Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action in 2022

So, you want some ease and comfort while playing acoustic guitar, then low action might be the best option for you in 2020.

Guitar strings Action is one of the important factors while choosing the best guitar for yourself.

If you’re wondering what is the best acoustic guitar with low action, then you’re on the right page.

best acoustic guitar with low action

Here I not only listed to Top 5 guitars but also gives detailed reviews with buying guides and some bonus tips.

So, what are we waiting for?

What does an Action mean on any Acoustic Guitar?

If you’re talking about the aspect of playibility and comfortness then low action of a guitar play a very crucial role.

Guitar Action basically means the distance (in cm.) between the strings and the fingerboard. For an Acoustic guitar, it is generally measure on the 12th fret.

If you’re still confused about what actually guitar action means, It determines the amount of pressure you need to apply on a string while playing. Lower the action lower the pressure, thus easier to play.

But along with the advantages of low action, there are some disadvantages too. first and most important is, if the action is too low, then you might need to deal with fret buzzing. basically, you can’t strum too fast with such guitar.

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That is the reason, I provided the basic, simple yet necessary guide on How you can adjust your acoustic guitar action at the end of this article.

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Top 5 Best Affordable Acoustic Guitar with Low Action: Detailed Reviews

Here’s the Best one:

1. Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar

This is the first guitar on my list. And trust me, It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate guitar player, you definitely gonna like this piece.

First of all let me tell you that, this guitar is available at a low price and still it has all quality which we get in standard guitars. Alvarez AD60 guitar has the best visual appeal and playability level, which is surely going to impress you.

Solid Sitka spruce is used for the construction of top while mahogany is used for back, sides, and also for the neck. The fingerboard is made up of rosewood.

These types of construction are mostly seen in standard guitars, which are comparatively more expensive than Alvarez.

It has a comfortable low action which helps lots of beginner guitarist from getting discouraged.

But the thing which makes me sad is that somewhat in comparison with others, this guitar has no pickup installed. However, it is not a big deal, as you are getting lots of good features in less price.

Ok ok, I know the pickup system makes your work easy while studio recording and concerts. But if you are a beginner then, Alvarez is a perfect choice for you.

At last, all I can say is that it sounds great and looks great. And it is one of the best acoustic guitars with comfortable low action.

  • Impressive tonewood selectionnIt is affordablenThe perfect guitar for beginnersnComfortable low action
  • Built-in Pickup is not installed

2. Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar with Case and Accessories

I prefer to use this guitar personally as it gives you impressive features in less price.

I was a little bit surprised when I play this guitar for the first time, as it has a lot to offer you. This guitar is the perfect starting point for every beginner.

This guitar has a dreadnought shaped body whose top is made up of Sitka spruce and nato is used for back and sides.

As you know that strength and stability are necessary for the neck in acoustic guitar. And for such requirements nato is the best material.

Usually, the cheap guitar has poor quality and string action is incredibly high. And sometimes such problems cannot be solved even with the help of a good setup.

But here is the good news, we do not have to face this difficulty in Yamaha FG800 guitar.

The only thing which I do not like about this guitar is that pickup is not installed. May it is a problem for a pro player. But for a newbie, this guitar is a perfect choice.

If I have to describe this guitar in short then all I can say is that it plays well and sounds good. With fine construction, excellent design, and superb value.

  • Tonewood selection is awesomenAvailable at less pricenLow string action setup
  • Pickup is not installed

3. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Accessories

This guitar is comfortable and good for beginners. You are getting lots of things without spending lots of money.

This guitar is well constructed having solid spruce for top and mahogany for back, sides, and also for the neck. The playability of the fender guitar is the best.

It is one of the factors for which the fender is famous. You do not have to replace or change anything for low string action. It comes just right out of the box offender.

As guitar has a rolly edge on the fretboard so it is easy to play. You are getting lots of things if you buy this fender starter pack.

It consists gig bag, strap, picks, and strings along with a trial subscription to Fender Play. But the only thing which I do not like about this guitar is that pack doesn’t include tuner in it which makes this pack kind of incomplete.

Overall, it is one of the best guitars. It sounds good, has a low string action and you can play this guitar very comfortably.

  • Playability is bestnIt features low string actionnIt has an inclusive packagenA trial subscription is good way to start your playing
  • Tuner is missing in a package

4. Yamaha FGX830C Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The construction of the guitar is impressive. Rosewood is used for the fingerboard, back, and sides while solid spruce is used for the top.

Yamaha FGX830C has an adjustable truss wood. It has a wonderful bound neck and great head machine. If you are a beginner then it is a good choice for you, as it has an awesome sunburst finishing.

The price of this guitar is also quite affordable. Sound quality is awesome for the price you pay. It is smaller in size so it is comfortable and perfect for somebody with small hands.

Most guitarists recommend this guitar. But my only complaint is that nut, saddle and bridge pins are made up of plastic.

However, you can fix this problem by replacing saddle and nut with tusk, bridge pins with brass.

If you ask my opinion then all I can say is that you cannot get a better guitar than this at such a low price. Now the last decision is up to you.

  • You get more than you pay.nPerfect choice for beginnernComfortable for small hands.
  • Nut, suddle and bridge pins are made up of plastic

5. Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Natural Sitka Spruce

Last guitar on my list, but trust me it is not going to disappoint you. You will be happy to know that I have kept one of the best guitar at the last.

This is the cheapest guitar among all full-size guitar of Taylor series. It has a perfect combination of awesome tone and quality.

The shape of a guitar is a Grand auditorium whose top is made up of a Sitka spruce while walnut is being used for back and sides. And Taylor guitar has an ebony fretboard and a maple neck.

The guitar is comfortable to play and also have a low string action. The best thing about this guitar is that it has an ES-2 system. Other acoustic guitar uses a piezo transducer under the bridge saddle, which makes the sound of guitar bright but harsh.

Taylor 114e guitar solves this problem with the help of the ES-2 system, they placed piezo elements behind the bridge. And due to this, pickups amplify the natural sound of the guitar more accurately.

But the worst thing about this guitar is that it has a matt finishing which is not attractive and protective like a thicker gloss finish.

Overall this is a perfect and comfortable guitar for beginners. As it has a small nut width and a low string action. So it’s up to you now.

  • Perfect combination of tone and qualitynIt has a ES-2 systemnFull sized grand auditorium body
  • Finishing is not that much attractive

How to Adjust the Action on an Acoustic Guitar?

Although I provide you the best guitars for low action, there is nothing wrong with having an understanding of how to adjust the action of your guitar.

This is because even some low action guitars required a little setup and tweaking to make things exactly how you like them.

Let see overview, how you can change your acoustic guitar’s action on your own.

1. Adjust a Neck of the Guitar

One term becomes very important when it comes to the action of a guitar is ‘neck relief’. For those who don’t know, “Neck relief basically means – Amount of bowing that your guitar neck has when all six strings are properly tuned to the pitch”.

There is good amount of tension on your acoustic guitar neck and that is because acoustic strings are little more thicker than the electric ones.

To deal with this Neck Relief, almost all modern guitars come with a truss rod. The truss rod is basically a one steel rod that fitted into the neck to keep it strong and straight when tension is applied.

Even little adjustment of a truss rod can you give a lower action that you looking for. but one thing to be clear, this is not a beginner’s thing.

2. Adjust a Nut

After correcting your Guitar’s truss rod, the second thing that you need to check is your guitar’s nut.

But, I strongly suggest you take the help of an expert for this task unless you’re a professional or want to try something out with your old guitar.

3. Take a Look at Bridge End

Last area you need to look for is the Bridge End itself. In most of the modern guitars, it is single piece material which is fitted in an assembly which is glued to the main body of the guitar.

Similar to the nut, there not so much that you can do. Only thing you can do to lower the action is, remove that piece of material from its place.

Due to all these complications, I suggest you to go and buy a new acoustic guitar with low action. because you can’t totally change your guitar action.

Here’s the detailed video on Adjusting your Acoustic guitar Action.

Final Words on Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action for you

That is it from my side guys, I hope you like this article and it helps you to choose the best low action acoustic guitar.

If you ask me, I personally like the Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Guitar and Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar most. but you can choose according to your personal preference.

Don’t forget which guitar your going to pick and why so others can take reference from it.

See you, Have a nice day!

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