extra Aggression in the Tone


  • Comes with Lots of Amazing Specs at an Affordable Price which is Perfect for Beginner Bassists
  • Compact, Portable Amp with Sturdy Construction Allows you for Heavy Use
  • Controls Do Provide you Significantly Amount of Tone Shaping Options
  • Switchable Overdrive Circuit, In Addition to Standard Volume Knob and EQ Knobs
  • Backed by Fender’s Warranty Card


  • You Need to Buy Instrument Cable Separately
  • Its Small Speaker do show some Distortion if you Overdo the Volume

Why I Love this Bass Amp:

Fender is one of the most sought-after bass amp manufacturers around the world and is known for its high-quality, high-end bass amplifiers. Let see if this classic rumble 25 provides any value for your money:

Here we’re looking at the 3rd version of the Fender Rumble Amp unit that comprises 25 watts of power and delivers a great sounding bass tone through its 8 inches custom single speaker designed by the Fender itself.

Words like “Specially Designed” are mostly for marketing purposes that make things sound better than they are, but with the latest versions of Rumble amps, I genuinely notice some great improvements in their designs and overall quality of sound.

One thing that surprises me a little is, the amount of air and tone I could get from this smaller speaker. Although it shows little distortion in the sound if you overdo the volume, but relatively it performs just amazingly.

Heading towards the control panel, it comes with simple 3-band EQ knobs (Bass, Mid, and Treble), a standard master volume control, a switchable overdrive circuit, and a mid-scoop contour push-button that emphasis the highs and lows of your tone.

The control layout seems to be fairly straightforward, easy to get used to for any beginner, situated on the top side of the amp, giving you easy access to the soft-touch rotary knobs.

Also, it has a 1/8″ AUX input jack that makes this unit great for practicing purposes. Auxiliary input allows you to hook your phone or other media devices to amp and play the music you’re practicing or the backing tracks through the same amp. A 1/4″ headphone output is also there that lets you practice your music privately by muting the speaker output.

As a budget amplifier, this unit sounds amazing. You get a typical Fender high-quality sound with nice depth in the tone, which makes this a perfect choice to go for beginner bassists.

Overall, This is a Perfect Practice Tool that maintains a Great Balance between Size, Power, Durability, and Tone Shaping Options. While it won’t be enough for Gigging or Live Shows but Provides an amazing Performance to Beginner Bass Players.

2. Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier

image of hartke bass amp

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact and Portable Bass Combo with Front Panel Controls for Easy Dialing
  • Hartke’s 6.5 Inch Custom-Designed HyDrive Single Speaker for Warmth and Punchy Sounding tone
  • It comes with a 1/8″ Stereo AUX Input and Mono Headphone Output Jack for more intimate practice sessions.
  • Play with your Tones using a Standard Volume Control Knob and 3-Band EQ knobs


  • Comes with Built-in Limiter for Controlled Volume
  • HyDrive-Design 6.5 Inch Speaker delivers Traditional Round and Warm Sounding Tones
  • Handy Headphone Capability for Silent Practice with AUX input for Stereo Line Level Devices
  • Very Sturdy, Compact, Light-Weight & Portable Bass Amp Combo


  • 6.5 Inch Small Speaker Do have its Own Limitation
  • Does not Provide Enough Power for Gigging

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

It’s hard to think of a more compact bass amp than this newly revised HD15 model. Does this cost-effective bass combo provide you enough tonal flexibility? Let’s find out:

This black beauty features a 15-watt amplifier with a 6.5-Inch Custom HyDrive speaker designed by Hartke itself. This is nothing but a sheet created by crafting half paper and half aluminum that provides warmth and roundness of the paper along with the punchy attack of the aluminum.

Coming towards the nicely placed top-mounted control panel which is packed with all essential features. It offers a standard volume control knob and 3-Band EQ knobs (Bass, Mid, and Treble), allowing easy adjustments of your tone.

Additionally, you’ve got a 1/8″ stereo AUX input jack to plug in your mobile or any other media device to play favorite backing tracks through it. Also, a 1/4″ mono headphone output is there for silent practice. Everything is built so neatly so you get that little extra improvement in the overall playing experience.

Although this is a very compact and lightweight bass amplifier, which also makes it very portable, but to be honest, 15 watts of power is not sufficient, even for small gigs.

If you want to play with other instruments like electric guitars or drums, this little buddy can’t survive. however, if you’re thinking about at-home practice sessions or looking for an amplifier for your rehearsals, it is one of the great choices that provides you plenty of options at a very fair price.

Bottom Line: If you’re on a tight budget and prefer the tone and the overall sound quality of the amp over its power, this compact smaller amplifier will be a great choice for your needs. It covered all your essentials and offers an amazing playing experience.

3. Donner 30W Electric Bass Combo Amplifier

image of donner bass amp

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Main Features:

  • Combination of 8″ Woofer and 2.5″ Tweeter for Sweet & Elastic Sound Quality with Rich Tone
  • 2 Separate Channels giving you Control Over Volume, Gain, Shape, and Low-Mid-High Frequencies
  • 1/8″ Stereo AUX input and 1/8″ Stereo Headphone Output for Convenient Practice Sessions


  • Compact & Light-Weight Speaker Covered in a Chassy with Impact Resistant Metal Corners
  • Fuse Module that Keeps the Speaker Away from Blowing Off
  • Amazing Tone Shaping Power with 2-Channel Control Panel
  • Provides Warm Sounding Tone with Enough Details & Punch in it
  • Also, I love the Snug Fitting Power Cable that comes with that Package


  • The Sound Becomes Fuzzily Distorted at the Maximum Levels of Knobs
  • You Need to Buy Instrument Cable Separately

Why I Like this Bass Amp:

Donner is one of the well-known names in the bass industry and is popular for top-notch quality instruments for all budget-range. Let’s check what this beast is offering us:

The first thing everyone notices is the build quality of this model. It is designed by keeping its portability in mind. everything from front-grill to the really nice metal corner guards, greatly extends the overall lifespan of this amp, making it best suitable for beginners.

Talking about durability, this budget amp comes with a fuse module. That means, occasionally if you drive this bad boy too hard, it may blow off the fuses but that keeps it from blowing out your speakers.

Talking about flexibility, I was surprised by how many knobs are there for you in the control panel! You get two channels here: Clean and Overdrive, along with a push-button to switch between them.

Clean channel provides you control over the primary volume, lows, mids, high frequencies of your sound whereas the Overdrive channel Gain and Shape Control knobs with the Volume knob of course.

The only thing I wish this unit had is an input for the pedal to switch between clean and overdrive channels. that would be really nice, but again, this is a very affordable bass amp and we can’t expect everything from it.

Unlike conventional bass amplifiers, this DBA-30 unit comes with an 8″ Woofer along with a 2.5″ Tweeter. Woofer ensures the sweetness and elasticity of the low & mid-range frequencies whereas tweeter takes care of the details in your sound.

This unique combination allows this amp to deliver warmth sounding, a detail-rich tone with significant punch, which is enough for any small to medium size performance or practice time.

Bottom Line, This amp is more than just a solid performance gear. With its top-notch specifications, compact size, and superb-sounding tone, it can be an ideal pick for a studio, practice sessions, and small gigs. Without any doubt, I loved it and highly recommend it to you.

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4. Blackstar FLY3BASS Bass Combo Amplifier

image of Blackstar bass amp

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact, Very Light-Weight, and Extremely Portable Bass Amp Combo
  • Delivers Astounding Amount of Bass Out of its Tiny 3 Inches of Full-Range Speaker
  • Powerful Control Panel Provide Wide Tonal Range through Volume Control, Gain Level, EQ Knob, Compression Control, and Overdrive Button
  • 1/8″ Line Input is Provided along with a 1/8″ Line Out Jack that allows for Headphone Output as well as for Recording Purposes


  • Very Tiny and Portable Bass Combo Ideal for Practice or Rehearsal
  • A lot of Flexibility in the Tone with Overdrive Channel and Onboard Compression Effect
  • This unit can Operate Through Both Power Supply or 6 AA Batteries
  • Suits Almost All Playing Styles and Music Genres


  • Sound becomes Flappy when Knobs are Turned all the way Up
  • 3 Inch Smaller Speaker Do Have Some of Its Own Limitations

Why I Choose this Bass Amp:

Generally, Bass Amps come in the shape of big boxes because they need larger speakers to push the low-end tones of the bass guitar. But that’s not the case here! Let see if this unit is offering everything they have claimed:

This compact mini 3-watt bass amp comes with only 3 inches of full-range speaker that delivers huge low end and articulate highs. I was so surprised by seeing how loud this little thing can sound!

The Control panel also looks quite simple but it doesn’t lag behind to provide you superb tone-shaping power. It comes with standard volume control, gain level, one EQ knob, and Compression control along with an Overdrive Push-button and SUB button.

This little powerhouse will suit almost all playing styles and music genres. Its versatile EQ control can take you from warmth and round sounding tone to cutting edge tone. Also, the onboard compression and overdrive button adds a lot of flexibility and allows you to shape your tone however you want.

Along with that, 1/8″ line input is provided that allows you to connect your phone, laptop, or MP3 player to play along the tracks you’re practicing. Also, 1/8″ line output is there that works as both headphone output and for recording purposes.

Despite being only 3-watt power, this amp exudes frighteningly huge bass tones as compared to its size. Even though its specially designed compact speaker is enough to impress any bassist, but if you’re thinking about jamming with other instruments, this practice amp won’t be enough.

This unit definitely provides you a great value for your money both in terms of versatility in the sound and portability, which makes it a perfect practice tool.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the loudness of this miniature amp and how it handled the high gain & clean tones. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to make any kind of tonal compromise during your low-volume practice in your home, you’re going to love this little beast.

5. Peavey MAX 126 10-Watt Bass Amp Combo

image of peavey max bass amp

ScoreGuitar Rating:

Main Features:

  • Compact and Portable Bass Combo with Front Panel Controls for Easy Dialing of Tones
  • Single 6.5″ Speaker Having 10W of Power to Deliver Classic Bass Tones
  • Beginner Friendly Control Layout with 4 Knobs (Vintage, Gain, Treble, and Bass) that Provides you Enough Tonal Flexibility
  • Peavey’s exclusive TransTube circuitry Simulate Sound almost Similar Real Bass Tube Amps


  • Compact, Light-Weight, and Portable Bass Combo with Metal Corners that Increases the Durability
  • Straight-Forward Control Panel, Easy to Operate of Beginners
  • Pretty Nice Simulation of Bass Tube Amp Sound through Selectable Vintage Gain Control Knobs
  • Simple Headphone Output and AUX Input Jack to Enhance overall Playing Experience


  • 6.5 Inch Speaker Provides Little Distorted Sound If you Overdo the Volume
  • Comes with a Shorter Instrument Cable (4 Feet)

Why I Pick this Bass Amp:

Peavey has climbed up the popularity ladder in the past few years and really stands out, especially in the world of bass guitars. They are known for providing quality and powerful gear in affordable packages.

This little compact bass amplifier comes with a 6.5 inches single speaker having 10 watts of power output, which is perfect for at-home practice amp.

The control panel also looking pretty straightforward, giving you access to all the essential features right away. It has four knobs that give you control over Vintage, Gain, Treble, and Bass of your tone.

The selectable vintage gain controls enable you to change your tone from modern-world sounding to vintage, thanks to Peavey’s exclusive TransTube circuitry that simulate how real tubes work and sound like. The more you turn the vintage knob, the more it adds that amazing distortion of a real bass tube amplifier in the sound.

Additionally, You get a Headphone output and an AUX input jack to play along with your favorite tracks. Although these seems to be very simple features but come in very handy when you suddenly want to play your bass at 10 PM in the night.

I mean common, this is a little, very low-budget bass amplifier, what more you can expect from it?

Overall, If you’re a Casual Musician or a Beginner Bassist, and looking for an Amplifier for jamming with your Friends or for Practicing in your Apartment, this little Max 126 won’t let you down through its fairly sounding & versatile tone.

What is a Good Wattage for Bass Amp?

On average, you required at least a 300-watt bass amplifier for live performances or to play in loud bands whereas around 50-watt power is more than enough for at-home practice. More power allows amps to push out the volume with less chance of overheating or damaging a speaker.

Is a 10 Watt Bass Amp Good?

Generally, 10-watt bass amps are loud enough to practice alone at home or in the studio. You required a more powerful bass amplifier to play in live performances or to jam with other instruments.

Final Thoughts on Best Affordable Bass Amplifiers Under $100

At the Last, I definitely recommend you to go with the Fender Rumble 25 Model due to its versatile control panel, rick-sounding speaker, and excellent craftsmanship.

But, If you’re a beginner player and want to keep things simple, Blackstar FLY3BASS Combo is the better option for you. It will provide you more value in terms of portability, sound quality, tone-shaping options at a very affordable price.

So, Which Bass Guitar Amp do you like the Most?

I want your opinion about these combos. If you have any kind of doubts or want to add your thoughts to this listicle, feel free to contact me or simply put it down straight into the comment section.

Also, Don’t forget to share this list of affordable bass amplifiers with your buddies, so they can also pick one amazing combo for their practice time.

Keep Playing, Keep Enjoying! 🙂

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