Cracking Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar Code for Beginners

Hey guys, if you have just decided to learn to play the guitar and have confusion about which guitar is best for you, then you are in the right place.

Here I am not going to give you a one-word clear-cut answer. But we will discuss acoustic vs electric guitar and try to find out which guitar is best for certain conditions.

acoustic vs electric guitar

To learn a guitar, of course, you need an awesome guitar. There is a fundamental choice between acoustic and electric tones.

First of all, let me tell you guys, there is no wrong choice, you can learn on either. But the best choice is the guitar that motivates you to practice

After reading this, just like me maybe you are also thinking, then which guitar is best for a beginner?

here is my opinion:

The answer to this question is totally depends on you guys. Which guitar excites and inspires you most is going to decide which guitar you choose as a beginner. Normally, Electric guitar is physically easy to play than an acoustic one. Both are best in their own ways. Neither electric is bad nor acoustic.

So let me clear what actually I want to say If as a newbie you are more interested in rockstar songs then he/she is not going to enjoy playing an acoustic guitar.

In such cases, I must say the electric guitar is a perfect choice.

But if you are interested in writing your own song and want to compose it then the acoustic guitar is made for you.

Both the guitar are perfect for the beginner but after lots of research, I concluded that a Guitarist mostly becomes successful if they started learning from an acoustic guitar.

As I go through lots of interviews with expert Guitarists I found that most of them suggest starting with acoustic guitar as a beginner.

So let’s find out which guitar is perfect for you.

Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar: Similarities and Difference

Here I am going to tell you what is basic similarity and difference between Acoustic and Electric guitar. So you can compare both the guitars and choose a better one for you.

The basic difference between both of this guitar is that electric guitar needs amplifier while acoustic doesn’t need one.

Along with this Acoustic guitar is light in weight as compared to Electric as it is hollow from inside. Strings of acoustic guitar are close while it is far in electric guitar.

And the similarity between these two guitars is they both have the same core features. And you can learn to play music on any guitar as both have similar layouts. Both guitars have 6 strings.

Now the question may arise:

What factors make an Electric better from an Acoustic Guitar?

  1. An electric guitar is more versatile in sounds as compares to acoustic
  2. Strings of an electric guitar are far and lighter so it is comfortable to play.
  3. An electric guitar is smaller in size so you can handle it more comfortably and learning become easier.
  4. Aggressive songs like rock music cannot be played on acoustic guitar.

After going through this section of reasearch, I start brainstorming about some things.

  • What are the factors that make acoustic guitar better than others?
  • Is starting to learn music from the acoustic guitar can be a better choice?
  • Is electric is better than acoustic guitar?

To find the answer to such questions I read so many articles. And believe me, guys I found lots of reasons to say that acoustic is a better choice for a beginner.

Let see, Why I am saying this:

What factors make acoustic better than electric guitar?

  1. There are no complications in acoustic guitars
  2. An acoustic guitar is cheaper than electric guitar so It is going to fit in your budget.
  3. Your technique would develop quickly if you choose an acoustic guitar.
  4. The acoustic guitar has lots of great tones. It sounds awesome
  5. An acoustic guitar does not need a battery or electricity connection to play.
  6. When you are learning on acoustic guitar there is no need to be comfortable with amplifier and high volume it is just you with your guitar.
  7. You can easily carry an acoustic guitar and play it anywhere lots of experts always suggest starting with an acoustic guitar.

Now, I put both ends in your front. Just you need to choose the perfect guitar according to your needs.

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Still Confuse?

Here’s my one step guide to help you out with this.

How to choose between acoustic guitar vs electric guitar?

Just follow this guide and at the end I am sure you get your answer.

1. Who is your favorite artist?

Even after thinking so much if you are not able to choose your guitar then this thing is definitely going to help you.

Think about your favorite artist. What they play. Are they play soft music or play rocking one. It is the simplest way to end your confusion.

Watch your favorite artist videos and find out which type of guitar they use and this guitar is going to be your perfect guitar.

If your favorite artist plays electric guitar then choose an electric one. And if your artist plays acoustic guitar then acoustic is the right choice for you.

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2. Try before you buy

Before buying any guitar you have to ask yourself some questions which will tell you which guitar is perfect for you.

  • Is guitar fits in your budget?
  • Is guitar is slipping from your hand?
  • Is the guitar is comfortable?
  • Is the guitar size is perfect for you?
  • How does neck of guitar feels under your hands?

And if your guitar fits positively in the above questions then that guitar is prefect choice for you.

3. Choose according to your comfort level?

So guys this is very important. If you are not comfortable with your guitar then you will definitely be going to feel disappointing in the future about your choice.

The acoustic guitar is round and bigger while the electric is slim. If you are comfortable playing guitar while sitting in one place at the chair then the acoustic guitar is for you.

But if you feel comfortable playing music at the stage or you want to slide on the knee while playing music just like big stars then an electric guitar is perfect for you.

4. You can buy both Guitars

Yes guys, if you are still confused and worrying about your perfect guitar. So let me tell you there is nothing to worry about.

There is always a second guitar for you. If you want to buy an acoustic guitar but also like the rocking music of electric guitar then you can buy it later as well.

Similarly, if you want to buy an electric guitar but love the tones of the acoustic guitar then you can buy acoustic on any other day.

So guys this is my some steps which help you to choose your guitars. But believe me, both guitars are awesome and perfect to learn music.

At last I suggest you only one thing choose a guitar according to your genre.

Final Thoughts on Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar:

So guys, in this article I tried to clear all your confusions.

After lots of research, I came up with this article. May it helps you to choose your perfect guitar.

Thanks, guys for reading this article I hope you have now decided your perfect guitar.

Hey, but don’t leave: don’t forget to tell me which guitar you’re going to buy and why in the comment section. Like I want to buy an Acoustic because I love to play melodies.

Have a good day guys. Enjoy music and stay happy.

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