Are Acoustic Guitar Amps Worth it? Do you Really Need One?

Amplifier plays a very crucial role when it comes to the tone of both acoustic and electric guitar. The other day I was playing at one of my friend’s birthday parties and strongly feel that I need one amp for my acoustic guitar.

We know acoustic guitar can make sound from its body itself, but what if we need more volume? that’s when I came across the idea of an acoustic guitar amp. I tried it and here’s my experience.

So, Are acoustic guitar amps worth it? Acoustic guitar Amp provides so much value and can improve your performance drastically. Acoustic guitar amps are designed to amplify clean and transparent signals without adding any colors to the natural tone of an acoustic guitar.

Acoustic amplifiers are great but do you really need one? What are the other options you have to amplify your acoustic guitar? let see:

Can you Simply plug your Acoustic guitar into an Electric guitar Amp?

The obvious thought can come to everyone’s mind: If I want to amplify my acoustic guitar, why can’t I just plug into one of the electric guitar amps?

Definitely, you can plug your acoustic guitar into an electric guitar amp. It will neither hurt your guitar nor your electric amp and many peoples do this all the time.

But the real question is, what kind of sound you’re expecting? If you like the real sound and tone of an acoustic guitar, then this might not a good option for you.

You need to understand, Acoustic guitar Amps are designed to amplify the sound without changing its actual acousticy tone. So, if you’re doing any gigs and want to retain your actual acoustic guitar tone, you should consider buying one acoustic guitar amp for yourself.

But, on the flip side, if you’re a beginner and just practice guitar in your room, or you already have one electric guitar amp and currently can’t afford another, you can continue with an electric guitar amp.

Acoustic Guitar Amp vs Electric Guitar Amp

Acoustic guitar amp and electric guitar amp are different from each other due to their frequency range, distortion, inputs as well as their speakers.

So, what is the difference between an acoustic guitar amp and an electric guitar amp? Acoustic guitar amps only amplify the sound as clean as possible. It only makes the guitar sound louder, gives full range, and has low distortion without changing its tone. While the electric guitar amp is the voice for the electric guitar. It colors the guitar and its tone significantly.

Acoustic Guitar AmpElectric Guitar Amp
Wider and higher frequency rangeRestricted and lower frequency range
Doesn’t affect the tone Shape the tone
Lower distortionHigher distortion
Usually uses two speakersUsually has a single speaker
Mini PA systemDoesn’t have a PA system

As we know, the acoustic guitar amp has a higher frequency. The acoustic guitar is self-contained. It produces its own sound as it has a hollow body. By using an acoustic amp, you can get the full-range amplification and full-range output with a louder sound.

In the case of the electric guitar amp, the frequency range is lower and limited in comparison. This guitar doesn’t have its own sound. All the sound is coming from the amp only.

Acoustic amps are designed in such a way that they can avoid distortion. Obviously, they cannot add color to your guitar but it gives you a more linear response.

They provide clean sound without changing the tone of your guitar. It has a mini PA system that helps to produce the sound linearly and faithfully.

The electric guitar amps have high distortion. But the electric guitar players use this defect and turned it into features. Its main function is to pick up the signal from the electric guitar pickups, amplify it, and then converted it into different tones.

Why you Should Consider Acoustic Guitar Amp over Electric Amp for yourself?

When it comes to tone the amp choice matters! There are many reasons why you should pick an acoustic guitar amp over an electric amp.

We know, Acoustic guitars can make their own sound, but when you play with a group of players or you wanted to perform in front of a large audience then this sound is not enough. you need to amplify it.

That’s where an acoustic guitar amp can help you. An acoustic amp amplifies your guitar’s sound, makes it loud without altering the actual natural tone.

whereas, electric guitar amp tends to show mid-range frequency response. what that basically means, electric amps will enhance your sound but add their colors (in terms of effects!) to the signals.

Acoustic guitar amps are generally used by solo performers or even by bands who had exclusively acoustic guitar sets. If you’re playing in a band where you have both acoustic and electric guitars then you can plug your acoustic guitar directly into the mixing board or PA system.

But, if you love the natural tone of your acoustic guitar and don’t want to mix it up or alter it with other effects, acoustic guitar amps are great and worth buying in 2020.

So, Do you really need one acoustic guitar Amp? Check out this video:

If you decide you want to buy one acoustic guitar amp, here’s one small buying guide for you.

Which Acoustic guitar Amp is Good for you?

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect acoustic guitar amp for yourself, here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before making the decision.

Solid-State Amp or Tube Amp?

Solid-state amps consist of transistors at the preamp and power section. you can mostly rely on them and expect clean amplification of the signal.

On the other hand, a Tube amp provides you kind of organic warm, and fatty tone. but you need to change the tubes over time and required some other little maintenance.

Personally, I like solid-state amps because for acoustic guitar we try to keep things clean and clear.

Mono Effect vs Stereo Effect

This is also one of the key factors to look for. If you’re going to run your signal through stereo effects, Stereo Amp is the option, otherwise, Mono Amp is your best friend. 🙂

Amp with Onboard Effects

Which effect do you like the most? Reverb, chorus, or Looping: whichever effect you’re looking for, do you want inbuild effects in an acoustic amp?

Along with these, there are so many factors you need to check before you pick the perfect amp for yourself.

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp?

So, if you are thinking to buy an acoustic guitar amp then I am here to help you.

Personally, I like Fender Acoustic 100 due to its convenience and overall performance. It sounds better than the sound produced by connecting the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar amplifier. This amp retains the natural tone of the acoustic guitar.

This amp provides you a plentiful sound, rich tone with greater dynamic range and projection. It comes with a beautiful design and a classy look. You also get Bluetooth connectivity, an 8″ full-range speaker, and USB Jack with this amp.

I preferred this but if you have a tight budget and keep it simple you can go for Yamaha THR5. It gives you fat and clear sound with a beautiful tone at a low volume.

Due to its small size, it is easy to use and easy to transport. It is a great option not only for beginners but also for advanced players.

Can you Plug Your Electric Guitar into Acoustic Guitar Amp?

You can connect any guitar (with electronics) with an acoustic guitar amp. But electric guitars are designed to get some special tonal effects.

when you connect your electric guitar with an electric guitar amp, it will not only enhance the sound of the guitar but also gives a kind of nice touch to the overall tone.

If you connect the electric guitar to the acoustic guitar amp, you’ll get a hard time setting up the tone we all expect from the electric guitar. It sounds similar as you plug your electric guitar into the PA system.

Baseline, You can plug your electric guitar into an acoustic guitar amp, but you’ll lose the tonal properties of the guitar’s pickups and electronics.

Final Thoughts on Acoustic Guitar Amps

Both acoustic and electric guitar amps are great. We can’t just say, one is superior to the other. The acoustic guitar amp is designed to enhance your sound without altering the natural tone of your guitar.

Whereas, Electric guitar Amps will work great with Electric guitar pickups and electronics. It adds lovely effects to the sound. Both Amps are designed with different needs and purposes.

I hope you get a clear idea of whether or not acoustic guitar amps are good for you. If you have any doubt the comment section is all yours.

So, What do you think about acoustic guitar amps? Are they good for you? Why? I’m waiting for your comments…

Have a great day!

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