Guide: 5 Best Acoustic Guitar for Female Beginner

One Study done by Fender shows that: Almost Half of the Beginner Guitar Players are Females and this number keeps increasing.

If you decided to learn the guitar, then I think this is gonna be one of the best decisions of your life.

What I am trying to emphasize is, Learning any musical instrument can change your life entirely and can give you an entirely different but positive perspective towards everything.

With lot of Motivation and Excitement, what is the important thing that you need: That’s right!

One Great Acoustic Guitar (According to your Needs and Budget!)

By the way I provided beginner’s guide toward the end-section of this article. don’t forget to check out. It is definitely going to help you choose the perfect guitar for yourself.

Let’s get dive into this:

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars for Female Beginners Detailed Reviews

Let’s start from the First one:

1. YAMAHA FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar (Amazon-Exclusive)

This is the First and also Best acoustic guitar that I think best suited for any girl or ladies beginner player.

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This guitar has the best combination ever it has a quality wood and awesome tone at a perfect value.

Solid spruce is used for the top of the guitar while nato which is also known as eastern mahogany is used for back and sides. Fingerboard and bridge of the guitar are made up of rosewood.

It is a premium full-size guitar with a superior projection. This is a quality instrument with a lifetime warranty.

This Yamaha FD01S model is a perfect first guitar which is suitable for intermediate professional players. Even beginner players can grow with this guitar and enjoy it for many years.

But the only thing which I don’t like is that saddle and nut on Yamaha are made from hard white plastic. That is somewhat brittle however you can replace them so it’s not a big deal according to me.

And If you’re just starting out or don’t have any good experience in the guitar journey then these little things don’t even noticeable to you. All I can say is that first analyze everything and then buy.

At last, I only want to tell you that this model is beautiful and best in sounding. This is one of the best beginner-friendly acoustic guitars that you can buy-in 2020.

  • Guitar has a quality woodnIt has a outstanding valuenPremium full size guitarnSuperior in tone and projection
  • Nut and saddle are brittlenQuality control is non-existent

2. Taylor Guitars Baby Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This guitar has a darker and earthier tone due to its mahogany top version. Dreadnought of the guitar is pint-size which is the perfect size for a beginner guitarist or even for kids.

Even lots of travelers prefer to use this model due to its small size. I have personally seen lots of players who use this guitar for their needs by using creative ways.

They set up high stringing of the guitar to play lap slide for embracing alternate tuning. Due to this, we get the unique acoustic flavor in the recording.

You can also use this technique for getting such different flavors. And the best part about this guitar is that it has Expression system baby ( ES-B) pickups which is powered by an onboard preamp.

This preamp unit features a LED display for tuning and low battery indication along with volume control. So if you want a good quality guitar at a low price then go this option.

However, according to some reviews: The only problem with this guitar is that it came with a little high-action. And that’s why little more pressure is required to press down each string because of it.

Overall this guitar is awesome, it has the best quality and it sounds amazing and definitely worth your money.

  • It is affordablenBest for beginnernPerfect choice for the traveller
  • Came with Little High-Action

3. Fender FA-125CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Accessories

This is also one of the great acoustic guitars that you can try as a female beginner. believe me, This is an all-rounder kind of guitar. You are going to get everything you need just in one box.

The shape of the body is the dreadnought. Laminated spruce is used for the top and laminated basswood is used for back and sides. While nato is used as a neck material.

Lots of starter players or beginners appreciate the neck of the guitar as it gives you a smooth feel. And due to this nato neck, you get an easy playing feel.

The fingerboard of the guitar is of walnut whose radius is 11.81″(300m). This guitar offers you great playability due to it’s C shaped neck and walnut fingerboard.

And you are also getting great tonal support as it has a stunning Viking bridge.

However, according to some reviews strap of this guitar is uncomfortable and soft case gives you a cheap feeling. But every guitar has disadvantages so you have to deal with it.

At last, I only want to say is that this guitar has an accurate built-in tuner. Intonation is perfect and action is smooth and easy. The tone is beautiful and clear.

It is one of the best choices for every beginner and definitely win your heart. Check out the Latest deal on Amazon NOW!

  • Great playabilitynAction is smooth and easynNeck gives you a smooth feelnIntonation is perfectnGreat tonal supportn
  • Straps are UncomfortablenSoft-Case may give you a cheap feel

4. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

The finishing of this guitar is of mahogany pattern HPL. Solid Sitka spruce is used top with a hand-rubbed finish for a stylish look.

Solid Morado or East Indian Rosewood is used for a fingerboard. The modified low oval standard taper is the shape of the neck.

The best part is that you are getting a padded gig bag with this guitar which contains tough ballistic cloth exterior, plush interior, backpack straps, and a zipper compartment.

The length of the guitar is 23 inches while the fingerboard width at the nut is 1 11/16 inch and Brace size is 5/16 inch.

This guitar is a perfect choice for travelers, beginners, and for a person with small hands.

This guitar is good in tone, quality, and versatility along with this it is durable and easy to play.

This guitar sounds better with more age and you can carry this guitar anywhere as it does not occupy lots of space.

But the thing which I do not like about this guitar is that the strings are heavy so it becomes difficult for strumming.

And also according to some people: the extra added laminate portion in this guitar which is of high pressure decreases the tonal quality.

But I personally do not agree with this, because according to me due to this laminate portion it offers pretty and impressive sound. But finally, it’s your call.

Overall it is an awesome guitar with an amazing tone and quality and you’re going to enjoy this bad boy.

  • You get a gig bagnGood in tone and quality nEasy to carrynDurable and easy to play
  • Guitar Strings are little Heavy

5. Ibanez GA35TCEDVS Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This guitar is slightly smaller and slender than other typical acoustic guitars.

This guitar has a solid spruce top and back and sides are made up of mahogany. And these two tonewoods together give a guitar warm and present lows and clearly defined highs.

Pickups of this Ibanez model is Onboard Fishman Sonicore. This guitar has an AEQ210T Preamp system which consists onboard tuner.

Due to this preamp, we get an extraordinary sound when a guitar is played by plugging. The size of the guitar is not too small neither too big, Ibanez has an average body so it is the perfect guitar for everyone.

A string of this guitar is made up of thin-line nylon which is comfortable to play. Ibanez is perfect for blues and country music as it has a clear voice.

This guitar is quit popular among musicians for live stage performance.

Everyone dream’s for a guitar with a less price which sounds good you can pack it and run off without caring about damage. Then trust me guys you are getting everything with this Ibanez guitar.

But some people are complaining that string action is a little high. Leaving that this guitar is best it is very light comfortable and easy to play. It sound’s good and looks amazing.

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  • Good tonewood qualitynPerfect guitar for stage performancesnComfortable and easy to playnLight in weight
  • Strings are little High

How to Choose the Perfect Guitar for you? (Buying Guide)

Here I discuss some points that I personally think are important while picking the perfect acoustic guitar for any beginner girl or female player.

1. Which Body Type?

Just like many other peoples, I also thinks Parlor guitars will be great for you as female beginner.

But I am also on the side of personal preference. Choose the body type of guitar that attracts you.

Choose the guitar that says: Hey, Lets Play Something!

What I mean, your guitar should encourage you to play more and more, and this way you’re are getting better and better day-by-day.

2. Scale Length

This generally go hand in hand with the size of the guitar. I mean, smaller the size of the guitar, smaller its scale length.

But, there are some guitars which are exception to this rule. some guitars are especially design in a different way. i.e. small body with longer scale length or full-size guitar with little short scale length.

Whether you’re just starting your guitar journey or you have little experience in it, I think guitar with relatively shorter scales seems to be great.

This is because, the comfort you’ll get in the beginning time from small arm guitars is very important.

So you should look for 23 inches to 25 inches maximum. do not go beyond this except you get anything better there and you know what you’re doing.

3. Neck Thickness

I feel this factor varies according to your preference. What I want to say is, first decide what you’re going to play? Do you like to play more chords & strumming or melodies & solo songs?

If you’re more into playing chords then you should go with more rounded with smaller radius neck guitar.

On the other hand, if you want to play melodies and more solo’s then guitars with less rounded neck becomes more comfortable and also feel little faster.

4. Body Material

This is also becoming a very important factor for some females because it directly impacts the appearance, feels, and weight of the guitar.

I think for beginners, mahogany is a perfect choice. But, some people say, basswood is better since it is a little bit lighter. It’s totally up to you.

5. Electric or Acoustic?

I don’t think I can give you a specific answer to this. All I can say is, It depends. Look, this is completely a personal choice.

If you’re confused here, there something I can suggest you that might help. ask yourself some questions:

  • Which type of music do you like to listen?
  • Which is your Favorite Guitar Player?
  • Which guitar seems more appeling to you?

If you don’t know anything and want to make your desicion fairly, do checkout my guide on Cracking Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar code for beginners.

If you’re still unable to pick one, then there is one middle way to this. Go with Acoustic-Electric Guitar which you can play as an Acoustic and also as an Electric guitar by connecting some required gadgets.

This is a common problem in the beginners and that’s why I included some acoustic-electric on this list.

That is it from my side guys:

Final Thoughts on Best Acoustic Guitar for a Woman in 2020

I hope you like my view on best acoustic guitar for female beginners. I already told what are my top 5 favorites. Now the decision is in your hands.

Do you want to go with YAMAHA FD01S Guitar or Taylor’s Baby Mahogany Guitar? Don’t forget to tell me in the comments which guitar you choose and why?

Bye, Have a nice musical day!

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