Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners in 2020

Hey Guitarist, Looking for the Top Acoustic strings?

Picking the best acoustic guitar strings can completely change the way you play your guitar.

But, with unlimited options available out there in the market, it seems to be impossible to choose the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners.

Lucky man!

Here I come up with the Top 5 Best Choices you can go for. I choose these strings according to my personal experience and by reading their reviews and ratings on various sites.

I know, it’s tough for beginners to get the perfect string according to their needs. There are so many factors you need to consider before you are opt-in for anyone’s choice. Don’t worry if you didn’t know anything! you’ll get better over time.

best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

For instance, you’ll have to choose what material you need your strings to be built from, the thickness of the strings, your playing style, and whether you need covered or uncoated strings.

If these all seem a lot to you, then don’t worry. After reading this article, you’re going to choose the best and also perfect acoustic guitar string for you all by yourself.

Let’s dive right into it:

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How you can Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Yourself?

Selecting the best strings for your acoustic guitar can be a bit intimidating since there’s so many variations out there. But don’t worry we’re gonna cover a bit of the basic today to help you select the right and perfect strings for your guitar.

In general, there are mainly three things you need to keep in mind when selecting strings.

1. What type of guitar you have?

First check, what type of guitar do you have?

I know this is a guide for acoustic guitar strings but here I am covering the basics so you can choose the perfect strings even when you buy a new guitar like electric or Classical.

Strings are designed differently based on what instrument they’re designed for. for example putting acoustic guitar strings on an electric probably wouldn’t sound as good as strings that are made specifically for electric guitars.

On the other hand, a nylon string acoustic guitar, and a steel-string acoustic guitar have strings that mount differently at the bridge so they’re not interchangeable.

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2. The thickness of the strings

You might hear players refer to their strings saying, “I play 10s” or “I play 12s”. What they’re talking about is the thickness of the smallest string on the set and that’s called string gauge.

More specifically that number refers to thousandths of an inch (that means if anyone is talking about 10s strings mean thickness of the string is 0.010 inches).

I put the gauge perimeters in the table below: (for Acoustic Guitar Only)

Extra-Light Light Medium Heavy
E 10s 12s 13s 14s
B 14s 16s 17s 18s
G 23s 24s 26s 27s
D 30s 32s 35s 39s
A 39s 42s 45s 49s
E 47s 53s 56s 59s

But, There’s no set in stone definitions for these terms they’re just helpful guides to get you a string tension that works for you and they can vary instrument to instrument.

So for example, an electric guitar set of Lights might be 9s or 10s while a light set on acoustics would be 11 or 12. Now, the question may arise in your mind is:

What gauge strings do I need?

Luckily it’s all based on personal preference and the situation that you’re in. I mean, a lot of players find it easy to play bends on lighter strings, so if you want play bends then go for a light set of strings.

On the other side, especially for acoustic guitar, some players prefer heavier strings due to their extra volume and depth in the sound. If you’re not sure where to start I usually recommend getting a medium set for your guitar.

Most guitars come stock with mediums anyways and you can always move up or down a gauge based on your playing style and what sounds best to you.

3. The material of the strings

The material of the string can change how the string feels, the tone of the string as well as the sturdiness of it.

So you could have two sets of strings that are the same gauge but sound completely different based on the material that was used when making those strings.

For acoustics, the most common string material you’ll find is 80/20 bronze which is just 80 % copper and 20% zinc. 80/20 bronze has a pretty bright sound it’s pretty clear and it’s super versatile so you can use it in a variety of different blank styles.

Another popular material for acoustics is phosphor bronze and it’s got a warmer and mellower sound and you usually find those in the hands of full players or singer-songwriters.

Some manufacturers also make coated strings which just means that their strings have a protective coating to slow down the process of corrosion on the string making your strings sound better longer.

This process happens when you sweat on your string or when the string reacts to the moisture.

One Simple Tip:

most strings have a lot of great information just on the back of the pack that detail things like their tonal and structural characteristics so it’s definitely worth checking out.

When you’re done putting the strings on don’t throw that pack away. put it in your case for when it’s time to change strings the next time it can be hard to remember what strings you bought a month or two ago and it can be a real lifesaver to have the pack line.

One more thing you need to keep in mind, choosing the best strings for your guitar is not enough. You need to maintain your guitar, you need to take care of it.

Thus I recommend you to read this detailed guide to clean your acoustic guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners Review:

Let’s start from my favorite one:

1. Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin and Co is a famous brand. This brand does not make only guitars accessories but also makes fabulous guitars.

These strings are mostly used for stage performances and studio recording as it sounds awesome. The .054 and .012 gauge of strings leaves everything you play sounding as resonate as much as possible.

Still, they are light enough to play and do not hurt our fingers while playing. The shimmering tone has a lot of depth, it is mostly derived from the construction made of the steel core.

But MSP4100 is a bit expensive as compared to other strings. But according to me if you want a piece of awesome music than spending some money on a string is a fair or good deal.

But again I am telling you, the decision is totally up to you.

  • Beginner’s FriendlynClean, Resonating Soundn92/8 Alloy Composition for Clarity u0026 LongevitynSoft on your Fingers
  • Little bit Expensive as Compare to other Beginner’s Strings

2. D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Strings

D’Addario is a very popular brand among the acoustic players when it comes to the acoustic guitar strings. And you know what, I am also not an exception.

There are so many guitarists out there who recommend going with phosphor bronze strings from D’addario.

Keeping that in mind, I love the D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Strings. I think it is best if we balance things between great sound quality and affordable prices.

This string produces a very nice sound if we compare it to the others in this price range. These strings produce Rich sound as well as the bright tone, thus not only you can use these strings for strumming but also for lovely melodies.

You get the set of strings, whose gauge ranging from 0.053 to 0.012. which is actually a very nice thing. I think this is the best acoustic guitar strings for beginner considering its price and value for money.

  • Best Suited for BeginnersnWarmth and Long-lasting TonenGreate Sound Quality at Low Price
  • Little Brittle!

3. Elixir Strings 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Elixir! This brand started in 1995 with a simple experiment of coating guitar strings with PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene). Although their experiment was failed this brand grows to the new levels.

They introduce a their 80/20 acoustic guitar strings aiming with quality playing time and premium strings quality.

There are many other brands that provide coating strings, then what’s different? These strings are coated from all around, even in the small gaps where our open eyes can’t see. These strings are coated with a poly web where they are featuring a nanoweb coating.

Thus now you can able to get a bright and crispier sound even with coated strings. If you want to try out coated strings, then I think this is the best choice for your acoustic guitar.

  • Smooth, Deep u0026 Beautiful TreblesnBalanced, Rich, Full-Bodied TonenUltra-NANOWEB CoatingnAffordable Price!!
  • Coating Goes a Bit-Ragging

4. DR Strings VTA-13 Acoustic Guitar Strings

We all know as technology is growing like crazy nowadays. The machine already captured most of the work in the musical instrument industry. But DR strings are an exception to this. They crafted their all strings with hands, and believe this is the best way to make beautiful guitar strings.

VTA-13 is a new acoustic guitar string, which is a phosphor bronze type and developed in such a way that any level of guitarist can use it. When it comes to the stability of the strings and retention of the improved pitch, no other strings can beat this one.

When I first started using these strings, I was totally amazed by the premium feel, accurate, and resonate tone. This set of string comes without any kind of coating on the outer surface.

The company says these strings can last up to 4x times than any other acoustic guitar strings. I think, If you want to enter into the professional guitar jamming, you can go for this set.

  • Hand-Crafted Beautiful StringsnRetention of Improved PitchnGet Accurate u0026 Resonating TonenGives Premium Feel
  • Might Feel Buzzy Sometimes

5. Vibe Strings Acoustic Guitar String Set

There is one thing that makes Vibe strings different than others. To provide you freshest guitar string possible, they manufacture strings in small batches and delivers you in a vacuum-packed package.

These strings are made from American steel, which makes them more trustworthy. the gauge of these strings ranging from 0.050 to 0.011.

When you install these strings on your guitar, you get a very balanced tone. Over time, you get very comfortable with the bright and perfect sound of these strings.

I know, no one likes to waste time tuning a guitar. thanks to the vibe strings, they adjust on your guitar quickly with some minor re-tuning. I think If you are looking for something professional but at a beginner level, you can go for this set of strings without any doubt.

  • Very Balanced TonenNice Sound QualitynVery Easy to TunenLong-Lasting Acoustic Strings
  • Might Feel a Little Dull once a while

Final Thoughts on Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners

There are so many options out there in the market, But I choose the best strings sets which I either personally used or detailed research on it.

You can pick any of the string from this, as all the acoustic guitar strings for beginners. But I personally recommend you to go with Martin MSP4150 SP Phosphor Bronze strings.

I hope you like this article, let me know your doubts or any kind of suggestion for me in the comment section.

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